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Medical Marijuana Vaults & Wire Cages

Medical Cannabis Security

The increasing viability of the medical marijuana industry means an increased need for securing the wealth and resources associated with this profitable enterprise.

At International Vault, we’ve devoted extensive research and development to create industry-leading solutions for the medical marijuana business, including vault security for both dispensaries and cultivation facilities.

  • Protect the assets of your medical marijuana dispensary or cultivation facility with one of the wide variety of modular vaults, day gates, and/or wire cage installations built and designed by International Vault, Inc.
  • Experience meeting Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) security requirements in the US and vault specifications developed by Health Canada.
  • Megacrete modular vaults meet government required GSA AA-V-2737 specifications; Scimitar vault doors meet GSA AA-D-600 specifications.
  • You need to make sure that your medical marijuana is safely stored, without exposure to light, air, or any external influence that could cause a loss of potency.
  • At International Vault, we have our own in-house division dedicated to Wire Cage Solutions. Visit our new website, Security Caging, to learn more.

Medical marijuana is often a cash-only business, leaving your facility with a large quantity of cash on hand, which can be a risk to you, your employees, and your clientele.

A well thought out security system is required to best protect everyone involved, including tracking and keeping records on deposits, withdrawals, deliveries, and private client information, like prescription numbers.

A vault solution from International Vault is an essential part of on-site security. Want to learn more? Call us at 844-311-3132.

Modular Security and MicroVaults

Save thousands of dollars over the cost of new construction. A major benefit of both modular vault construction and stand-alone MicroVaults from International Vault is that they are not considered a cost of new construction. These exceptional security systems are considered assets and can therefore be depreciated.

Additional benefits include:

  • Outstanding security at an affordable price.
  • Onsite vault protection without the need for new construction.
  • Mobility and expandability of vault solutions as your business grows.

Contact us today, and let us help you keep your medical marijuana business safe and secure.

Medical Marijuana Vaults for Dispensaries and Cultivation Facilities from International Vault.

Safe vs. Vault

Is it a Safe or a Vault?

When you want to keep something valuable out of the hands of thieves, the words “safe” and “vault” come to mind. You may even use these words interchangeably. After all, most people don’t really understand the difference. Do you?

At International Vault Inc., we have the answers.

Both safes and vaults are used to keep valuables locked away safely and securely. In common terms, a safe is generally smaller than a vault, a protective box where you might place your money or your guns, but generally not something so large that you could enter and walk around.
A safe might be built into a wall or a floor, large enough to protect jewels and precious metals, important records, and even a gun collection; it is usually not a reinforced, intrusion resistant stand-alone room.

A safe might be built into a wall or a floor, large enough to protect jewels and precious metals, important records, and even a gun collection; it is usually not a reinforced, intrusion resistant stand-alone room.

A vault is not only larger than a safe, but is most often a room-sized space or larger, where the walls, ceiling, and floor have been specially constructed and reinforced against intrusion. This room, the actual vault, is then equipped with a special vault door appropriate for the type of vault in place.

If you would like to know if a safe or a vault is the solution to your requirements, contact International Vault today for the answers you need.

Do you need a Safe or a Vault?

  • When you think of a safe, first consider its purpose. Is your intention to keep valuables and weapons out of the hands of children? Is it meant to keep important papers safe in the event of fire?
  • Keep in mind, a safe might be small enough for thieves to steal!
  • When you consider a vault, it can have a variety of purposes as well. At home, a properly constructed vault could be a family safe room against dangerous weather and threatening intrusion. In business, a vault protects high-end merchandise, valuables, jewelry, and cash.

At International Vault, our products include a vast selection of options from top of the line Micro-vaults to slab-on-grade MegaCrete vault solutions for commerce and industry. Our products are both UL rated and GSA approved.

Do you need a safe or a vault? The easy way to decide is to consult the experts at International Vault. We manufacture and construct the finest security solutions worldwide, and with more than 30 years’ experience we’re certain to have the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Call us today at 844-311-3132, or use our easy-to-complete contact form. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Vaults for Medical Marijuana Cultivators

In 2016, there are 24 states (including the District of Columbia) in which Medical Marijuana has been legalized. As more and more states accept the use of marijuana for medical purposes, the floodgates for commerce in cannabis sales have opened up and medical marijuana cultivation companies are booming.

Of course, opening and operating a medical cannabis business is not an easy task. It can be a costly investment to establish a cultivation facility, consultancy, or dispensary, and these operations are not without risk.

Over all, there is still little documentation in the way of best practices and protocols for business success. Even construction companies specializing in marijuana growing operations are treading new ground.

One thing is certain, securing the wealth of this new industry, whether it is in the form of valuable product or cash profit, is a task International Vault is well equipped to do.

If you would like an overview of our modular vault solutions for securing your facilities valuable assets, contact International Vault today. We have a wide array of:

A Cash Business

An additional worry for cannabis operations is that the laws can be complex and vary from state to state. On the federal level, Congress has not legalized medical marijuana and, at best, has restrained the DEA from condemning state legalization programs.

Because the sale of cannabis is still illegal at the federal level; it is difficult for owners of Medical Marijuana dispensaries to find banking services. It is estimated that only 30 to 40 percent of businesses involved in cannabis sales have bank accounts for their companies.

This leaves a majority of marijuana businesses operating on a cash only basis. In regards to security, this presents a double-edged challenge:

  • Businesses with large amounts of cash on hand and
  • Marijuana Inventory which also represents a very valuable commodity.

How much security is the correct amount for your medical marijuana business? While you are considering armed guards, CCTV cameras, and panic buttons; a critical element of your security plan should include an intrusion resistant safe or vault solutions.

At International Vault, we’re leading the industry in providing asset protection to the medical marijuana industry, including modular vaults, day gates, and wire cage installations. Visit our Medical Marijuana Vaults page to learn more.

As a world-wide supplier of vault solutions, all of our products and vault systems meet UL, GSA, Health Canada, and EN standards.

Call us today at 844-311-3132 or use our easy-to-complete contact form. We’re waiting to hear from you.

Full Service, Affordable Solutions

At International Vault, we pride ourselves on being one of the highest quality vault system developers in the global arena. Furthermore, our pricing is cost-effective meaning we can compete with alternative solutions by delivering a superior product in a shorter timeframe.

We install our products worldwide; in fact, we install any manufacturer’s safes or vaults, anywhere, at any time. No matter your vault installation needs, International Vault is prepared to assist you in establishing a secure environment for your unique situation.

Today, more than ever before, businesses, organizations, government agencies, financial institutions, military installations, and police departments turn to International Vault for our superior full service, turnkey approach.

Isn’t it time you give International Vault a call? Call us today, at 844-311-3132, to learn more and find your own customized, secure solution.

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