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Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion are one of the world’s oldest cannabis seedbanks and one of the few remaining original seed companies.

They offer their customers a variety of original classic marijuana varieties as well as some of the very best new varieties, many of these are available in regular as well as feminized seeds. They began their work in the 1970’s and were formally established as a seedbank in 1987.

Dutch Passion team invented feminized seed in the 1990’s and more recently they have set the highest standards with feminized autoflowering (‘AutoFem’) seeds. They have never been afraid to overturn conventional thinking in order to offer better seeds.

Dutch Passion seed collection has never been stronger than it is today. Dutch Passion understands the needs of the modern grower.

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Dutch Passion is one of the oldest cannabis seedbanks & and one of the few remaining original seed companies. Buy Dutch Passion seeds now and get free seeds with every order.

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion seed bank develops, improves and produces cannabis seeds since 1987, and is one of the main Dutch companies specialized in cannabis breeding.

During the years they have accumulated lots of experience on developing, producing and marketing premium quality marijuana strains.

In 1998, Dutch Passion made a major breakthrough in cannabis seed technology by developing feminized cannabis seeds.

Under proper growing conditions, these “Feminized Seeds” produce only female plants. They also indicate in their catalog the THC and CBD content of most of their strains, and offer both regular and feminized seeds.

The formula of their success is the genetic control they have on their strains and the constant flow of new genetics obtained from around the wold.

Their main concern is to improve their seed stock. In addition to the genetics of their cannabis seeds, they specifically select their plants for harvest time, size and germination ratio (95%). They do their best to supply you with top grade genetics either in regular or feminized version.

The first feminized cannabis seed company. Jorge’s Diamond is an excellent strain in tribute to Jorge Cervantes