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Edible Gold Leaf and Flake.

When hosting your next event make it special with Edible Gold and Edible Silver. Use on chocolates and candies. Great with champaign or mixed into a Cosmo. Dust a bit on dessert or make that wedding cake the talk of the party.

May your day always be filled with unexpected celebrations!

The beauty and ease of Ribbon Leaf!

Imitation Silver leaf walls

Imtation Silver Ribbon Leaf is manufactured by placing 6 1/4″ square leaves onto a continuous length of waxed paper with a 2mm overlap. The rolled paper and the cardboard core are equal in width and the Imitation Silver leaf is placed inside the edge of the paper.

We offer pre-cut widths of ribbon leaf. Ribbon Leaf can be trimmed to any size required. When trimmed, the Imitation Silver leaf and paper are cut to produce a clean edge of Imitation Silver and paper of the exact width.

Traditional Water Gilding

The “Traditional Water Gilding” process covers this ancient and traditional method of applying gold leaf to complex and sculptural surfaces. It is suitable for any rigid surface that will retain the base coat, or gesso”, such as wood, plaster, stone, etc.

The traditions of a Master Gilder.

How to apply Imitation Gold Leaf!

For interior projects

This step-by-step tutorial goes through the basics on applying metal leaf using water based size. Great for objects and frames using Imitation Gold, Imitation Silver and Copper leaf. Also works for Variegated leaf, Tamise flakes and Mica powder.

Gold leaf, copper leaf, Silver leafing & gilding supplies including edible gold flake. We also provide tutorials on how to gold leaf and comprehensive gilding supplies, ideas and principles.

The 6 Best Goldleaf Paints in 2020

Published on September 19th, 2020 at 03:36 pm

Also known as shell gold or tablet gold, gold leaf paint is a gilding medium. It is prepared by mixing powdered gold and a water-soluble binding medium. When you your mixture turns into the desired density, you let it dry into a small lump and voila, you have a gold-leaf paint.

Gold leaf paints can also be any paint with gold effects on it. Their functionality and color effects vary considerably in quality, price, and the amount of the goldness in it. You should note that a real gold leaf made the right way through gilding is quite expensive.

We have come up with a comprehensive list of the best gold leaf paints available in the market today to help you make the right choice. We know it can get tiring and confusing trying to hunt for the best with absolutely zero knowledge of what you are looking for.

Table of Contents

Jacquard Metallic True Gold

This is ranked as one of the best gold leaf paints you can come across in the market today. This light body acrylic metallic paint can serve a wide range of purposes. You could have them painted or stenciled. They could also be airbrushed and stumped. If you are feeling ambitious enough, they could be screen printed and you will be happy with the results.

These gorgeous paints conform to ASTM D4236. With just a very light application, boom! Your dark background is completely transformed. If you use them on light backgrounds, you get a subtle ‘designer palette’ which comes as a placement to a more vivid color scheme.

The paint can show up vivid on fabric, canvas, wood, and paper among other conforming surfaces. They do not crack on these surfaces. Thus, they just gel well with them. Jacquard Metallic True Gold is resistant to heat, and you cannot wash them off a surface.


  • It keeps its metallic look after application on a surface.
  • It does not smear.
  • The small jars go a long way.
  • They are intense and shine so much.
  • They are gorgeous.
  • They conform to ASTM D4236.
  • It serves a lot of use.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • It is permanent.


  • They are not easy to remove from a surface.
  • They are not alcohol ink as indicated.
  • Very expensive.

AMACO Rub’n & Buff Wax Metallic Finnish

If you are looking to give your furniture, antiques, or glass a gorgeous touch, this gold leaf paint will not disappoint you. You can give your precious crafts and home décor a major lift with this paint. Expect to be stunned at the end of the day. This paint is designed to suit any surface and give a sterling performance while at it.

The metallic lustrous finish it promises is guaranteed. Plus, the color is long-lasting. This paint is very professional on its own. It is very simple, and you can easily work with it without any further ado. What is even more interesting is the fact that you do not need a brush for application Your finger can suffice. But you can also use a cloth or a brush if you have one at hand.

Rub’n & Buff Wax Metallic Finnish is designed to save any material. All you need is a really thin layer and voila, it shows intensely and gorgeously on the surface. This paint is available in 16 color schemes on .05 fluid ounce tubes.


  • It is wax metal-based.
  • Provides a lustrous metallic finish.
  • It agrees with a variety of surfaces.
  • It can be applied with a finger.
  • Available in 16 colors.
  • It is professional.


