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Best Weed Farm Games For Android & iOS

If you are looking for games where you can build the weed farm business; grow weed plants, sell them for money, then check out the best weed farm games for Android & iOS

We have been covering mobile games of all genres for a long time now. There has been a lot of weed farm games released lately. In this post, we have posted the best ones; you are gonna build the best weed tycoon and make a lot of money. So let’s not waste any time and check out the best weed farm games for Android & iOS.

Best Weed Farm Games For Android & iOS

Following is the list of best weed farm games that you can play on mobile –

Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm

Metamoki released this game back in 2017. It’s the most popular weed farm game out there on Android & iOS platforms where you build the weed empire by growing weed in a small area. It is based on the standard idle clicker mechanics where you tap to plant, generate coins, and make upgrades to progress further. All you have to do is collect the coins by tapping, water the plants to upgrade and unlock all the strains.

  • Offline Weed Farm Game
  • Size on Android – 77 MB
  • Size on iOS – 200 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store
Weed Firm 2

In this game, you plant the weed in a room. First, you plant the seed, then water it, and then harvest it. After that, you can sell it to the client for cash. Use the cash to buy seeds so that you can plant more. There are lots of strains to grow indoors and outdoors; bush weed, Sativa, Indica, White Widow, Purple Haze, Alien Strain, OG Kush, Muay Thai, and more. Grow, sell, make money, and expand!

  • Online Weed Farm Game
  • Size on Android – 67 MB
  • Size on iOS – 375 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store
Bud Farm

It’s a story-driven weed farming game by LDRLY. You will meet a lot of characters in the game and progress through the chapter mode featuring lots of episodes and missions. The storylines of the characters are great. It’s based on the idle mechanics where you set up the business and deploy the characters to automate the stuff. You will build, get customers, make money, and progress further in the storyline. The graphics are nice. The gameplay is fun.

  • Offline Weed Farm Game
  • Size on Android – 76 MB
  • Size on iOS – 114 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store

Hempire is one of the best weed farm games available on Android & iOS platforms. LBC Studio released this game back in 2017. It has top-notch graphics. Animations are good. You will set up the pots, plant weed seeds, water them, harvest them, and sell to the customers in the nearby area for cash. As you plant and harvest, you will gain EXP to level up. Leveling up in Hempire unlocks new buildings that help you grow the weed business. There are lots of strains to discover through the breeding process. Character’s missions will keep you busy all the time.

  • Online Weed Farm Game
  • Size on Android – 80 MB
  • Size on iOS – 176 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store
Weed Inc: Idle Tycoon

Weed Inc is another idle clicker game by Metamoki featuring the weed farm business gameplay. In the game, you will manage the weed shop in popular areas; customers will visit the shop and you will sell them their favorite stuff. There is a variety of strains that you can unlock and produce for all sorts of customers. You can hire the managers to automate the work. Grow, sell, make money, expand to all the cities.

  • Idle Weed Farm Game
  • Size on Android – 66 MB
  • Size on iOS – 342 MB
  • Download from Google Play Store
  • Download from iOS App Store

So these are the best weed farm games for Android & iOS. If you know more games, share them in the comment section below.

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If you are looking for the games where you can build the weed farm business; grow weed plants, sell them, then check out the best weed farm games Android

The best cannabis games for your smartphone

Thanks to modern mobile phones, we now can enjoy a wide range of applications and games compatible with our smartphones, some of them related to cannabis. This is because smartphone software developers (and also, as we will see, for other platforms like PC) have seen a gold mine in the marijuana world, as thousands of users are downloading their apps on a daily basis.

Whether they are games, cannabis seeds and strains encyclopedias, or applications to help growers improve their results, this type of apps (many of them free) are flourishing, given their success among the public. Today we are introducing you to some weed-related games for mobiles that you can easily find in the net; they will help you pass the time this summer between dives!

