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00 Seeds Bank

00 Seeds works to provide an extensive catalogue consisting of classics from the marijuana world in the form of feminized and AutoFem seeds that suit all types of growers. Always seeking the best possible balance between quality and price in order to be accessible for everybody, 00 Seeds offers a full range of strains, from Old School Indicas like Bubble Gum and White Widow to more modern Sativas such as Cheese or Chocolate Skunk.

00 Seed’s strains are ready to grow with any cultivation system, both indoors and outdoors, as well as with hydroponics, aeroponics and coco. These strains are available both as feminized – to achieve large yields – and as autoflowering seeds – for a fast and straightforward proccess.

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00 Seeds Bank

Alchimia presents 00 Seeds Bank, boasting a wide range of feminised cannabis seeds, in which we can find varieties with high levels of THC, feminised CBD-rich and feminised auto-flowering seeds based on the most popular and sought-after genetics on the international cannabis scene.

Within its broad catalogue of seeds we can find strains with worldwide recognition, multi-award-winning, true cannabis classics, now also available from 00 Seeds Bank.

00 Seeds: creators of new hybrids and specialists in genetic selection

We also find cannabis hybrids of all kinds, with crosses of mostly indica plants, sativas, and balanced hybrids that offer the best of both worlds.

All their strains can be grown outdoors or in greenhouses, as well as indoors, and are adaptable to all different substrates and cultivation techniques such as hydroponic systems, coco fibre, aeroponics or soil.

In addition to the new hybrids created by 00 Seeds, they also surprise us with selections and reproductions of the best known genetics currently of the market such as: Critical Mass, Northern Lights, Skunk, White Widow, Bubblegum, Cheese, Kush, etc. All the strains have been selected based on rigorous quality criteria.

Characteristics of the seeds from 00 Seeds Bank

We’d like to highlight just how easy to grow the cannabis plants from 00 Seeds are, with superb taste and smell, and great flower yields, all at very competitive prices, because quality does not have to be at odds with the price, these genetics are suitable for all budgets.

And if you want to easily cultivate several different 00 Seeds varieties with similar care requirements in a multi-variety crop, whether indoors or outdoors, there are seed kits that are created for just this purpose.

The kits contain a total of 6 seeds and 3 varieties per pack, giving us 2 plants of each strain, either in the form of feminised photo-dependent seeds or feminised autoflowering plants.

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