ducks foot weed

Ducks foot weed

A few years ago in 1999 Cannabis Culture announced a different new strain of marijuana (CC#19, Grow Down Under), its very different looks and growth patter than what we are used, or we know as normal cannabis.

This new strain by Mr Ayers, as an outdoor grower in Australia. Mr Ayers said CC#19 need more potency, but the strain was extraordinarily hardy and frost-resistant, and unrecognizable as cannabis.

The structure is totally different than regular cannabis we knwo. There are no fan leaves, all leaves are quite small with an irregular distribution of stamens. The plant grows more like a shrub, without typical candelabra aspect of normal cannabis.

They call this new variety Australian Bastard Cannabis (ABC), and we gave away many seeds to interested breeders, as well as giving away a large batch of ABC x Flo.

They received feedback from readers who said to have this strain before. One Australian grower said that the ABC was kwon as Mutant, and that some thought it might be a “colchicine polyploidy experiment gone wrong”.

One local cultivator named “Volcano” grew up some of our last collection of ABC x Flo seeds. He germinated the seeds indoor in BC during March and the seeds had germinated in seven to ten days.

ABC strain first set of leaves identical to regular cannabis, before the first true leaves appeared that differences became evident.

“Those leaves came out completely unlike the serrated leaf ”said Volcano. “In fact, there are no serrated edges on these leaves, they darker green and shiny, looking-they usually got no larger than two inches.”

“The males flowered early, some before the end of July” said Volcano. “The females were compact with short internodes. They were heavily branched with many leaves. The buds formed differently on every plant, but they were all very resinous with cannabis-like buds. But anyway, the developed plant does not look like cannabis”.

The weed were reach an average height of about three feet and harvested in November, trimmed and hung to dry. The plants approximated yield of three dry ounces per plant.

The weed smoked very clean, with a light, spicy flavor.

Definitely ABC can become the ultimate camouflage strain of millennium.

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Ducksfoot Seeds

Ducksfoot cannabis cultivar happens to be a sativa predominant strain that originated in Australia. The strain has a modest THC level and therefore inhaling its flavors will stimulate you cerebrally as well as make you gregarious and humorous. The strain gets its name from the leaves that resemble the webbed feet of ducks. Smoking Ducksfoot envelopes you with the invigorating scents of freshly brewed coffee tinged with spiciness, skunky, and pungency. The flavors leave behind aftertastes

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More about Ducksfoot Seeds

More about Ducksfoot Seeds

How to grow Ducksfoot pot plants?

The plants grow tall enough and branch out in all directions. So, you need to have ample space while growing indoors.

Indoor vs. outdoor growing

Ducksfoot is a marijuana strain that develops ideally if grown in an outdoor environment that is sunny, warm, and dry. Indoors, the saplings develop fully in about 7-8 weeks at the end of which you can expect to pick up 250-350g of buds from every sq. Meter of space. Outdoors, the plants’ roots get firmly implanted in the soil to promote holistic growth and development with large and broad branches. If grown in suitable climes, every plant yields about 200g of buds.


The duck foot breed is a gormandizer, and so you need to be generous in feeding the plants. Heavy watering should be restricted to specific stages, especially while planting the seeds, flowering period and a week before harvesting.

Grow techniques

Indoors, it is receptive to SOG, and SCROG grows techniques, thriving in orangery and greenhouses. If your grow room is not spacious, you’ll have to resort to periodic pruning to prevent overcrowding. Be liberal in supplying nutrients.

Grow techniques

If your grow room is not spacious, you’ll have to resort to periodic pruning to prevent overcrowding. Be liberal in supplying nutrients.

Recreational Use

Owing to a mild THC level, the effects are cerebrally stimulating that makes you ecstatic but do not immobilize you. Ducksfoot is ideal for daytime smoking.

Side effects

  • Euphoria
  • Giggly
  • Uplifting
  • Stimulating
  • Happy

Medicinal Use


  • Chronic fatigue
  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Mild Migraines


  • Depression
  • Mental stress

Taste & Aroma

Tokes of this strain has a strong aftertaste of spices and coffee. The aromas wafting out of the vapors are reminiscent of spices, coffee, and pungent skunk.

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