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Do-Si-Dos is a cross between OGKB Cookies x FaceOff OG from Archive seed bank elberfelder bibel. Two top notch parents on the breeding side have lead to an incredibly tasty and potent strain that is one of the top sellers in the game right now. If you haven’t tried this flavor yet you need to get on…

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[Music] well guys welcome to the CCC I’m Shane I’m Danny and we’re back for another strand review today we’re checking out some dosey doe from 7-10 labs they just stand it up doctor doc yeah this shit is fire right here it took me forever while away to find this stuff today I went to four different shops ended up getting it at Hayes it’s not as easy to find good weed as it was maybe do months ago it’s your years ago it’s really hard I’m not gonna lie 710 labs we have been seeing you know all over the place lately we originally first tried their oil back in the day in Colorado that was the first time I was introduced to 710 labs I used to make a lot of oil out there let me start getting into the solving this stuff now they’re doing their own flowers which is kind of cool to see the evolution of a brand from the beginning or at least when we found out about them to where they’re now totally their packaging is pretty dope these are hefty ass jars man they really are the new law states that you cannot see through the jar so we got black jars here put lids on top they got these little cards that they have rubber banded to the side they got a little sang on them in cannabis aficionado oh my god I guess presuming that good luck we’re doing if it’s not gonna shit like that what most important things to me as a director of cultivation and seven cent labs and being able to provide the highest quality cannabis to you the consumer my peers obviously I’ve been given the opportunity of doing an all-star cultivation team and they gave these plant run daily cover their attention to detail is second to none I’m very excited to share this exclusive limited release of our flowers with you you’re able to purchase the fruit of our labor on this limited difference because you made effort to show how much you care about zooming the best possible flower in the state both claims for that I thank you on behalf of the whole 710 labs team wow that tastes fire this is dank it looks good tastes fire oh I did like that uh a little form of the bottle onyx it’s like a little extra something yeah forgot gratefully yeah you’re gonna like them he’s like to join with the beeline we’re getting real real healthy on you guys a lot of people were hating on us cuz we just went back to the lighters yeah I mean unless you’re in heaven you’re in banja you can light it do you do that in the lighter green fuck it I’m just making people happy over here anyways Joseph oh don’t see John back to the dose of yo yo is how would you K be cookies and face off OG right that is correct honestly probably my favorite cookie cut of all of them in my favorite of gm1 my favorite oh Jesus I was about to say yeah we grew face off out in Colorado shit what was that two years ago already some shit Reena we grew for a few years out there yeah yeah love growing that shit man love it that is an awesome strange super gassy good producer it’s really just kind of epitomizes everything that I love about oh gee yeah I’m saying definitely and then on the other side o gkb been a big fan up for years as well you know it’s whatnot to me it’s my it’s the best cookie out there you know I’m saying it grows by itself just over t killing og KB by itself grows terrible but when the dosey doe is just amazing because it pays off just makes it yield more you know I’m saying that’s what I was trying to I’m having a loss of words this thing is that that Barner have actually got me a pretty fuckin scramble I’m not gonna lie okay I’m definitely get it when I when we open the jar and I smelled it right I was getting way more kind of that classic cookie jar out of this one well even a little bit more than I usually do with other samples of dosey doe right flavor those a little bit more than a GP make sure we’re good water sorry guys oh I like the way taste on the Gompers you like the words oh yeah as far as the look on this stuff a little bit smaller buzz the throwing faceoff in there at least for us definitely seemed to you know help it you know give it a little bit more give it a little bit more size a little more girth yeah and I mean yeah fucking I mean this is good we’d like I said smaller buds but as far as being camera friendly I mean this is what we’re looking for to show you guys yeah I’m saying we’re never perfect because they were never been heard actually I literally run through the checklist every fucking time I clean the table I clean the bomb I got everything set up same size with my fucking OCD no ashtrays yeah anyways we gonna ho g kb face off great combination this is honestly a great batch of dough seed are you gonna I’m gonna proxies your way unless we get really high before we start thanking just why you’ll see me Bogart in the joint yeah and not being able to find the words yeah that’s okay cuz this is a stoner show and we don’t come into this overall turn and I’m super hot and you live this life 24/7 I got some cameras on them to be honest this stuff is potent them that wait till you take that boner to the fetus thing my eyes well it’s definitely indica I’m a little scrambled super steep I didn’t break it up you broke up the weep of the Genesee you probably already know this I don’t really fuck with this we tuned lunch until now and I realized how sticky it was it’s super sticky brewing it does taste