gage green seeds

Gage green seeds

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Breeders Stash regular

Durban Chitral/Inferno Haze x Mendodawg (2 packs left)

Indoor flowering varied

Amethyst regular
(Mendo Queen x Pakistani Chitral Kush)

Amethyst brings us a new rendition of purple cannabis. Using two modern variations on an old school profile, we have created a cross which blesses the grower with velvet dreams.
The mother is a descendant of the Mendo Purps, a long-held Mendocino strain that derives its origins from Pakistani Chitral purples from the past. It holds a spicy gas flavor with a tangy berry overtone. The Pakistan Chitral Kush is a stud, land race male, with purple pods and stems, which we obtained from Ace Seeds. The structure is bushy and squat.
Expect to see some more variation in structure in this F1 cross. Some seeds may take on the frosty Mendo look, while others may contribute more vigour with a raw land race feel. High yields.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Ascension regular

(Breakout, 3A female x Grape Puff, 3D male)

Ascension will bring you garden happiness and health. In order to ascend, we must develop a holistic mindset of our world. When we consider decisions and thoughts from multiple perspectives, we gain a universal consciousness which is beneficial for our planet. As a species, we must gravitate towards synergy and create sustainable systems.

Both the Breakout, 3A female, and the Grape Puff, 3D male, were selections from our outdoor garden. Both have been bred and raised in a completely probiotic garden, original seed stock from the Joseph stud. We are excited to bring this exciting flavor to the world, with purple trichomes and an endless fruit basket of flavors.

Some phenotypes reek of grape candy while others lean more towards blueberries with a slight skunk spray. Expect large colas with a bit of a stretch. We recommend creating a big bush in vegetative stage before flowering. These plants can feed and love attention from the grower.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Baby Breath regular
(Freedom Baby x Grateful Breath)

Rest the mind with this pleasant harmonization of rose petals and deep caramel aromas. The Baby Breath is filled with soothing cannabinoids and terpenoids which bring meditation and calming of the mind.
The body effects of the Grateful Breath complement the CBD qualities of the Freedom Baby. Defined calyx formations and dense buds are a hallmark of the Grateful Breath. The Freedom Baby mother, a phenotype we called ‘Create’ for her creative attributes, was a high-yielding and frosty selection we made a couple years back.
The Baby Breath brings out the best of both parents. Her vigour and majesty is fully expressed in probiotic environments. The Harlequin lineage brings out exotic flavors and growth characteristics without losing the grease and resin. This is meditation herb.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Blast regular
(Atomic Montage x Mendo Montage)

Experience the combination of two of our favorite flavors. This backcross of the Mendo Montage to Dr. Atomic’s Northern Lights selection makes the fine melon pineapple hash. The Mendo Montage is a combination of two classics: Mendo Purps and the late Jojorizo’s Crystal Locomotive (Trainwreck x Aloha White Widow). Mendo Montage is known to put out pink and purple calyxes with select phenotypes while passing on a dark chocolate flavor with high tones of raspberries and grapes.
Expect a holistic effect that leans more toward the body. The Mendo Montage back crossed will increase the pain relief and relaxation along highlighted by the uplifting and cerebral effects of the Atomic NL. The Blast has good yields with tremendous resin production. We are excited for all the potential flavors that can be discovered through future selections with this cross.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Blessings OG
(Allure OG x Joseph OG)

Fill your life with blessings and joy with our latest hybrid intended to enhance your appreciation for a complex fruity Kush combination that will enhance your medicating experience. The Allure OG, renamed from the Abusive cut, is enlightening and brightening cannabis that helps awaken the mind to new ideas and opportunities. We love the hard sticky buds and potent one-hitters quitters that the Allure OG has to offer . The Joseph OG enhances the resin production and completes the profile with that diesel kush flavor that blends in with the array of citrus flavors within the Allure.
The Blessings OG will display solid OG structure and give patients a new twist on the OG with the Underdawg influence. Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Indoor flowering 7 – 9 Weeks

Blue Dynamic regular
(Blue Dynamite x Joseph)

Blue Dynamic has a high herbal level and plenty of mental stimulation. Very productive and a creative high. The aroma and flavour is a combination of blueberries, cinnamon and fuel.

Indoor flowering 7 to 9 weeks

Blue Flame regular
(Super Blue Dream x Inferno Haze)

Fire up your gardens with this refined mix of the world’s most sought after medicinal genetics. Our desire was to create a haze-based strain line that blends the yield and appeal of the Super Blue Dream with the potency of the Inferno Haze.

The Super Blue Dream has remained in our stables for its great breeding characteristics. This plant produces spears of sugar goodness which will stimulate creativity and energy in users. We enjoy its wider spectrum of sweet aromas, which expands on the unmistakable Blue Dream flavors. Combine that with the peppery fuel smells of the Inferno Haze. In our selections, we came across a perfect potpourri of flavors that connoisseurs will enjoy.

