auto bubble gum

Auto Bubble Gum

Strong flavour and great yields

Auto Bubble Gum info:
  • Genetics: Bubble Gum x Ruderalis
  • Type: AutoFem seeds
  • Taste and aroma: Berries, strawberry gum
  • Effect: Euphoric, happy, long-lasting
  • Outdoor cultivation: April to November
  • Complete life cycle: 60-70 days
  • Indoor yield: 450-500g/m2
  • Outdoor height: Up to 100-130cm
  • Indoor height: 80-90cm
  • THC: 12%
  • Indica-dominant plant of generous production
  • Ready in just 9 weeks
  • Happy and creative high
  • Up to 500g/m2

Auto Bubble Gum Genetics

00 Seeds introduces the AutoFem version of its Bubble Gum, famous for its high resin production and sweet strawberry flavour.

An Indica-dominant hybrid and a fast-growing plant, short and well branched, perfect for stealth grows.

Cultivation of Auto Bubble Gum

With a whole life cycle of 60-70 days from seed to harvest, Auto Bubble Gum offers great yields both indoor and outdoors, where it gives the best results from April to November. Growing marijuana indoors, a 20/4 photoperiod is ideal to bring out the best of this autoflowering strain, which can produce up to 500gr/m2.

This plant doesn’t usually exceed 80-90cm in height, while outdoors it can reach around 130cm, with very generous yields of tight buds covered in a sticky and terpene-rich layer of resin.

Automatic version of the popular Bubblegum

Taste and Effects

Auto Bubble Gum’s smell and taste are strong and fruity, a mix of berries and strawberries on a sweet and floral background.

The high is euphoric, happy, intense, and even energizing, so this strain is suitable for daytime use.

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Auto Bubble Gum : Сидбанк Philosopher Seeds

Auto Bubble Gum

Auto Bubble Gum from 00 Seeds is a very fragant cannabis strain developed by crossing one of the most renowned genetics worlwide – the variety Bubble Gum – and a Ruderalis strain. Already available in Alchimiaweb’s catalogue of AutoFem seeds.

In this way, this strain retains the most desirable traits of the Bubble Gum but in autoflowering form, offering its potency, aroma and yield in just 65 days from seedling.

Outdoors, it can be grown from April to November (Northern hemisphere), reaching 100-130cm in height. Indoors, yields are around 350g/m2.

Auto Bubble Gum’s effect is intense and euphoric, ideal to smoke during the day and enjoy its awesome flavour, reminiscent of red fruits.

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