good enjoy this this is some of the best flour we’ve got our hands on that one I would say yeah those who dose bread by the doctor archive seedbank longtime friend good homie of ours obviously roof I mean one of the legends in the game as far as reading goes and I you know I can’t think of anything he’s put out that don’t buckle you know it’s an awkward at all game he’s got a few varieties of this know right we’re gets a lemon dose you don’t think that I’m gonna say great dosey doe this is this strain has blown the fuck up this has probably been as for mom for sure yeah I mean I would say this would Mon he always he always breathed bread great genetics you know I’m saying he shit was always fired what doing out there in Portland now at stores like this is genetics out there with the clones and everything that bigger even even he would admit that this disco tomando pseudo is just a staple honestly now like I would throw it in there in there with my top 5 it’s it’s one of the best cookie cuts you know ogk be obviously is super dank but it just doesn’t grow that well you know so for a producer it doesn’t entice them to grow it but this grows great smokes great smells great okay Chris burgers back yeah I mean so a lot of times we get asked about some of these bigger strains right now is it height is it the real deal this one literally you’re taking two of probably some of my top 10 favorite strange but favorite cookie maybe my favorite og right I’m mixing them together this is there’s no hype about this is to the hype is really good this tastes so good man I mean it’s really it’s this hard to explain it’s like a tiny cookie fuckin gassy would be fun kind of knows how’s your destructive taste on this you know I feel like I just there’s so much shit up you know like pretty funky gassy cookie piney right I’m getting a lot more OG funky yeah and then I was expecting totally its rizz it’s gas here that I’m used to from a dose you go I feel like and based on the looks of this one is pretty typical dose to go look but I wasn’t really expecting this flavor was just by smelling it to this joints it my way I think it does taste better out of a joint for sure this is a Brent this is a clean bomb fresh water but I don’t know nothing beats the flavors in joint to me nothing right yeah I dry it before we start the video I was like alright let’s fucking do this I’m gonna smoke this shit you know yeah as far as a rating where you going with this one I mean looks looks I’m gonna give it I’m gonna give it a 10 I wanna get out tens too often but like I’m fuckin with this this is what dosey doe is supposed to look like yeah I said maybe it’s that slightly bigger nose yeah but you not expecting any big knockers shrimp jobs good I mean this is one of those strains that’s you can’t really fuck up the trim job on but I honestly don’t care too much about nug size and what’s on the grower cuz you know I’m saying like this year’s your smaller dogs need a smaller stems and of this you know exactly we got a lot of them are these little side buds right here and I’m really really slow stinky and smelly the looks I’m gonna go a nine on this one for the smell smell I’m gonna give it a nine just because it’s a little fresh if it was cured just a little longer I feel like it would really crack them no you know it’s really really sweet like right yeah but once you crack it it’s a ten but you know on the jar appeal I’m giving it a mine just because it needs a little bit more like a curie dude I think that’s fair nine for the flavor I did like the flavor a nice solid flavor good good good dose you don’t flavor what I’ve come to the most respect out of this one with a little extra gas punch that maybe wasn’t expecting quite as much Coubertin you never know if you’re gonna get that attaches to AC so yeah I like the flavor of it too I’m gonna do 10 as well effect settling in nicely huh I feel like this day I mean it’s obviously a indica dominant not a straight in to get probably like 70/30 something like that you know it’s gonna give you your nice classic traditional indica buzz where you kind of feel it settling the body nice and relaxing good nicely good for pain next time next time I hear it day if you smoke you know Bailey a lot like we do is you this is one of those strands that you can smoke throughout the day so just beautiful accent function line yeah yeah it did it relaxed me it’s definitely indica but I don’t feel like going to bed you know I’m saying I I feel I just feel relaxed yeah it’s the best work work yes you could say I’m I’m super lazy like to give the eye like this effect yeah for sure I think I was nines and tens across the board so probably nine and a half on this one really this is one of those strands overall that I don’t really see too many bad examples of no don’t you do it like I says in my top five out of the six a lot of strains you know build a lot of hype around them the genetics get out all kinds of different people start growing them and then you see a member where you see the watered down versions you see you know just stuff that isn’t grown well so he just seems kind of hard to fuck up you know every time I see it at some point home I think the nine point five is definitely a fair rating so yeah seven-time lemon killing it with this like we said first time trying out their flower first time seeing you know any of their branded flower like we said tried their extracts and stuff a bunch in the past and I say this really kind of keeps up with our you know I mean definitely definitely run on par with their extracts I’m super high we need to get the hell out of here join us next week for another strain of view on the CCC ports one I’m Danny [Music]


