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California’s 6 Sweetest Edibles Under $5

Sourcing quality edibles without spending at least $20 can be challenging in California, but there’s a few producers dedicated to providing just one dose of cannabis in single-serving sizes, allowing people to try just a bit without busting their budget. California’s 600-plus cannabis stores are open to all adults 21 and older, and you’ll see this stuff a lot near the register as impulse buys. These fun-size cookies, candies, and chocolates often contain 5 or 10 mg of THC, cannabis’ main active ingredient. That specific amount makes it easy for new users to decide if they have an appetite for eating weed. Small, individually-wrapped edibles fit neatly in a purse or pocket for travel, so you’re always prepared to get high whenever the mood strikes you!

Dollar Dose

(Photo by Elise Mcdonough for Leafly)

With the irreverent tagline “WTF it’s a buck,” Dollar Dose delivers 5 milligrams of cannabis’ main active ingredient, THC, in lozenge form, with a variety of flavors including Hibiscus, Watermelon Sativa, Rootbeer, and Apple Indica. Available primarily on the Central Coast, this Santa Cruz-based business specializes in making edibles accessible to anyone with a little extra pocket change.

Places to Find It:

  • Mountain Lion delivery ($1)
  • Central Coast Wellness Center in Ben Lomond ($1)
  • KindPeoples in Santa Cruz ($1)

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Chill Chocolate Singles

(Courtesy of Chill)

Choose from white, milk, or dark chocolate in a wide variety of flavors such as peppermint, spicy, or cappuccino, packaged as bars with 100 mg of THC or single segments of 10 mg. Priced at $3, the singles deliver THC at a rate of 30 cents per milligram, with the big bars offering better value at 15 cents per milligram. Try a Chill single before committing to a $15 bar, and experiment with new flavors or share with a friend!

Places to Find It:

  • Captain Jacks in San Bernardino ($3.36; use Leafly Pickup to order ahead)
  • The Herbarium in West Hollywood ($4.15)
  • The City delivery out of Berkeley ($3.58)

Lazy 8 Caramels

(Courtesy Lazy 8)

Established in 2005, Lazy 8 is one of California’s oldest continuously operating cannabis bakeries. Freshly rebranded and compliant, look for Lazy 8’s signature caramels in Bay Area dispensaries, where individually wrapped pieces containing 10 mg of THC retail for around $3. If you enjoy the euphoric effects of this beloved salty sweet confection, stock up on a bag full of ten caramels for $25.

Places to Find It:

  • Therapeutic Healthcare Collective in Soquel ($3)
  • La Florista in Weed ($3.10; use Leafly Pickup to order ahead)
  • Higher Level of Care in Castroville ($3.58)

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Big Pete’s Treats Cookie Singles

(Courtesy of Big Pete’s)

The only baked good available on dispensary menus for under $5, Big Pete’s Treats makes classic, comforting cookies traditionally infused with cannabutter. Available at over 100 California retailers, you can find Big Pete’s Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, or Cinnamon Sugar cookies containing 10 mg THC, packaged individually for between $3 to $4. Try a few flavors to find your favorite before springing for a bigger bag of ten cookies!

Places to Find It:

  • Captain Jacks in San Bernardino ($3.48; use Leafly Pickup to order ahead)
  • Airfield Supply in San Jose ($3)
  • Flower to the People in San Francisco ($4)

Altai Chocolate Coin

Known for their gourmet, award-winning bonbons that retail for $17, Altai also offers high-quality 72% cacao dark chocolate infused with 10 milligrams of THC in the form of an elegant coin for $3 to $4, making for a delicious way to introduce a curious foodie friend to edible cannabis consumption. When you’re feeling flush, look for chocolate-covered espresso beans, almonds, malted milk balls, gummies and lozenges from this high-end purveyor.

Places to Find It:

  • A Green Alternative in San Diego ($3.50)
  • Big Sur Cannabotanicals in Big Sur ($4)
  • From the Earth in Santa Ana ($3.45)

Soul Sugar Single Jellies

(Courtesy Soul Sugar)

California’s appetite for cannabis gummies shows no signs of being sated, with this favorite edible format leading in popularity amongst consumers. Crafted by award-winning cannabis chefs, Soul Sugar Jellies pack 10 mg of THC into tender, juicy fruit jellies, making for a more sophisticated taste sensation compared to your average gummy. Look for cherry, grape, or blue raspberry flavors, packaged singly for $3 to $5 throughout the state.

Places to Find It:

  • Captain Jacks in San Bernardino ($3.36)
  • CannaCruz in Santa Cruz ($3)
  • Lux in San Jose ($5)

Sample Dollar Dose lozenges, Altai chocolate coins, Soul Sugar jellies, and Lazy 8 caramels without denting your bank account.