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ETHOS Genetics

Ethos Genetics is a US seed bank with more than 20 years of experience in the rich variety of cannabis.
The Ethos line of cannabis genetics are bred specifically to maximize quality and yield. Ethos is all about quality.

The Ethos mission is to change the culture in the marijuana seed cultivation and selling industry. Ethos takes their growing seriously. Ethos uses science and data to apply the best practices, make the most effective combinations and produce cup winning seeds time and again.

Ethos is about raising the game, sharing their expertise and selling you the best possible product.

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Inzane In The Membrane

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Mandarin Cookies R1 V2

Mandarin Cookies R1 V2

Cherry Gar-see-ya R1

Ethos Hulk Angry

Inzane In The Membrane

Purple Majik R1

Ethos Chem OG RBX1

Banana Daddy R1

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Banana Daddy R1

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Planet Of The Grapes

Banana Daddy R1

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The smell is very gassy, when you take a deep whiff it makes your nostril hairs tingle to the point you can taste it in your mouth. Taste is faintish so far, going to give it a 10-14 day cure before I update my smoke report.

Growing this plant, she was a beast. Took soo much neglect and abuse(not proud/big mistakes) and she bounced back no matter what you did to her.

Just chopped down today.. The entire house smells of freaking LEMONS lol.. It only took about 15 mins to chop down, remove ANY fan leaves that I could reach the stems on and hang them up.. These are some super dense colas! I like to check on them every 12 hours or so.. Make sure humidity isnt too high or too low.. Im going to TRY and keep the little computer fan off for now because I really want this to take 5-7 days to dry, if not more, if I can.. ETHOS Genetics is on the top of my list of favorite genetics so far! Can’t wait to start some of their others. Will be updating as I go.

Dried for 5 days.. AND I HAD TO TASTE HER. OMG. IT’S ALREADY SOOOO SMOOTH! Trimmer her up was a breeze! So many super coated sugar leaves! Was finished it 45 mins! The trim is gonna make a nice little ball of bubble hash! I got a nice little ball of scissor hash too.. The smell.. Holy shit.. The fucking smell is so epic! I know I keep using the word “epic” throughout the whole grow.. But that word is definitely deserved! Citrusy as fuuuuck! I cant wait to see how she is after being cured for a couple months!

Cannabis seed bank information: grow journals, strain reviews, best growers, brand history. ETHOS Genetics

Ethos Genetics

Ethos Genetics is a seed bank based in Denver, USA, which develops regular and feminised cannabis seeds. Colin Gordon runs the seed bank since its foundation, developing genetic lines together with his group of trusted breeders, producing quality hybrids reflected in all their seeds.

Ethos Genetics applies a working method that provides genetic improvement in the feminised seeds that are called Alpha Seeds. These seeds are created with a method that does not generate stress to the reverted plants, avoiding to the maximum the appearance of hermaphrodite strains. This seed bank maximum of is the creation of quality varieties, all hybrids are tested and subject to resistance tests before being presented to the public.

Ethos genetics, a reputable seed bank

Flavour, aroma, effect, potency and production are the characteristics that most interest the bank. They also look for a height stability, which can vary according to the cultivated strain, so multiple crosses are made either in BX, R1 or F2 to ensure that new-generation hybrids are stable.

The seed bank has an extensive catalogue, with powerful and delicious varieties that have won many prizes in various categories in different cannabis competitions, treasuring an impeccable international reputation.

Along the extensive life of this seed bank, always strictly following its cannabis ethics in the development programs of creation and improvement of cannabis hybrids, they proudly present among many others, varieties such as Mandarin Sunset, Mandarin Cookies, Inzane in the membrane, Citradelic Sunset, Crescendo RBXV2, Ethos Apex, Forbidden Zkittlez or Grape Diamonds.

All its varieties are really outstanding, although among the most laureates and those that have created a genetic school we would highlight Mandarin Sunset as a genetic base and Mandarin Cookies as the Ethos Genetics flagship.

Powerful, tasty, productive and stable genetic lines

Ethos Genetics differentiates its hybrids on the one hand those that make you be with yourself, on earth, relaxed, as with Indica dominants and on the other hand the varieties that transport you to outer space on long psychedelic journeys.

Ethos Genetics has in its catalogue many varieties containing high cannabinoids concentrations such as the THC which in some hybrids, such as Inzane In the Membrane, can contain a THC level of 35%.

Other varieties contain high terpenes concentrations reaching 15% as Mandarin Cookies, or Mandarine Sunset with a 14% content. Also worth mentioning are Mandarin Zkittlez, Purple Roze, Zour Apples, Peach Crescendo or Banana Hammock among others.

All genetics can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. They adapt well to hydroponic cultivation systems as well as on soil substrate. The use of organic fertilizers improves the organoleptic load to the maximum.

Undoubtedly Ethos Genetics is a highly recommended bank seed, particularly for American strains lovers looking for excellent production, terrific flavour and high psychedelic power.

Sale of Ethos Genetics cannabis seeds, power, taste, production and quality assured.