berry kush

Berry kush

The Choice of Legends (Indica)… Blue Kush Berry is a sweet tasting indica that combines mighty Kush power with a deliciously fruity smell. A collaboration with Chong’s Choice, Paradise Seeds has infused this popular strain with Dutch strength and vitality to produce a high quality performance plant.

Although this combination is a relatively new variety on the scene, this plant comes with real heritage. The Kush plant is short and bushy, famed for its very resinous content and the potency of its effect. Add into the mix Shishkaberry and you have a delicious strain which will deliver sledgehammer power with a sweet berry taste.

Like other Kush strains, this plant is characterized by low height and bushy growth. Expect the Blue Kush Berry to develop thick compact colas that will burst from the stem like shishka berries in a fantasy summer garden. Once harvest time approaches the color will turn, the buds blushing with shades of purple which will fill your grow room with the most delicious of aromas.

Thanks to its size, this is a great plant for the indoor grow setup, especially if you have height restrictions. The easy management of this cannabis plant makes it a great grow room companion and the blueberry tones will bring a pleasant (if pungent) aroma to its surroundings.

The Blue Kush Berry is also a great performer outside. Its Kush heritage makes this a sturdy no-nonsense plant that is suited to most gardens. Naturally it will respond to lots of sunshine but it will also do well in more northern regions of America and Europe. It is worth noting that the distinctive blueberry color can vary depending on climate.

With firm big buds that come with a thick trichome crust, shades of purple are juxtaposed against orange pistils and, as you would expect, the taste of this bud is all fruit! The sweet berry taste hints at something soft and delicate but the effect is quite the opposite as it delivers a powerful, long lasting couch lockdown.

A combination of Kush and Shishkaberry. Tommy Chong’s choice of sweet tasting indica brings long lasting fruit power for couchlocker’s

Berry kush

this is cool i need to order from you so here my story with berry og so i been craving for berry og so a friend of mine called his self giving me a nice sum of bud and said it was berry og for my birthday i been smoking since 15 i’m 34 now. he said he got it from someone so it smell fruity and when i smoked it i was ok then we mixed it with wine after i caught the only headach now i try to relax 2days later i smoked and caught the only headache and started throwing up my question to you guys this is the first time this happens to me was this fake or was the strain something else cause when i checked it says it goood for headache help me please i rather order from you guys

KB is strange strain, in my case I have no sociable effect, nice chill, nice cerebral high, but after smoking this, I have no mood for going to people’s. Friends whose smokes with me have the same efect, no paranoia or anxiety – Krzysztof Ibisz jako tako poleca.

This is my new favorite strain – and I’ve tried a lot! I also have a very high tolerance, so usually put taste low on my list of priorities. But Kush Berry is both out of this world delicious and effective as a medicinal strain. This praise does not come lightly!!

Kush Berry is also popularly referred to as Berry Kush. It is a 100% indica dominant strain with THC content that offers a high that is quite powerful. Kush Berry is cross between OG Kush and Blueberry, it has large buds. With some more highlighted tones, the buds are dark green in color. Overall…