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Seeds represent a common heritage for all people regardless of country, language, religion or politics. Seeds are vibrant natural resources that are fundamental to food production and sustaining the world’s people. These genetic resources require careful management to ensure genetic diversity as well as continued research to develop new varieties to meet the changing needs of the environment and market.

Aloha Seed provides an unmatched selection of papaya seed and range of services to support our clients . We welcome you to visit our site and contact us directly to discuss your specific needs and goals .

Las semillas representan una herencia común para toda la gente sin importar país, lengua, religión o política. Las semillas son los recursos naturales vibrantes que son fundamentals para la producción de alimento y sostener a la gente del mundo. Estos recursos genéticos requieren manejo cuidadoso para asegurar diversidad genética tambien como la investigación continua para desarrollar nuevas variedades y asi satisfacer los cambios del ambiente y del mercado.

Aloha Seed proporciona una selección incomparable de semilla de papaya y gama de servicios para apoyar a nuestros cliente. Le damos la bienvenida para visitar nuestro sitio y contactarnos directamente para conocer sus necesidades y metas.

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Aloha Seed & Herb

Mailing Address:
PMB 327, 120 Hana Hwy #9
Paia, Hawaii 96779 (United States)

Phone: 1-888-768-9474
Fax: (808) 572-2107


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Negative Limaxmax
Port Orange, FL (Zone 10a)
(1 review)
August 12, 2016
I ordered 2 (10 seed per pack) packages of papaya seeds. Planted them as I usually plant papaya seeds. Out of 20 seeds only one germinated. I contacted aloha seed and received a reply to follow their instructions for planting papaya seed. Also to put the seeds in a glass of water and if they floated that meant that they were bad. Kind of hard to do after planting them in small pots. They also requested that I send them pictures of how planted them. After that no replies to my emails.
I will not buy from them anymore.
Positive containergarden
Los Angeles, CA
(8 reviews)
October 27, 2009
Posted on April 17, 2009, updated October 26, 2009
More than a year ago I purchased half a dozen foil packets of papaya seeds. There was a warning to germinate within 6 months because papaya seeds generally have a short life. However, we never got around to it. Recently, my husband decided to see if the seeds were still viable. He germinated 2 of each variety in wet paper towels in a covered plastic dish set over a seedling heating pad. All the seeds germinated. We placed the germinated seeds in sterile seed-starting mix and they are all growing apace several weeks later. We are growing the seedlings over heat and under lights. Each has two true leaves now and they look terrific. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the seeds and their foil packaging.

Two weeks ago we tried planting some of the remaining seeds in the same seedling mix and they have yet to germinate, so we are starting the last batch in wet paper towels.

On October 27th, 2009, containergarden added the following:

All of the seeds come in sealed plastic-foil packaging to ensure quality. Truly, it’s the best packaging I’ve ever seen on a seed order. The seeds that I bought are guaranteed by the company to have a germination rate of 75% or better.

Aloha Seed is obviously a very high quality seed company. I’ve ordered seeds from other places, but this is the best that I’ve seen so far. On February 10th, 2009, jeffhagen added the following:

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