gelonade strain

Connected Cannabis Gelonade Strain Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best-Tasting Strains In California

Gelonade is the hottest strain from Connected Cannabis currently burning down shelves and providing those who smoke it with that strong, stoney high we all crave. This fiery strain is a cross of Connected’s much appraised Gelato #41 and Lemon Tree.

Having won first place in Cannabis Cup’s Sativa flower, Gelonade is a relaxing high that settles your in your head and works it’s way down your body as the buzz progresses. Critics and cannasseurs alike rave over its tangy and gassy scent that’s followed with a fruitful citrus, soapy taste. That’s all stuff you can find out for yourself so go out to your local shop and buy the award winning strain. But first, build up the hype within yourself and read below to learn more about Gelonade and what makes it the strain to try so far in 2019.

Gelato #41

Gelato #41 aka “Larry Bird” is a hybrid strain descendant from Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC. Born in the Bay Area this powerhouse gets its name from the dessert-like aroma and fruitiness that usually comes with strains in the Cookie family. The buds of this flower tend to bloom in beautiful dark purple hues highlighted by bright orange and sparkling in a coat of beautiful crystal trichomes. Get relaxed while staying productive and creative throughout the day by smoking on some Gelato #41 from Connected Cannabis.

Lemon Tree

The love child of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, Lemon Tree has a terpene profile similar to strains like Lemon G, Calio, and the Tangies. A sativa-dominant, Lemon Tree is a flavorful bud that has a fruity citrus type smoke. In 2014 this strain won San Francisco and Seattle’s High Times Cup for Best Hybrid. The dark olive green nugs coated in amber hairs and a thick coating of tiny bright white trichomes catch your eye from the shelf. Providing a high that will keep you relaxed and slightly numb, free of any aches and pains.


Gelonade has taken over the weed scene in 2019, the home of designer weed is in their bag with this 2018 winner for Cannabis Cup’s Best Sativa flower. The bag appeal of this product is amazing with green and purple hues you’d expect out of something descendant from Gelato. There’s also an overall tinge to it with a pinkish color flirting with your eyes a bit. The structure leans more to the Gelato side with its denser, tight nugs compared to Lemon Tree which is usually a lighter, more airy nug. As soon as you crack the jar you get a pungent aroma from the Lemon Tree citrus terp background. It’s not until you begin to break down your bud that you get that classic Gelato funk with it’s more skunky notes. Even Pepe Le Pew could find love with an eighth of Gelonade from Connected Cannabis.

Smoking this bud gets better and better every time. It tastes delicious with the lemony punch hitting you on the way in, and the creaminess of from the Gelato on the way out. My favorite aspect about the bud is how smooth it is. A great first hit of the day, wake n’ bake type smoke that doesn’t trigger that initial urge to cough or tickle on the way out. Overall, Gelonade is an amazing strain that is definitely on my favorites and is a go-to recommendation for something special I’d have for friends or family that either are coming to visit or I’m going to see. Now that you’ve read all about the strain no one can stop talking about it’s time to solve that wide-eyed and drooling problem you got going on right now and join in on the conversation!

Gelonade is the hottest strain from Connected Cannabis currently burning down shelves and providing those who smoke it with that stoney high we all crave. ]]>