bubba’s gift strain

Bubba’s gift strain

Bubba’s Gift by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminised Indica-dominant cannabis strain that provides the possibility to cultivate one of the best Indica marijuana seeds available nowadays. If you buy Bubba’s Gift cannabis seeds you will discover a highly perfumed strain which is a treat for the taste buds.

This amazing fusion of two beautiful Indicas was created in 2007. The Pre-98 Bubba Kush was crossed into God’s Gift making for a powerful and unmistakable presence.

Bubba’s Gift is a marijuana plant whose lineage proves its quality. It has been obtained by crossing a Bubba Kush and a God’s Gift and the result is exactly what could be expected: a magnificent, hardy and compact plant which radiates good quality all over it. Its dark green leaves are sprinkled with purple hues during flowering period. The use of anti-odour filters is required given its strong scent. If properly taken care of, it would reward your work with numerous compact buds in the shape of golf balls. Although it performs well both indoors and outdoors, it does not thrive in humid climates.

Large broad fan leaves support short compact growth, though good spacing between fan leaves makes for ample light penetration. Growing Bubba’s Gift to the desired size before flowering is advised, as she doesn’t stretch much during the 12/12 cycles.

The flowering period develops quickly. Large crowning buds develop during the 5th week of flowering and deep purple hues begin to show in week 6. Feedings should be modest, as not much nutrition is needed, as well as minimal support for infrastructure. Bubba’s Gift finishes in just 45-50 days.

Bubba’s Gift shows excellent aromatic and taste characteristics: very exotic, with fruity nuances that bring to mind the “Piña Colada” cocktail as well as with some touches of oil and species. Its effect will take you on a fascinating trip that leads to physical and mental relaxation. It is the perfect cannabis strain for those who need a relaxing effect for recreational and medical use. As for the therapeutic use of it, it stimulates appetite and relieves muscle tension.

Genotype: 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
THC: 17-20%
CBD: 0.1%
Indoor flowering: 45-50 days
Indoor yield: 10-15+ oz/yd2
Outdoor yield: 35-106+ oz/plant
Outdoor height: 3-10+ ft

<p>Bubba’s Gift by Humboldt Seed Organization is a feminised Indica-dominant cannabis strain that provides the possibility to cultivate one of the best Indica marijuana seeds available nowadays. If you buy Bubba’s Gift cannabis seeds you will discover a h

Bubba’s Gift

Bubba’s Gift is mostly indica cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift. This is a hardy plant with dark green leaves that show purple hues in the flowering phase when the temperature decreases. The strain has a compact structure and average growth, usually not exceeding 1 m. It grows well in any growing environment, but it has a very strong smell, so you will need carbon filters indoors. You should also monitor the humidity. Bubba’s Gift is developing a number of large buds.
The variety has the taste of tropical fruits, with spicy notes. The effect is physical and cerebral, relaxing. It is also good for therapeutic purposes – it helps with loss of appetite and muscle tension. Due to its powerful genetics and effects, it is recommended for experienced smokers.

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Awesome strain in everyway, lovely looking buds fast finisher would defo grow again dry weight 8oz over the 2 plants and rock solid nugs for days

Taste is with no cure .
Decent yielder considering only topped once then lst to open her up then sat under 600w hps and trichome production is off the charts ” wish i had a rosin press :grin::grin:” strain rating based on uncured bud

She flew right past vegetative state without any hiccups; she didn’t indicate a single nutrient deficiency despite not being fed.

Flowering was fast compared to other grows — she didn’t stretch more than x1.2, and the flowers exploded in size within days.

Smell and flavour:
Citrus and herbally exotic.
Smells like mandarin, cedar, unripe mango, papaya, notes of pineapple and freshly cut herbs.
Tastes like cedar, coconut, pineapple, with a pungent aftertaste. Coconut and pineapple sits on the tongue and throat for 10+ minutes.

Jack of all trades. Nice clear head buzz that transitions into a mild body high. A bit psychedelic on high doses.
Not energizing enough to get things done; not stupefying enough to couch-lock you in a stupor.

Gave me the driest eyes I have ever experienced: at one point I thought my eyes were cracked and lava poured out.

She manages to momentarily clear up my depersonalization disorder, which is a small miracle.
Good for reducing stress, anxiety and restlessness.

[!] After 2 months of curing [!]
Smell is extremely exotic, almost perfume-y. Like all of the jungle fruits imaginable squashed into a single, refined smell. Is so so so good!
Effect is no longer jack-of-all traits: it’s a mellowing, uplifting high, perfect for wondering and exploring the psychedelic multiverse. Quality high!
No longer any paranoia or anxiety when I vape/eat this strain.

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