auto amnesia

Auto Amnesia (Advanced Seeds) feminized

Advanced Seeds took the ever-popular Amnesia and paired this classic with Haze Autoflowering genetics. Out comes a strong plant that is ridiculously easy to grow even in not so optimal conditions. Like her feminized sister, Auto Amnesia will grow some massively sized and excellent tasting buds that will give you a truly spectacular, powerful and long-lasting mental high!

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Advanced Seeds – Auto Amnesia: Amnesia Power Autoflower

Amnesia is an incredibly popular Sativa-dominant strain that’s still high in demand as you can easily see when you visit some of Amsterdam’s coffee shops today. What made her a favourite of many cannabis lovers is her sensational Sativa high along with her equally impressive flavour. Said differently, this is a strain that delivers everything and then some! Not that the feminized version was difficult to grow, because she sure isn’t, but Advanced Seeds’ autoflowering variant of Amnesia makes growing this trait even easier and this an extremely rewarding autoflower that you should check out!

From a grower’s point of view, Amnesia already has everything that one could even wish for. Let’s start with her serious growing vigour, a very-short flower time, some crazy resin production and then as an added bonus a natural resistance to mould and common cannabis pests. But maybe you’re still hesitant to grow feminized strains or you simply love Autos for their convenience (no need for complicated light schedules!) – the autoflowering variant of Amnesia may just be the right strain for you!

Advanced Seeds paired their Amnesia with Haze Autoflowering genetics and out comes a sturdy, medium sized plant that will reach 60-90cm if you grow her indoors. Short: She can really fit everywhere including your balcony or terrace! If you grow her outdoors, she can get somewhat larger and then reach a height of 90-150cm which keeps her still at a compact size so she won’t stand out too much and makes her also a good choice for stealth grows.

Thanks to some seriously good genetics, Auto Amnesia isn’t just easy-going when it comes to location. She is also not too picky when it comes to weather which means you can grow her also where some other strains wouldn’t do as well, like in Northern parts of Europe or the UK. Her entire growing cycle from seed to harvest is a very short 70-80 days. Given that she’s an auto and already very easy to grow, there is really not too much to do after you planted your seeds, you can basically sit back and watch her growing eagerly as long as you make sure that she has water and some basic nutrients. In no time, you can look forward to nice harvests of 450-500g!

Like her feminized bigger sister, Auto Amnesia has an intensive aroma that beautifully blends lemony notes with hints of spices, incense and Haze tones making for a very satisfying smoke. The only difference to her feminized version is that she has somewhat less THC. While Amnesia Auto’s 12% of THC content puts her in the low to low-medium range now looking at numbers only, she’s still potent enough to deliver the trademark Amnesia high! Just take a few hits and you can enjoy her powerful and long-lasting effect that is very euphoric and mental. If you smoke some more you may feel a pleasantly calming, almost narcotic stone coming on that made Amnesia so famous and popular.

If you happen to like first-class Sativas you can hardly ever go wrong if you grow Amnesia. With their Amnesia Auto, Advanced Seeds now brings us a worthy autoflowering variant that’s absolutely worth growing and which is also a good choice for those with no cannabis growing experience.

Advanced Seeds – Auto Amnesia: Amnesia Power Autoflower

Auto Amnesia – Autoflowering Seed



Information About Amnesia Autoflowering Sativa

Auto Amnesia is the autoflowering version of our original Amnesia. Its long-lasting effect is powerful, psychoactive and more cerebral than physical. It is the perfect marijuana strain to relieve stress and enjoy relaxing moments.

This cannabis strain has a very intense flavor that delivers notes of wood and spices, which is very similar to its feminized version ́s taste. Its aroma is like its flavor, incredible.

Auto Amnesia is a hybrid that results from the cross between our Amnesia and a Lowryder. Now it is possible to put together every fantastic quality of the original Amnesia in an automatic version, what it means a shorter flowering period.

It has the typical size and growth of a sativa plant. It is tall and slender with moderate internodes and thin elongated leaves, proper of these strains. Its yield is moderate and it produces dense buds covered in resin that emanate a sweet citrus aroma. Of (With its) vigorous growth, Auto Amnesia is a branched plant that also forms a large central tail.

It is a strain that stands out for its easy cultivation, its potency and its average level of THC. It is ideal for any type of cultivator.

Auto Amnesia is the autoflowering version of our original Amnesia. Its long-lasting effect is powerful, psychoactive and more cerebral than physical.