  • Customers complain it is too brassy in color.
  • Can wipe off even after days of application.

Martha Stewart Crafts Metallic Acrylic

This paint is in a class of its own. You will surely love every single experience you have with it. It is a high performance patented premium acrylic paint. Its special formulation is intended to be used on all surfaces. Some of the painting techniques that work best with this paint include brush painting, detailing, sponging, stenciling, stamping, and printing.

As mentioned above, its performance is extremely impressive and very consistent on a surface. It is also very clean, and does not smudge carelessly on unwanted places. Unlike most of the gold leaf paints, they are neither thin nor sticky. The bottle is designed with a tiny hole that lets the paint out when pressed.

The bottle is designed to provide better control of the paint flow. This means that you cannot pump out any excess amount because you can control the size you want. The highly pigmented colors provide wide coverage. This gold leaf paint is manufactured in the USA.


  • Gives high performance.
  • It is a patented premium acrylic.
  • Its formulation conforms to all surfaces.
  • Highly pigmented colors.
  • Provides superior coverage.
  • Clean and consistent.
  • Not thin and steaky.


  • Poor coverage on some surfaces, especially ceramics.
  • It has no rose gold.
  • Their packaging is awful.

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Emperor’s Acrylics

This is one of the best gold leaf paints available in the market today. It is purely premium acrylic. Besides that, it is made from ground metal flakes. The colors on this Dazzling Metallics Emperor’s Acrylics are extremely gorgeous. They also have excellent consistency on the surface, and you will just love working with it.

The slight effects of the metallic shimmer on it are very fascinating and eye-catching. They actually give the impression of class and a deep sense of style. This gold leaf paint works excellent with crafts-like figurines, frames, and lamps. You can also use them to paint your vases, candle holders. It is even agreeable with fabrics.

This simple paint is very easy, and it can be applied conveniently on a surface. If you love DIYs, you will love your experience with this paint because it can turn cheap-looking material into a classy art. All you need to be is very creative and leave the rest to this gold leaf paint.


  • It is a premium acrylic paint.
  • It has grounded metal flakes.
  • It has excellent consistency.
  • The color is gorgeous.
  • It works best with crafts.
  • Easy and convenient to apply.
  • Gives your art a priceless touch.
  • Excellent quality.


  • The color is not accurate as described.
  • Bad packaging.

Rust-Oleum 1910830 Spray Paint

This is quite different from others in the sense that it is to spray paint. The spray will leave a rich metallic shine on the interior parts of a surface. Some of the surfaces you can use with this paint include but are not limited to wood, metal, and plaster.

The formulation of this gold leaf paint contains actual metal flakes. These flakes are intended to create an ultra-bright and shiny metal look. It gives the appearance of a new precious metal. If your interior decors are dull and it needs a major lift and some brightening, you don’t need to think that it requires a major haul. This paint will give you the brilliance and the shine you desire.

Some other exciting paintings you can use with this excellent paint is masonry and unglazed ceramic décor. This is very quick to dry but it disagrees with any clear topcoat on a surface. If you have a quick project with tight deadlines, you can retouch within an hour of application. One bottle of this paint covers up to 12sq feet of surface.


  • It dries quickly.
  • It gives brilliance and shine to a surface.
  • One bottle has a superior coverage of 12sq feet.
  • It contains actual metal flakes.
  • It covers the surfaces and gives the illusion of newness.
  • It is sprayed with paint.


  • It dulls a surface with a clear topcoat.
  • Can only be used with interior accents.
  • A bit expensive.

Folkart Gold Treasure Paint

Turn your dull décor pieces into bright and shiny classy objects with this metallic sheen. You will love every bit of the intense gold touch. This paint is water-based and is intended to give your pieces the illusion of having been dipped in pure gold. The gold color itself is very rich and impressive. To the untrained eye, it appears as sheer gold.

This paint can be used on almost any surface without the offending noxious odor that is found in most other paints. It is also non-toxic with a multi-surface formula. This paint gives you the freedom to explore with different painting techniques. You can never go wrong with this paint.

Perhaps you like playing with colors while sticking with pure gold. This is it. When you move anything dipped on this paint, the surface changes with the light. Doesn’t that sound like a real catch? The paint is very subtle, and it can also work well as a shadow. Either way, you will definitely be impressed.

The 6 Best Goldleaf Paints in 2020 Published on September 19th, 2020 at 03:36 pm Also known as shell gold or tablet gold, gold leaf paint is a gilding medium. It is prepared by mixing powdered