coca seeds illegal

another question,is it legal to grow coca plants.

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Here are some faqs you should know before trying to grow it:

1)You NEED a high elevation. Dont expect to grow anything great if you dont have that
2)The germination rate is very low on non fresh seeds. You will be extremely lucky to get a 10/14 germination rate. Normal rate if probably around 6/14
3)Seeds are EXTREMELY expensive. The best deal i saw was $120 for 14 seeds
4)Seeds, cuttings, plant matter, etc are illegal to own in the US
5)The process of extracting the cocaine alkaloid is rather long and boring process. You have a high risk of harming your lungs in the conversion of the paste to the hydrochloride. hell in the entire process of making the paste to having the final product you risk hurting your lungs. Your going to need a hell of a filtration system if you plan on doing it indoors. Most coca farmers (i.e the cartels) have huge plantations in jungles. You will be using things like gasoline and sulfuric acid alot so be careful.

If you are planning on growing coca and making cocaine, i suggest you check out DELETED. They are a trust worthy site that sends out to the states pretty fast. You can also buy Iboga and Khat seeds there.

Deleted the link i gave you. For shift is right. You have problems if you want to grow this and make it your without proper instruction and just because you tried it. You will go bankrupt growing coca and using it. Growing, processing, and extracting is not cheap.

Also, keep in mind:

1000 kilos of leaves = 100 kilos of coke
100 kilos of leaves = 10 kilos of coke
10 kilos of leaves = 1 kilo of coke
1 kilo of leaves = 1 pound of coke
1 pound of leaves = 1 ounce of coke
1 ounce of leaves = 10 grams of coke
10 grams of leaves = 1 gram of coke

So in order to get anything worth while you will need an ounce of leaves and that 10 grams of coke wont even cover 1/4 of the materials it takes to grow and process coke.

if i wanted 2 grow sume where would i get them and how would i make coke i need some :spew::hump:


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Monday, October 23, 2017

coca seeds legal or ilegal

Coca seeds legal or coca seeds illegal?

The purchase of coca seeds is not illegal , we do shipping throughout the world by postal service in discrete packaging with a different description in the customs declaration . Is only a plant, coca seeds or plant not is cocaine!
we offer verifequed paypal as payment secure and discreet.

coca seeds or coca products” description can be seen in my credit card invoice or paypal account?

No, our paypal button was design for put “Inka seeds, inka powder, inka tea or inka leaves”(depending on the product purchased) in description and ensure one discreet billing for our customers.

Coca seeds: About shipping
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, Actually we have customers in many countries: United states, UK, Austria, France, Spain, ,Australia, Canada, New Zeland,etc

The package can be sent discreetly ?
Yes, we send the package with “inka seeds or chilli seeds, inka tea, inka powder or inka leaves” and as “gift” in the declaration customs for avoid revisions.

Which Shipping company do you use? We send our products trough SERPOST (Peruvian post mail) and they make a connection with the local courier company of the destination country.
Example: USPS in the United States

How long does is takes to get to my location? We offer free shipping and send the products by economic post mail, the estimated shipping time to all locations is 10 business day to North America and 15 to Europe, please note that this information is only a estimated time and that it could take a little longer in some cases depending of the post mail delays.

Do you provide a tracking number?
Yes, we send one mail with tracking number, usually 4 days after the purchase (handling time).


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coca seeds, legal or ilegal?