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Oyea hell yea. I can’t wait to try that stuff. ☮ Peace and love ♥ from 🇨🇦🤘

disagree w/ur entourage contentions w/resp 2 thc doesn’t count that much. Take Do-si-do, which JBoys does in flower & concentrates…there can be a wide range, v wide range; on conc of a single var, seen it so much. Look through RG, as I have done this yr, dozens of var that vary in thc from low 60-82+, 1 brand is 60%+, another of same var 80%. Everything is now(guess that’s Cali labeling ‘progress’?) labeled as the generic term ‘water hash’…710 has a ‘water hash’, which is a quality ice wax(don’t know if they do freeze drying on their iw, but doesn’t look like if from the image), looks FMCD to me…Di-si-do full on 84.95%thc, damn. beats exaggerated terp sauces.

I’d rather have the ‘real’ entourage from unmanipulated hash, 100% the way it comes off flower. & is it priced competitively, I’d go for that b4 spending $100+/g on those other brands…&1/2g pkg is to lure in beginners; just put them in 1g as standard & 3g or more for us regular users…at realistic pricing like RG was doing for their ‘farmers bucket’ @90, so we don’t have to try to scrape out every last drop from those silly 1/2g jars.

Guess Chase has given it up then, u guys taking his place?…sad, Chase did the best reviews, imho. & I never, ever use hot temps like u guys…don’t come crying here after I’m long dead when u guys are dying from COPD from decades of high-temp vaping&smokin d herb.

I have no problem getting to cough inducing if enough conc is added to my Crafty dosing capsule herb sandwich. But y bother, just 4show?

Coughing away seriously expensive meds is fine 4 u rich guys. I don’t necessarily ‘micro-dose’ but I have it down to a science, try never to cough, take long enough draws @320-380F to get max effect for least amount of product used. u guys cough out at least 1/2 of the usable content of every thing you consume, what a waste. Just add some pure terps like BBlMan and cough away, oh wut fun.

Still, since July labeling laws, it’s been really slow to get quality ice wax bck in the Ca market, haven’t seen any Matt Rize/Harvest Moon stuff.

Got some 1/2 priced(otherwise I’d never consider) Diamond Barron from TLC’s sister store June 28, which keeps changing it’s name, lol. Just another of those clear sauce/diamond thc crystals, like so many other’s…but, but they had them in clear glass so you could see b4 u buy! Now with labeling laws, u’ve got to have a conc maker that actually wants to spend $ to have packaging with a ‘clear sight’ window & not use the ubiquitous black glass, which I hate.

Don’t know what they did, but that Diamond Barron sauce was seriously potent hybrid var. cant recall…I’ve not had as many as u guys, but over last few yrs, mayb around 100+? and this was noticeably more potent, not necessarily ‘terpy’, & given my zero tolerance, didn’t get me super high, but I could tell the diff btw other high-end sauces…hope they come back on the mkt, give them a try if u see them.

DOSIDOS WEED STRAIN REVIEW as seen on Do-Si-Dos is a cross between OGKB Cookies x FaceOff OG from Archive seed bank elberfelder bibel. Two top notch parents on the breeding side

Dosey doe weed

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