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Florida Members: Large Coconut Palm at Home Depot or Lowes?

I am hoping someone can help me out. I decided to pick up a large coconut palm myself from a retail home improvement store rather than special order from a pricey nursery. I called nearly a dozen South Florida Home Depots and Lowe’s this afternoon asking if they had large coconut palms in stock. Unfortunately they either didn’t know what in the world a coconut palm was (knowledgeable staff), or they only had 7 gallons. Has anyone seen large ones (like in the picture below) at these stores recently in Central or South Florida? Also, how many gallons do you think the palm in this photo is, so I can understand if I ever hear them say “30 gallons”, for example? Thanks.

And yes, I “borrowed” this photo from another member’s old posting. thanks palmshaun!

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I’ll look next time I go. One of the posters in here said there were some 3’of wood trees in Palm Beach Gardens HD for $299 (I think). You may want to try that one.

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Thanks kitchenshock, I appreciate it.

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Best bet is to rent a uhaul, drive down to my area(about 20 miles south of miami) into a local nursery and you will leave with a few that size at a damn good price. say $150.00 ea. Also, I see them that size for sale on a regular basis from farmers on the side of the road.

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fawnridge (Ricky)

royalpalm – The palm in the picture is not a container grown palm, it’s field grown, which means you don’t measure its size in ‘gallons’. Rather this one would be sold by both gray wood and overall height.

A one-gallon can is roughly 6″ across the top. A three-gallon is 14″. The bulk of the shrubs in a landscape are these two sizes.

A thirty-gallon container is about 36″ across and 30″ tall.

And as far as finding Coconut palms – I agree with the post above; find them locally. Coconut palms in Florida landscape are what we call ‘throwaway palms’. You throw them into the landscape to impress the client and make the most tropical looking show you can. The homeowner ends up throwing away the hundreds of coconuts he’ll never eat and that will smash windows in a storm. Then he eventually throws away the whole palm when it gets too tall or lethal yellows rolls around again.

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Thanks guys. Homestead is probably too far to go, at least 4 hours down and then have to turn around and go home. What a price though!

I again called literally 15-20 more Home Depots and Lowe’s last night from Palm Beach County south to Miami-Dade, and NO ONE had coconut palms over 15 gallons. unbelievable.

So. I called the Lowe’s this morning about 2 miles from my house and asked to order a big coco palm, sure enough no problem. I am getting a Green Malayan coconut with 1-2+ feet of wood, 12′ OA B&B, for $189. And it’ll be at my local store ready to pick-up in less than a week.

Still in shock about no South Florida stores carrying the coconuts, oh well.

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Thats good to hear to paul! Make sure you take some pics of it. so i can be even more jealous!

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Did you get that coco yet paul?

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Got it!! Well, I saw it waiting for me at Lowe’s and I’m picking it up this evening. It is HUGE, about 15-16′ overall, and probably about 1-2ft of wood. Not as much clear trunk as the photo above, but still amazing for only $189. Nice size rootball too, probably heavy as all heck.

I dug the hole last night and bought some soil products today, hopefully will put in ground tonight. I will be sure to get some photos in the morning once settled. No fruit on it yet, but most of the larger coconuts I’ve seen around town here do fruit.

Lowest overnight temp for 10-day calls for 54F, not ideal for coco planting, but high 70s to low 80s in day should help. Soil temp this time of year around 65F+ I think. (median air temp is 69F).

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Thats Great! If you ever get some coconuts. you have to send one up here to see if i can get it to germinate!

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Just the thread I’ve been trying to find! I have been searching in vain for bigger Dwarf coconut trees to plant in my yard. I’ve been in contact with every freaking nursery in the Naples area and none of them have clue about coconut palm trees. I originally wanted to find the coconuts I’d tried from the street vendors in Bangkok and also available at Whole Foods Market. After joining a coconut forum on Google I was finally able to learn the species is the Thai Aromatic Dwarf or Green Aromatic Dwarf, none of which are available for sale yet in the USA. The closest I will be able to get to it will be the Malayan Dwarf variants. I bought a large Green Malayan Dwarf from Pelican Nursery for $238 but it was the only big one they had avaialable. A friend mentioned I should look for a Bronze variety. I’d appreciate any references for big Malayan Dwarfs, Fijji Dwarfs, or by chance the Aromatic Dwarfs, preferably in SW FL.

I am hoping someone can help me out. I decided to pick up a large coconut palm myself from a retail home improvement store rather than special order from a pricey nursery. I called nearly a dozen South Florida Home Depots and Lowe's this afternoon asking if they had large coconut palms in stock. Unf…

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