This cross will provide very strong medicinal options for patients who need a well-rounded medicine. The selection will vary from indica dom hybrid to pretty heavy sativa dominant varieties. All of them provide a gentle relaxation as well as stimulation in the mind. Let the Blue Flame shine bright. Vigorous Plant, Easy Yields
Sativa/Indica Hybrid

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 Weeks

Cornerstone regular
(Head wrecker x Joseph)

The Cornerstone exemplifies the finest traits of our beloved skunks and diesels. Our commitment to the pushing the limits of cannabis has led us this potent, mind-lifting diesel that packs the flavor and delivers a new outlook on cannabis.
The Joseph, with a distinct chem and diesel background, lends his outstanding genetics to the heirloom Head wrecker cut. The Head wrecker’s candy diesel smells will penetrate through any obstacles, efficient filters are a must with these champs. Lemons mixed in with sweet diesel and skunky sour smells that cannot be found in other cuts.
Expect a very sturdy plant that loves to bend and branch. The dominant sativa effects have an energetic and uplifting effect, giving users the immediate desire to do something exciting. This is wonderful medicine for fuelling creativity or exercising. These genetics are the Cornerstone to our stable, ensuring a future full of frost and creative minds.

Indoor flowering 9 – 10 weeks

Devotion regular
(Mendo Queen x Salvador)

Frosty with a rich essence and indica dominant selection. Created by crossing Mendo Queen and Salvador – strains with history in Gage Green Seeds garden.

Indoor flowering 8 to 10 weeks

Dream Catcher regular
(Green Ribbon x Joseph)

As the long slender branches of the Dream Catcher reach for the skies, our dreams materialize into reality. The Dream Catcher brings inner vision and fuels creativity.
We choose this name because of the Green Ribbon’s dreamy effects. The Green Ribbon has built its notoriety on its flavourful extracts. In creating the Dream Catcher, our goal was to increase the resin content for concentrates while retaining the magnificent smells and structure of the Green Ribbon.
The Dream Catcher grows big and vigorous. Be sure to train her and watch her thrive. Her high is relaxing and warm.

Indoor flowering 7 to 8 weeks

Foo Fighter regular
(Forum Cookies x Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow)

Herb is beneficial to all and humanity has much to be grateful for. Our communion with this sacred plant gives us the ability to see and perceive beyond this realm.
The Foo Fighter aids humanity in untold ways. The tremendous flavors offer expansion in ways we have never experienced. Papayas and mangoes blend perfectly with the rose petal savour of the Forum Cookies. The flavors of every seed are unlike any other.
Expect to see dense and colourful buds glazed with resin. Plants that take after the Grape Stomper Aloha White Widow will create heavier yields.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Freedom Baby
(Harlequin x Joseph OG)

The Harlequin cut rose to prominence in around 2011 and is still highly regarded till this day. The Harlequin will put your body in a perfectly medicated state while keeping the mind without the usual thought provoking effects of cannabis.
The Freedom Baby produces incredibly sugary buds with high CBD resin production and a thick hash flavor. It is definitely a pleasure to smoke and the non-psychoactive effect will still melt the aches and pains away. The smells of Eastern spices and sweet currant will stimulate mindfulness and internal balance.

Expect CBD dominance in one out of four seeds.

Indoor flowering 7 to 8 weeks

Gawd Dawg regular
(Forum Cookies x Sharon Stone Chem King)

We love herb for its ability to reconnect us to our true source of love. Gawd Dawg is a dedication to the light within all of us.
We combined our Forum Cookies cut with our ‘Sharon Stone Chem King’ male. The Sharon Stone Chem King is a Daybreaker backcross, accented with Mendocino Purple. With Purple, Chemdawg, and OG Kush influences, the SSCK male accentuates the deep and rich aromas from the Forum Cookies. Lavender fuel.
The Gawd Dawg forms rock solid buds covered in sticky, oily resin. Every bud has hints of purple. Expect smells that range from gas to floral to fresh grapes. May the healing run deep.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

Healing Fields
(Cindy La Pew x Freedom Baby)

The Healing Fields is a call to return to the earth. Healing plants which clean the earth should be sowed in every ditch for the purpose of healing the land and its inhabitants. We dedicated this strain to the vision of Rev. Eddy Lepp, who gave his freedom to grow for patients at the Healing Fields, so that others could all see a brighter future.
The mother, our Cindy La Pew is a marinating pineapple skunk that makes you feel light as a feather. The finest tropical aromas we had ever come across. She retained the pineapple and inherited the classic road kill grease of the G13 Skunk. Full of flavor and potency, we paired her up with the Freedom Baby for balance and holistic vibes.
Discover medicinally-minded herb with clear and balanced highs like the Freedom Baby series. Every phenotype increases creativity and mental awareness while pushing out physical pain. The Healing Fields is a fast finisher, full of flavor and vigour Take tokes of naturally grown herb and be blessed with healing energy and love.

Uplifting and relaxing
Vigorous yields

Indoor flowering 7-9 weeks

Lucid Blue regular
(Blue Dream x Grateful Breath)

Let the Lucid Blue take you on new adventures and explorations. This heady, high-flying flower restores our energy. By relaxing and letting the Lucid Blue take over, we heal from stress and tension both physically and mentally. The Lucid Blue takes us to powerful levels relaxation.

