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Emerald Triangle Seed Co.; Opinions?


I like California breeders and seed companies, and there is a seed company that I don’t see much about on the web that looks like they have high quality products; the Emerald Triangle Seed Company.

They have a few videos on youtube, where you can see them selecting and growing plants for their seed line, like this one:

Also, they have what I think are some of high quality strains. OGs, rarities, and heirloom strains. Their prices are also very low. Anyhow, check them out if you haven’t, or let others know what your experiences have been by posting in this thread.

I ordered their Lost Coast OG and California Wildfire seeds from the Attitude, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. I also found a Lost Coast OG clone that I’m picking up later in the week, just in case things don’t work out with the single fem seed that I ordered.

I like California breeders and seed companies, and there is a seed company that I don't see much about on the web that looks like they have high quality…

Emerald Triangle Seeds Review

At Emerald Triangle we have over 20 years of experience of breeding. During these years, we have invested a lot of time and energy collecting quality genetics from all over the globe. We have used all of this collective knowledge and experience to create the perfect seeds for you.

Our Vision…

Our vision for the future is to carry the torch for our generation, to improve and preserve the quality of genetics, so that in the future people will have the same chance to access the healing and medicinal properties that this amazing plant has to offer.

Tried and tested…

We are focused on providing meticulous care to our strains and always ensure genetic stability; we do this through regular breeding. We guarantee that this maintains long-term stability so that you end up with the perfect seed. All of our seeds are tried and tested by ourselves and peers to ensure perfection. At Emerald Triangle we specialize in many varieties of seeds consisting of both Regular which are bred in California and Feminised which are bred in Europe.

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Developed to attain the ideal balance of strength, yield, and high, MiG-29 brings together the renowned G13 Haze with a personally picked stabilized Ruderalis. MiG-29 is among our own biggest yielding and most potent super autos maturing within 75 days from seed. The plant generates super crystalline buds heavily covered in resinous THC also stretching right down to the shade leaves. Regardless of the inclusion of G13 Haze to the cross, MiG-29 possesses indica traits because of the Ruderalis, with the haze working mainly to boost the complexity and flavor of the high. The flavour is fruity and somewhat spicy and also the buzz is both a body and cerebral high. MiG-29 will prosper both indoors or out within a mixture of environments and conditions due to its hardy and tough nature. Under extreme light or hydro installations the plant could attain 1 meter tall. If grown outdoors you should harvest once the sun still is strong (mid to late summer) to accomplish very best yields and optimum coverage of trichomes, even though you can harvest directly into October in warmer conditions. MiG-29 lives right up to its identify and provides a potent punch and stratospheric high.

Awards: HTCC (2004) – 1st prize. Minty, Spicy, sativa flavor. Production can reach 1500 gr/plant. Gigantic buds and top quality with spectacular THC concentration. Production can reach 1500 gr/plant. Enormous buds and top quality with breathtaking THC concentration.

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