Beranda ยป How to Avoid Bad Beats in Poker

How to Avoid Bad Beats in Poker

For many poker players losing their hard earned money is the worst thing that could ever happen to them. Fortunately, losing at poker does not have to be something that will cause you to lose sleep or cause you to pine for the moment all the way to the cashier cage just to try and win your money back. No, the important thing to not do is to not let a bad beat ruin your game. A bad beat is typically a result of a player having the wrong idea about what they were doing at the poker table.

At the poker table you are fortunate enough to be able to glimpse a bit of the poker mind of another player before you actually hand over your stack to them. Hopefully they don’t have a bad beat or a good read on your habits, but if you are trying to avoid bad beats there are some fairly simple moves that you can make in order to notAllow a bad beat in poker.

How to Avoid Bad Beats in Poker

The hardest thing to do is to not get frustrated by a bad beat. While it’s normal to feel sick when you take a bad beat, you were in the right to stay in the hand and if you believed you were beat you probably weren’t going to make it back. frustrate or whatever word you use to describe it is the emotion that a player does or feels that beats them. You were in the right to stay in the hand; you made the right decision; your instincts were on base and you lost a big pot. Sometimes it can take away all the fun of the game to have a bad beat. You aren’t going to maintain your cool if you feel like you are constantly beat and that is what will lead to frustration. If you just can’t handle the bad beat it is best to fold rather than feed that emotion more attention that will only result in making stupid decisions.

A beat can be amuch as it cripples your hand, stopping you in your tracks and hardly allowing you to do anything. If you are betting and low, you should limp in more often. If you are playing and high or both, you should also consider raising. Of course at this you are limping from weak hands and ideally you should be raising with strong hands. However, the bad beat will Crystalize your hand and you won’t be sure if you should call it or not. The best thing to do is to call and then you can worry less about the possible negative effect of the bad beat on your hand.

If you are only a newbie to poker, then I would advise you to learn to size your bets. Generally if you bet big you will cause your opponents to fold, however if you bet small you keep them in the game. Now you have done this, you have weak hands and with more players in the game (or you are in the blind and should really not be) you will have a higher probability of taking a bad beat. It is generally accepted that you should have a pot odd of around 4 to 1 to make sure you get paid off for your play. If you are struggling to make this work, then you should really be folding your hands instead of trying to leverage them.


Obviously this strategy is not going to suit everyone. It is designed to work with the hands that can make you money in limit holdem, but it will obviously work equally well with superior hands if you are able to make these hands.

Overall, this Texas Hold Em Poker tip should help you to ensure that you are a better poker player by eliminating unnecessary bets and raising your chances of taking the pot. If you employ this tips Quik Pik strategy, you could seriously cripple or even eliminate some of the hands you can play in low limit poker from getting mauled.


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