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A Review of The Wedding Cake Strain Grown By Exotikz

Wedding Cake sounds like something you need to be at a wedding to try. The Wedding Cake weed we’re talking about is a cannabis strain that was cultivated by Blue Dream Inc. (Exotikz) out of Tacoma, WA. This particular weed is a cross between Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, two legendary strains known for potency. I don’t associate either of these flavors with a wedding, but both of them have proven to be great on their own.

Even though Exotikz does not package their cannabis in glass, it’s still classy and flashy. Light reflects off the metallic label, creating a prism effect on it as you browse the store. Even before I opened the ziplock seal, a heavy aroma was present. Hints of sweet vanilla mixed with a deep earth aroma were present in this batch of wedding cake.

White frost covered the flower, and might’ve been mistaken as cake frosting to inexperienced customers. Exotikz’ Wedding Cake, like all of their strains, is considered top shelf cannabis. The precision and care that goes into producing their cannabis shows in every one of their products.

This strain gave me, what I call, a functioning high. The heavy “indica” body high effected me from head to toe. Walking to Safeway seemed to take forever. My pace was slowed, while my mind raced as I walked through the store. The cerebral side of the high was enjoyable and not overwhelming. I felt more conversational than usual as I was navigating the town. The combination of this strain, some awesome sunshine, and an elevated mood got me overwhelmingly excited for a hot summer filled with more high-end cannabis.

Wedding Cake sounds like something you need to be at a wedding to try. Exotikz has changed that with their Wedding Cake weed. Wedding Cake by Exotikz is a hybrid strain is a cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie.


From flower to prerolls, Exotikz is known for their beautiful crystals buds.

Exotikz has been making a splash in cannabis community, but with the collaboration of Berner and The Jungle Boys visions that created this Tier Two facility, how could they not? They have created quite a following as they combine some of the trendiest strains and use a process called pheno hunting to find and create amazing strains. Having a very clean growing method, they allow the plant to run through its full cycle and then a lengthy cure process to ensure the best flavor in their product.

What Our Budtenders Say

Erick: “What I really liked about my experience with Exotikz flower was that it was usually always a super smooth smoke. The Wedding Cake that I had was euphoric, giggly and relaxing and the taste was on point!”

Paul: “I think it’s an awesome company and their vendor days are always pretty cool. The quality of their flower speaks for itself. I had the Purple Punchsicle and was impressed with its complex flavors and great smell!”

Welcoming Exotikz to The Novel Tree!