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Anne Hathaway reveals she’s a big pothead, dude

The list of celebrities coming out as cannabis users is growing like a weed.

Anne Hathaway appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday, which just so happened to be the unofficial stoner holiday 420. While on the show, Hathaway played a game called “Plead The Fifth.” The game is simple, Cohen asks her three questions, she has to answer two of them, and one she can plead the fifth.

In the very first question, Cohen brings up a rumor about Hathaway being a stoner, and asks her on a scale of one to ten, how big of a stoner is she? Anne smiles, and responds, “I’m not a little one.”

She kind backtracked after that, for fear of getting arrested, or losing her kids.

“But here’s the thing though. I’m a parent and I don’t feel like being arrested, so I’m gonna say zero. I guess I should have just pleaded the fifth on that one,” said Hathaway.

Anne Hathaway reveals that she's a huge pothead on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.'

How big of a stoner was Anne Hathaway? ‘Not a little one!’

Anne Hathaway’s days of smoking pot are a thing of the past — or so she claims.

During an appearance on Thursday’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Hathaway dished on her smoking habits in honor of 4/20 during a game of “Plead the Fifth.”

When Cohen asked the actress how big of a stoner she was, Hathaway replied, “Not a little one!”

But considering the fact that she was on national television, the new mother, 34, claimed she was on the straight and narrow.

“Here’s the thing though,” she continued. “I’m a parent and I don’t feel like getting arrested, so I’m gonna say zero. I guess I just should’ve pleaded the 5th on that one, but I don’t have a card or anything.”

While she played coy about her smoking habits, Hathaway wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself when discussing her 2013 Oscar win.

When asked who she was most excited to beat at the awards ceremony, she replied, “None of them, none of them. Believe me, at that point, I would’ve been happy to see any of them up there giving a speech instead of me.”

When Cohen asked why, Hathaway laughed and said, “You know why,” referring to her infamous speech.

The actress claimed she wasn't 'a little' stoner on Watch What Happens Live.