The Santa Cruz Blue Dream is in its next phase of evolution. By crossing her to our champion Grateful Breath Solomon male, we took the smooth and cool blue flavor and raised it several notches with kush fuel funk. The frosty and large buds are now frosty, large and rock hard. The energetic high lets creative thoughts fly while keeping the body in a state of bliss and relaxation.

Expect medium to large sized plants and flowers. Give the flowers anywhere from seven to eight weeks or until rock hard and all pistils have receded.

Indoor flowering 7 – 8 weeks

Paragon regular
(Forum Cut x Mendodawg)

We strive to grow Gage aka the finest of natural cannabis. Pristine, living and expansive, our goal is to embody all the exceptional qualities of healing herb in our art and in our seed. An example of such beauty, the Paragon aka the Forum x Mendodawg brings forth illustrious wonders for all to enjoy.

The Paragon brings forth incredibly tight and frosted flowers. The thick layer of frost creates spectrums of spearmint, fruit and cake batter filled with healing potency. Each flower has the potential to express in many ways.

Some flowers stay tight and rock hard while others explode with foxtails. Expect hints of purple on these beautiful flowers. The effects are strong and uplift the mind while releasing the body of tension. The mind expansion sends us to new worlds.

Indoor flowering 8 – 9 weeks

Philosophers Stone regular
(Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze x Mendodawg)

Legends speak of the Philosopher’s Stone as a substance or compound which could turn base metals into precious metals. The Philosopher’s Stone, when used with intention, will bring about a divine transformation.

This inquisitive and thought-provoking cross between the Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze and the Mendodawg Horizons produces flowers imbued with trans formative powers. Perfect for mental explorations and physical activity. The Philosopher’s Stone produces a heady and hazy stone.

The plants are fast-flowering for a typical haze, a quality inherited from the SSSDH mother which finishes indoors in nine weeks days and produces a soaring, lemon haze. Combined with the Mendodawg, expect a range of berry and melon flavors to come along with the lemon-lime.

Indoor 8 – 9 weeks

Rhapsody in Blue regular
(Super Blue Dream x Joseph)

Blues touches the soul. We bring back a new spin on a classic flavor, the Blue Dream. The Super Blue Dream is a combination of the Santa Cruz Blue Dream with a Super Silver Haze male. The Super Blue Dream sparkles and coats the mouth with blueberries and lemon meringue. Take a puff of the Rhapsody in Blue and let the gentle vapours inspire you from within. The Rhapsody in Blue harmonizes haze and diesel and propels us to new realms.

Time Traveler regular
(Day-wrecker x Mendodawg)

What would you do if you could change the path of human history? Let the Time Traveler take you back to the old school days of diesel and gas.

We inherited the Day-wrecker through a kind friend in Los Angeles, California area. A legendary clone that originated in the early 90’s, the Day-wrecker aroma overpowers even the Sour Diesel. This cut is the predecessor to the Sour D and has very similar bud structure and appearance. She doesn’t hold back on the gas. Day-wrecker fills rooms with skunk, chem and diesel terpenes.

We paired the Day-wrecker with the Mendodawg Horizons, a Chemdawg OG-structured male with fruity kush flavor. Together, the fill the body with pine and fruit punch. Every flower is coated with resin and produces incredible new flavors and smells.

Indoor flowering 8 – 9 weeks

(Inferno Haze x Joseph OG)

The legendary Inferno Haze (21.3% THC, 3% CBD) Uno Phenotype has remained relatively quiet until now. This extraordinary cut of the Fire OG Kush and Afghan Haze has shown itself to be one of our strongest medicines. Its unique woody, citrus aroma gives it a unique pine-hash taste a nice bag appeal. Combined with the Joseph OG, we are seeing more OG bud structures with a haze influence.

Expect tremendously vigorous plants with dense spear-shaped colas. We have found phenotypes with foxtail structures as well as large OG bud structures. The Transformer’s unique potency and herbal/spice/diesel flavor will have patients clambering for more. Expect plants to stretch about double its size. Flowering may take up to 11 weeks. Sativa/Indica Hybrid. Vigorous Plant, Potent Medicine

Indoor flowering 9 to 11 Weeks

White Buzz regular
(5K OG x Aloha White Widow Z x Joseph)

Extract the buzz from these honey-glazed buds. White Buzz produces mountains of trichomes for resin connoisseurs. Three champion genetics meet in this cross. Our pungent 5K cut of the OG Kush is one of the most ferocious plants that ever. When the Aloha White Widow hit the 5K, the sap increased. The Z phenotype of the 5K AWW has gorgeous crystal petals oozing sour taffy flavors. As usual, the Joseph packs the fuel and the frost.
This relaxing and soothing herb hits both highs and lows. The flavors invigorates mental processes while facilitating physical release. Let these glorious heads treat your insides with old school flavors and holistic vibes. These honey buds produce herb that we hope you enjoy: a potpourri of candy and tropical smoothie flavors mixed in with our classic original diesel flavor.
Let the White Buzz bring you rejuvenation.

Indoor flowering 8 to 9 weeks

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