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Cannabis Toothpaste Exists: Here’s What It Claims to Do

There are a wide range of cannabis-infused products, but the most recent of all is cannabis-infused toothpaste. Image Credit: By Tatyana Ratova on Shutterstock

First there was cannabis makeup, which seemed odd but interesting. Then the birth of cannabis-infused skin care captured the internet’s attention, and we all nodded along. These days, you can even pop down to your favorite department store and pick up a bottle of cannabis-scented perfume. But now cannabis toothpaste is a thing and people can’t help but wonder — why?

While toothpaste isn’t what you’d usually consider to be a beauty product, it’s earned itself a prominent place in the beauty business by safeguarding your smile. Cosmetic tooth bleaching has grown into a $3.2 billion global industry, and the range of toothpastes designed specifically to keep those pearly whites pearly is dizzying. Now, cannabis toothpastes are now joining the fray, and they’re promising to do everything your favorite regular toothpaste does (and more).

But what are the qualities that make a cannabis toothpaste worth trying? Is this just another passing beauty craze or is there really a method to the madness?

Why Use Cannabis Toothpaste?

It turns out that there’s some actual hard science to back up the addition of cannabis to regular toothpaste formulas. The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the plant make it an ideal ingredient for tackling one of the most common dental problems we deal with today — gum disease.

When we think about dental health we tend to focus on the whiteness of our teeth, or staving off tooth decay. The health of our gums isn’t something that always comes to mind. But it’s clear that gum health is a public health issue in the United States today — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 65 million people over the age of 30 have signs of gum disease — and it looks like cannabis toothpaste could help.

Cannabis Is Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation is something we tend to associate with chronic medical conditions like arthritis or Crohn’s disease. But it is actually a fairly common symptom of poor dental health, and it can be quite nasty when left untreated.

Inflammation of the gums is probably the most common symptom of gum disease, a condition which affects around half of American adults according to the CDC. Known in scientific circles as periodontitis, it’s caused by a buildup of plaque and lack of dental hygiene. In its mildest forms it can be barely noticeable, but in moderate to severe cases it can lead to extreme inflammation, pain, and bleeding.

Having an anti-inflammatory ingredient in your toothpaste could be very helpful in combating these symptoms of gum disease. Studies have indicated that topical cannabis products could help reduce inflammation and lower the levels of pain caused by it. Some (substantial) caveats still apply: the research in question wasn’t conducted on humans, and it didn’t specifically investigate inflammation caused by gum disease. Still, it’s a promising start — and one likely to be embraced by marketers of cannabis-infused toothpastes.

Cannabis Is Antibacterial

Infections in the gums and mouth are another common symptom of gum disease. This condition can cause the gums to recede and when they do — even slightly — little empty pockets of space are created between gums and teeth. These pockets gradually become filled with bits of food and bacteria, which cause infections.

Gum infections can be extremely painful and make eating, drinking, and even speaking very uncomfortable. Usually, strong antibiotics are required in order to kill the infection, but it can take days for the effects to kick in. Even more serious than the extreme pain and discomfort they cause is the fact that they can lead to tooth loss. So, having a toothpaste that is an effective antibacterial is a vital part of a good dental hygiene regimen.

Cannabis has been found to be a powerful, non-toxic antibacterial. In particular, some of its natural compounds (such as cannabidiol, or CBD) are effective at fighting off infection. By using a toothpaste that contains CBD and other antibacterial compounds found in cannabis, you could have a better chance at warding off at least some of the infection-causing bacteria that collect in the pockets between gums and teeth, and keep your mouth healthier as a result.

It’s easy to snicker at the idea of cannabis-infused dental hygiene products — after all, it doesn’t seem like a particularly appetizing flavor to most people. Still, there’s always a way to hide an unpleasant taste, and in the case of cannabis toothpastes, the benefits might actually be worth it. Cannabis is already in your lip balms, your coconut oils, and even your bath bombs … it might as well be in your toothpaste, too.

Move over mint and bubblegum. Cannabis-infused toothpaste is providing even more health benefits for your mouth.

