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Growing strains: how is the flavour of cannabis determined?

Cannabis cultivators have created thousands of unique strains through complex breeding processes and technical growing methods.

Generally, the growing process of a cannabis plant heavily determines the cannabinoid content within the strain – but what determines the flavour of cannabis?

Cannabinoids, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD), are a chemical substance within strains that connect to the cannabinoid receptors within the patient’s body and brain, causing a stimulating effect. Different strains can be useful for different illnesses depending on their chemical profile.


The growing process also determines the terpene development of cannabis plants, helping to dictate the flavour and aroma a strain gives off, similar to how an orange radiates its citrusy smell and taste.

The most common terpene found in cannabis plants is myrcene, which is also found within mangoes. Myrcene is responsible for giving a strain’s distinctive smell that most people acknowledge.

Additionally, myrcene is known to provide several therapeutic benefits as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Most importantly, myrcene can also determine whether a strain is indica or sativa-dominant.

Generally, plants that contain more than 0.5% myrcene are said to be indica. The common perception is that sativa offers consumer cerebral-altering head highs, while indica strains provide more of a body-dominant effect. However, it is difficult to consistently classify many strains as either exclusively indica or sativa because of rampant crossbreeding.

For instance, many cultivators tend to crossbreed sativa and indica strains to purposely select specific cannabinoids and terpenes within each strain and create a unique flavour of cannabis. Breeders can mix and match between well over hundreds of different strains, creating an endless array of hybrid options.

Is automation a detriment?

The initial growing process of a cannabis plant is a crucial step because it can determine the resulting potency of the strain, as well as flavour of cannabis. Most large-scale cultivators use machinery to automate their grow houses, which can boost production levels significantly.

However, the major drawback is that machinery can often damage the cannabinoid content within the plants, resulting in weaker strains. Nonetheless, by using automated machinery, many large-scale cultivators are able to mass produce tonnes of cannabis each harvest, allowing them to redistribute the cannabis at wholesale prices.

Small cultivators have engaged in cultivating “craft cannabis,” which is known as the artisanal process of creating organic and premium-grade cannabis. Craft cultivators are able to achieve high-quality products because they avoid using machinery and artificial chemicals.

Artificial chemicals such as pesticides or growth stimulants can damage cannabinoid growth. As a result, craft cultivators tend to each and every individual plant to ensure a healthy growing process. During harvest periods, craft cultivators also hand-trim each plant to maintain the cannabinoid integrity throughout the whole plant.

Ryan Stoa, Associate Professor of Law at Concordia University School of Law, said: “The staggering number of marijuana strains being developed is creating a connoisseur culture that favours small-scale, artisanal farms that can nimbly adapt to shifts in market demand. Because such farms can market themselves as small, sustainable, and local, they can better reflect 21st-century food movement ideals.

“It is probably inevitable that Big Marijuana will take hold in some form, but that doesn’t mean the market can’t support the small businesses that have enabled marijuana to become a uniquely local and artisanal industry.”

The growing process of a cannabis plant heavily determines the cannabinoid content within the strain – but what determines the flavour of cannabis?

The flavors of marijuana

Fruity, spicy, wood, flowers … With use of cannabis we can get as many flavors as you please at all times.

Each plant coming from marijuana seed has some unique characteristics of taste, smell and cannabinoids. The world of cannabis offers a wide range of possibilities, for cultivating different genetic varieties, can also have very different experiences of consumption. Different flavors and smells, that we can try and choose the one that suits our needs.

Until not too many years ago, on marijuana, you are only knew 3 kinds of flavors: fruity, earthy and floral, but today, thanks to the crossing of genetic varieties, there are at least 48 flavors contrasted by experts and consumers. Among the flavors and aromas that can be found are the fruity flavor, the aroma of coffee, the aroma of cheese, woody taste, the smell of jasmine, mint, pistachio, tabasco, lavender … In addition, the origin of full range of flavors offered marijuana is natural and organic.

Why are there different flavors?

The great amount of flavors and odors that can be found in the cannabis is the result of the combination of two organic elements present in marijuana: flavonoids and terpenes. The former are fragrances with many antioxidant and anticancer properties (the best known flavonoids are beta-carotene and lycopene).

Terpenes are organic compounds that create essential oils secreted by plant resins. These elements make each variety has a different aromatic qualities also influence differently in our bodies.

Do you fancy a candy, something spicy or floral flavor?

Over 100 different terpenes in marijuana are known and then you are going to present the best known and also some very curious.

The flavored candy of the Bubblegum or Cream caramel varieties will delight the sweet tooth, also while delight our palate got also improve our health because marijuana strains containing this sweet improve moods and are good to fight depression and inflammatory pain.

The pungent, sweet and spicy is achieved with the terpene called Caryophyllene. Experts say it can increase the libido and even in other priorities, which reaches remove toothache.

The pungent, sweet and spicy is achieved with the terpene called Caryophyllene.

If you are over floral scents and flavors, you will be interested marijuana floral flavor, terpene responsible for this scent is called Linalool. While you breathe the scent of a flower-filled garden, also you will provide your body awareness and inner peace. Also, if you throw in your pillow, a little smoke of this cannabis variety, you’ll sleep like an angel.

In Piensa en verde, you can find a variety scented mint and rosemary, this is Lavender, an aroma with a very popular fragrance. And if you opt for a sweeter taste, you can get with Vanilla Essenz, a liquid essence for electronic cigarettes. For these devices there is also the essence of mint flavor with a fresh herb.

Taste of fuel

Today you can also find very alternative flavors. If you are daring, you can try the diesel varieties on the market, it seems incredible but yes, you can actually have the smell of petrol in your own home.

Terpenes such varieties are citrus, combined with the aromas of turpentine that are the aromas that give a touch of oil or fuel. This variety reduces stress and relaxes enough.

If you decide to refuel at Piensa En Verde you will find the NYC Diesel Auto, with exquisite taste very distinct lemon-lime with a hint of fuel.

Moreover, we have the wood flavor of the best known. It is found in marijuana that has the Caryophyllene, Carene or pinene terpenes, plus reassuring, this intense taste alleviates pain caused by inflammation of muscles and tendons.


Terpenes we have discussed, are the main component of the essential oils of plants. Aromatherapy uses the medicinal properties to benefit overall health. It is possible to make marijuana essential oil is used in perfumes, cosmetics, soap, candles, and also to provide flavor in the kitchen.

Know the benefits of aromatherapy

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

Until not too many years ago, on marijuana, you are only knew 3 kinds of flavors, but today there are at least 48 flavors contrasted by experts