Cannabis games for smartphones are increasingly popular

Cannabis games for mobile phones

As you will see, in many of these games the user must manage a crop from seed to harvest. The most comprehensive ones include options like developing your own hybrids or creating resin extractions and edibles, always trying to get to different levels and unlock new options. Let´s see some of the most popular:


Hempire is a free game developed by LBC Studios Inc. in which you put yourself in an entrepreneur’s shoes to run an indoor growing business. With the help of the different characters you’ll meet throughout the game, you can complete missions that will allow you to unlock new options, such as developing new hybrids, entering cannabis cups, or building a laboratory for extractions.

Hempire by LBC Studios Inc. is one of the best cannabis cultivation games

It’s one of the most comprehensive crop management games, with excellent graphics and an interesting campaign with multitude NPCs (Non-player characters) that interact with the player, who will have several tasks to fulfill in order to unlock new constructions, strains, equipment to improve their indoor cultivation, and so on. Certainly, one of the best options to keep you entertained!

Weed Firm 2: Back to College

With a game system similar to the previous one, in Weed Firm 2: Back to College you are Ted Growing, a botany student that, after being expelled from University, decides to do what he does best. growing and selling weed! In this adventure, you’ll meet an ensemble cast of quirky characters (aliens included) with which you will set up different businesses. One interesting option is the possibility to customize the store and having to protect your assets from gangs and other troublesome people.

Weed Firm 2: Back to College is a fun weed and mushrooms cultivation game

In addition, this game includes an interesting novelty, which is the option to not only grow cannabis, but also magic mushrooms. You will be able to choose between a number of strains (Mexican, Ecuadorian. ) to grow and sell. A fun game full of wonderful surprises that will keep you glued to your phone screen! Developed by Koolbros, this game is completely free and has been downloaded more than 230.000 times from Google Play.

Bud Farm Grass Roots

In keeping with the growing and selling topic, Bud Farm Grass Roots is already a classic in this category, with close to 550.000 downloads in Google Play. Developed by LDRLY, in this game you must organize the growing (you will be able to choose between 15 different strains) and provide a quality product to your customers, who soon will also demand all kinds of cannabis edibles, for which you’ll have to unlock different buildings.

Bud Farm Grass Roots, a classic cannabis game for smartphone

Also, as you move forward, you’ll be able to hire workers to help you with the different tasks, and you’ll also have the ability to customize your farm with decorative elements, giving it a unique personal touch. This game is free, although, as usual, it offers you the option to buy items and assets with real money.

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel

In a different category, we have this addictive game by Firm Extreme, in which your mission is to match tiles with the same design to eliminate them from the board. Although the mechanics of these games are very simple, they have the ability to get you glued to the screen for a long time, thanks partly to the different levels you must unlock, that add interest to the game.

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel is free, although the app includes optional purchases. Will you manage to complete all levels?

Weed Match 3 Candy Jewel by Firm Extreme

Dope Wars Classic

The older PC gamers amongst you might remember Dope Wars, a fun and super-addictive buying and selling game which decades ago provided many people with great moments. Dope Wars is not a game particularly focused on cannabis (although there is a Weed Edition), but we had to mention it in this article. Its simple but well-rounded game system allows you to buy all types of drugs in different cities and neighbourhoods. Your mission is to find the best deals, buying everything as cheap as possible, and selling at the highest price.

Don’t expect spectacular graphics or next-generation animations. In Dope Wars what matters are the numbers and the player’s balance; and as you make your fortune you must avoid being arrested by the authorities. A classic game now available for free thanks to Olivier Dupont.

Dope Wars Classic by Olivier Dupont takes us to the original and addictive Dope Wars

Weedcraft Inc. (PC)

This game by Vile Monarch and distributed by Devolver Digital for PC deserves a special mention. Weedcraft Inc. offers all the options of the cultivation and sale management games we’ve just seen, but in “extended format” (with a total of more than 4 GB of data), with a plethora of workers to hire, different clientele with specific tastes, several cities to unlock, missions to fulfil, and a long list of surprises!

In Weedcraft Inc. you take control of each city ahead of your competition

We are sure you’ll find a weed game you like in this list, so don’t hesitate to add your own recommendations and share your tricks and strategies with us!

Nowadays, there are lots of mobile games dedicated to cannabis, many of them focusing on marijuana cultivation and sale. In this article we highlight