Beranda ยป Multi-Table S and G Tournament Strategy

Multi-Table S and G Tournament Strategy

Normally you can only play in one tournament at a time because of the length of the structure. With a multi-table S and G poker tournament however, you have the ability to play at least three games at the same time. This requires some different poker strategy, as you will be forced to make faster decisions and there will be less time to think of them.

It is harder to adjustment your thinking to make the correct poker decisions in multi-table S and G tournaments, as you must make decisions early on in each game. bonus25k The early stages of a multi-table S and G tournament are more about simply existence; you only have a small stack in each of the first two rounds.

During the first round you want to play extremely loose with a wide range of hands.

Many people call all the way to the river in these early stages, and if you do they will usually just let you take the pot. Do not do this. Play tight and with aggression and you will have a much better chance of coming out on top in these early stages.

Multi-Table S and G Tournament Strategy

You also want to be playing a range of cards, especially in the first few rounds. If you are playing tight early on and people are forcing you to play with weak hands you will lose a lot of chips. Raise and steal blinds with hands that you have a better chance of winning against the range of hands your opponent is playing.

Play in these early stages tight, but be aware that opponents are playing very loose. Losing blinds in early stages playing tight is a great opportunity to build a nice stack and build your confidence level as a poker player. bonus25k Do not be afraid to take a few risks and steal the pot when you have a good hand. Players are wont to take weaker hands if they are getting a lot of calls, so don’t feel pressured to play any weak hands.

During the middle of the tournament, you want to switch gears and play aggressive. Players are not going to be so hesitant to call in this later stage and the pots are going to be large. Do not be afraid to call a bet, if you think you have the best hand. Players are going to be wanting to maintain the chip lead in the middle stages, so don’t be afraid to make some calls to keep the pot well in your favor.

By this time you should know the location of all the poker chips at the table, where the blinds are, and how to position yourself in order to be in position for the next hand. Knowing where your chip stack is and what your opponents are playing in front of you will help you make the proper decision about when to push chips in and when to fold.

Knowing what to do early in the poker tournament will help you make the correct decisions and add to your chip stack enough to win the tournament. Poker is a game of skill and patience, the two things that you will need to win a multi-table poker tournament.


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