Regenerative Hemp Toothpaste

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Regenerative Hemp toothpaste 75g/2,6oz
Hemp toothpaste excellent oral and tooth care
– mild, gentle cleaning action due to its gentle abrasive
hemp toothpaste – effectively calms and prevents tooth sensitivity, gums bleeding and minor sores or cracks in the mouth
– mild antiseptic and disinfect effect for canker sores, cracks and pressure sores – with mint oil for fresh andclean mouth and breath
– with pure hemp oil, baking soda and extracts of grapefruit seed, chestnut, cloves, rosemary and sage
hemp toothpaste – Flavor paste is extracts of grapefruit seed, chestnut, cloves, rosemary and sage

Regenerative hemp toothpaste

Special alkalic hemp toothpaste cannadent with decreased foamability contents pure hemp oil, soda and natural extracts from grapefruit seed, oak-bark, rose-apple, rosemary, sage and mint. Gently, yet very effectively cleans the cover of teeth surface, refreshes breath and treats the tongue and the mucosa of a buccal cavity. Effective herb extract restricts the sensitivity of a dental cervix, bleeding of the gingiva and preventively keeps the teeth from cariosity, occurance of inflammation of a buccal cavity and the occurance of parodontosis. The paste is intended for treatment of a stable dentition, especially for people with sensitive dental cervix or with an inclination to occurance of tooth decay and inflammation of a buccal cavity.

Fast and effective help with:
sensitive dental cervix /parodontosis/ inflammation of gingiva/sores denture and sore pressures from braces/pain from eruption of teeth


Apply the hemp tooth paste on a toothbrush and properly brush every tooth and all interdental spaces (the most effective is the use after every meal, at least two times a day per 2 minutes). After that rinse mouth with warm water. Advises:

Apply reasonable amount of hemp tooth paste on the toothbrush (hand-held or electronic) and properly brush your teeth and interdental spaces.Teeth brushing is highly recommended after every meal, at least two times a day for 2-3 minutes. With this product the leftovers, that can create caries and inflammation are washed away of your interdental spaces.

Hemp Toothpaste doesn’t content any hard abrasive particles that could irritate sensitive dental cervix or any aching places in mouth. Strong herb extracts from oak-bark, grapefruit seed, rose-apple, sage and rosemary acts antiseptic and disinfecting on places with sore pressures from denture or tooth braces, minor wounds in the mouth, gingivitis and parodontosis. The content of adstringent substances restricts the bleeding of gingiva and bleeding caused by teeth brushing or after a intervention at the dentist. The oil of the sweet clove effectively eases sensitivity of dental cervix, minor wounds or eruption of teeth. During teeth brushing the tooth paste energetically effects the buccal cavity and expressively helps with easing problems, withdrawal of inflammation, parodontosis a healing aching places. Thanks to the content of natural mint the feeling of the freshness and the pleasant taste outlasts for a long time.

For greater difficulties, the combine of toothpaste cannadent with cannadent dental serum is highly recommended, or mix the paste with warm water and use it to rinse mouth.

Ingredients: Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Potassium Alum, Sodium Coco-Glucoside Tartrate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citrus Grandis Seed Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Eugenia Caryophyllus Flower Oil, Xanthan Gum, Mentha Piperita Oil, Gaultheria Procumbens Leaf Oil, Salvia Officinalis Leaf Oil, Eugenol, D-Limonene.

cannabis – cosmetics . com tip: cannadent dental serum + cannadent hemp lipbalm

Product is authorized as a Certified Natural Product – CPK

CPK – stands for beauty products that meet all the standards. Standards set clear and transparent rules for producers and suppliers of cosmetics that contain ingredients from organic farming and / or raw materials environmentally friendly. Certified cosmetic preparations are then marked with a logo CPK.

Hemp toothpaste is excellent oral and tooth care – mild, gentle cleaning action due to its gentle abrasive. Effectively calms and prevents tooth sensitivity, gums bleeding. CERTIFIED NATURAL COSMETICS