Beranda ยป What Do We Know About 500 Piece World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set With Mahogany Case?

What Do We Know About 500 Piece World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set With Mahogany Case?

When most people think of Poker Chip, they think of a roomful of grumpy old men, boundlessly poverty-stricken, playing with their fingers long after the martingale called “ever so slowly, to the end of the series.” Butift by a poker friend and you’ll hear them muttering to themselves in sing-Along with the rest of us, “Basketball, basketball, basketball.”

The truth is that while much of the credit for that pretty face of yours certainly has to go to lady luck, there’s a whole lot to be said for having quality poker chips to play with. lumbung88 longin Whether they make Vegas mornings more fun, a rainy day more pleasant, or any other day just a little more relaxing, they can say the same about your poker match.

Whether you Seek out your own supplies or pick up a good set from the dollar store, 500 Piece World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set with Mahogany Case can give you quality chips that will last even longer, and score you a good conversation at the tables. Whether you play for life or hold a game for a night, these poker chips will help you remember that.

mahogany case is a wonderful addition to the poker supplies department of anyone’s home game room. This case houses 500 individually shrinked casino size chips, in a stained and oiled felt cover. Each chip is pulled from the aluminum case and individually shrinked to a maximum of 12.5 grams so they remain easily removed by hand only. The case is lined with a smooth green felt and has 500 squares of betting surface.

The inscribed Liberty Bell on the upper part of the case is a wooden disk that helps to keeps the game going. Also, there are two buttons on the front; these allow you to control the game while you are rolling out or dealing, and are large enough to stop a fight before it starts. These buttons are also historically significant, as each button indicates the denomination of the chips within.

The chips within the 500 Piece World Poker Tour Poker Chip Set with mahogany case have the following denominations:

$0.25, $0.50, $1.00, $5.00, $25.00, $50.00, $100.00, $200.00, $500.00, $1,000.00.

As you can see, there are denominations that are associated with poker chips. When shopping for this product, make sure you buy the exact one that is appropriate for your budget. The biggest tip that you can remember while buying these poker chips is to make sure they weight about 12.5 grams. This is when you’ll notice the difference in the quality as well as the appearance of the chips.

Once you decide on the type of poker chip that you want, increase the weight to at least 13 grams and the surface texture will be much better. You want the chips that give you the soft feel when you rub them to the table. You don’t want those metal chips that feel like calling cards. You want the Paulson poker chips to thrill your opponents and thrill yourself as you watch them flip over your carefully chosen hand.

Shapes, colors and weights, the choices are endless. If you want to start playing poker with a real set of Casino Quality Poker Chips that feel great in your hand, you can get a set that is composed of clay, or composite metal content. It is rare to find them in the $5 to $25 range, but if you can find a set in that range, it will be well worth it.

You can also purchase chip sets that are made of clay, but they can be very expensive. The best part is that the clay is set very easily, so you can refinish them for a long time if you want to.

Be aware that the prices associated with these poker accessories can add up quickly. Also be aware that companies have different prices on similar accessories. You will need to spend some time comparing prices before you buy your 500 Piece World Poker Tour Set with Mahogany Case. The good thing is that you can find a great deal if you know where to look. Also, many sites offer great deals and some are even giving gift certificates to help you save money on your purchases.

To say that these are high quality chips is a understatement. You can get the same amount of protection for them that you would a folding table top. They are made out of a composite resin that can scratch or chip easily, but you can prevent this from happening with the included chip set included in the set.

The chips within the 500 Piece World Poker Tour Set with Mahogany Case are 39 mm in diameter. Even the poker chips are weighted, so they aren’t lighter than those sold in department stores.


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