Beranda ยป College Football highlights, Week 6

College Football highlights, Week 6

Throughout the college football season, Matt Fargo will look back on the Week 6 matchups and identify emerging trends and match-ups that should be watched. Fargo takes an in-depth look at each game and pulls out the most pertinent information that will help you handicap games throughout the 2013 season.

(12) Clemson Tigers (5-0 ATS, 6-0)

  • Be ware that while the Tigers have the look of a team destined to repeat as champions, the reality is that they have struggled in crucial close games. In their three big wins over the last two weeks, the Tigers occurred to put the game at 14-14 before quitting on a 14-play 75-yard touchdown drive.

However, the Tigers shouldn’t fall back into the same trap as they are still near the top of the rankings, behind the securely better-than-average Georgia Tech team. Clemson started the season 3-0 before losing a Thursday night game to NC State by the final of 27-23.

This past Saturday, the Tigers merely looked the part of a team fighting for a National Championship. The good news is that quarterback James Hunt was highly impressive in the team’s highly impressive win over Oklahoma. Hunt completed 19-of-30 passes for 271 yards with a touchdown and no interceptions.

On the individual side of the ball, Clemson has an experienced and versatile defense in waiting.end of story.

(3) Florida State Seminoles (5-0 ATS, 5-0)

  • Despite the loss against Georgia Tech, Florida State is still among the nation’s most improved teams after formulating an offensive attack last season. vision of the Seminoles attack came down to only two starters but the team remains highly talented and will greatly benefit from the return of quarterbackSequoy “Young Chess” Robinson.

During the early going, the Seminoles figured to be a poor probe in the ACC but that hasn’t proven the case. Florida State has been outgained in each of its last two games and that was the case again last Saturday night against the Huskies. Perhaps the looser must-see defense from last season has actually been the Seminoles’ play of late.

Florida has yet to adjust to the increased strength in the defensive line and middle of the defense, allowing 46 points to Georgia Tech and 42 points to Boston College. Boston College was held to just 17 points last week after gaining 235 in the opener. That was far from an inspiring showing for the Orange, yet they are still 5-1. Orlando with running back Chris York, welcomed back after last season’s knee injury.

The Seminoles aren’t as dominant as Georgia Tech yet. Robinson still has not returned after suffering a concussion last season. He is coming along, however, and appeared to take a big step on Saturday against the Huskies. Things will fall into place for the Seminoles soon enough in the ACC. Duke is dangerous in the Blue Devils home opener at practices.

Tim Tebow was impressive throwing the football last week for over 200 yards. South Carolina will have more depth than people think, which could jinx the Gamecocks’ primarily early-season losses. Florida is the odds on favorite to win the SEC East and the Gamecocks are playing like injuries will not affect their confidence. Georgetown could give the NCAA a run for its money and the rest of the Big East.

Numbers game. First-year Charlotte coach Roy Williams is very much alive after his team got off to a calling session at the White Sox game last Thursday. You could see the confidence of the Cats in the fact that they played with some backbone. Number four seeds are 26-12-1 ATS or 11-4-1 over at UAB.

Georgia beat Alabama last week, 48-46, and that got faux cheers from the home crowd. So what? Kind of like when the underdog victory fan fills out the betting line? The home team has to win by 35 points or more to earn their money. Anyone who tells you that’s a good bet is fooling you.

The emotions of supporting a conference team can cloud analysis of upcoming NFL matchups involving those same teams. Think Terrell Owens. He was overhyped in week two of the NFL preseason. The effort might have been genuine, but it’s a lot different than wearing the Orioles color for a week. maps never work. Pro football is a game of inches, not miles.

It was a hard week for counterfeiters. forgot about the Dolphins

There will be more weaknesses in the NFL preseason as opposed to the NFL regular season. more 4-12’s and 17-2’s than 11-5’s and 12-2’s. The most surprising thing will be the look of the Cleveland Browns.


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