good places to smoke weed without getting caught

3 Foolproof Tricks For Smoking Weed In Public Without Getting In Trouble

The War on Drugs, which has killed countless individuals and thrown millions more into jail, is coming to a close.

One by one, states understand marijuana is not some nasty drug but can actually help many people relieve stress and pain — but that still does not mean people will be allowed to smoke wherever they want.

In Colorado, smoking weed in public is still banned, as well as possessing more than 1В ounce of THC. In pretty much every state, smoking marijuana in public will lead to a fine. And while a fine is better than going to jail, losing $500 still sucks.

But that does not mean you need to be a good, little citizen and squirrel your pot away. As long as you are careful, there are ways to smoke in public. Here are some hints for smoking in public without running into some overbearing cop.

1. Remember Steinborn’s rule.

A few years ago, Washington defense lawyer Jeffrey Steinborn came up with this one simple rule for a pot smoker:

Only break one law at a time.

At the end of the day, you are committing a violation by smoking pot, and you just have to accept that. You don’t want to make things worse by piling other violations on top of it.

Furthermore, it is often those other violations which attract a cop’s attention. How many scenarios have you heard in which a cop pulls over a car for speeding or broken taillights, only to smell pot and rip the vehicle apart in the search for drugs? That happened all the time before decriminalization and will still happen afterward.

In fact, I would flat-out recommend you not transport pot in your car if you can help it, given it is the easiest place for a cop to stop you; it is much easier for a cop to search your car without a warrant than your home.

If you do decide to transport weed, at least put it in the trunk. Don’t put it in the glove compartment or just throw a bag into the back seat.

Even in places weed is decriminalized, it is still sensitive material. Don’t give cops an easy chance to find it and ruin your day.

2. Don’t look like a pothead.

We all know the stereotypical pot smoker. Heck, you may have met someone just like that (I know I have.) But that stereotype is dangerous for marijuana and marijuana smokers.

As long as the general public perceives pot as this useless drug taken by lazy stoners and bums, efforts to make pot socially acceptable will remain difficult.

Of course, no matter what you look like, there’s no point being blatant about it. Invest in a quality vaporizer and you’ll eliminate that telltale smell altogether.

Those familiar with portable vapes know it’s really difficult finding one that is efficient with dry herb and works as well as a desktop vape. But, there are an increasing amount of options on the market.

Lastly, remember, how you carry yourself in public, in large part, comes down to your nonverbal communication, such as what you wear and how you look.

3. Accept when you’ve been caught, but know your rights.

Sometimes, you are just unlucky. Maybe the wind blew in the wrong direction and a cop picked up a whiff of marijuana. Maybe some cop had to meet his ticket quota and stopped you even when you did nothing wrong. If you are going to smoke marijuana in public, you have to accept you may get caught.

So, be sure to know the exact marijuana laws in your area. In Colorado, there are way too many people who hear, “Pot is legalized,” and assume they can smoke whenever they want and however much they want. That is not true, and you need to know the laws so you can get out of trouble.

If you do get stopped, be polite and comply with any direct orders a cop gives you, even if you have reason to believe the order is illegal. There is a good chance you can get any illegal order thrown out in court.

Finally, never give up evidence on your own volition. If you have reason to believe you could be in more legal trouble than a mere fine, then shut your mouth and don’t speak until you get an attorney.

The War on Drugs, which has killed countless individuals and thrown millions more into jail, is coming to a close. One by one, states understand marijuana is not some nasty drug but can actually help many people relieve stress and pain — but that…

Where to Smoke Weed – The Best Places to Get Medicated

If you live in a country that has strict cannabis laws, you become incredibly creative when it comes to finding best places to smoke weed without being caught.

In most countries where marijuana is illegal, you may face some serious legal consequences for simply possessing the weed. Sentences vary between different countries, from fines and relatively short jail time (with an option to suspend the execution of the sentence) to capital punishment. That being said, you don’t want to get caught with weed for the sake of your own safety.

Fortunately, most of the time, you’ll be able to smoke weed unnoticed even if you do it in public places. All you need to do is find the perfect spot for enjoying the herb, do it discreetly, and above all, avoid getting caught by the cops if you think they may approach you.

What is the best place to smoke weed in public? How to find a good place to smoke marijuana outside your home? What are the best countries to enjoy weed legally? Fasten your seatbelts, please, as we’re going to leave no stone unturned in finding the exact answer for each of these questions.

Where to Smoke Weed Without Getting Caught?

Truth to be said, there’s one place to smoke weed where you most likely won’t get caught by anyone.

Smoke Cannabis at Home

If you don’t live with your parents anymore, who cares if you light one up from time to time? After all, your home is your castle, and nobody should disturb your peace there.

When smoking weed at home, keep in mind that it’s best to do it on the balcony so that the smoke doesn’t go through the installation (this applies only to people who live in a flat or apartment with other neighbors in the block.) Otherwise, your neighbors may feel the pungent smell of marijuana. As far as neighbors are concerned, it’s one thing if they don’t have anything against someone smoking pot in the condo, but god forbid one of them has been fooled by the reefer madness – such people are particularly annoying and may even sell you out to cops. Having your house raided by the police is anything but pleasant; in fact, for some people, it may be a traumatic experience, so if you’re a regular smoker, it might be a good idea to take a walk to a discreet place to prevent dark scenarios from happening.

However, if you decide to smoke weed at home, be prepared to ensure yourself enough safety in order not to feel anxious in your own house. That being said, we suggest you purchase a smell-proof weed container that will keep the pungent aroma of weed sealed inside. Aerating your room each time you’re done smoking will come in handy, too, and if you can use the courtesy of having the AC at your place, it’s all the better.

Last but not least, you might want to consider switching from smoking to vaping weed. Vaporizers are low-profile devices that prove invaluable for discreet smoking, both at home and in public places.

Alas, some people still live with their parents or roommates who don’t share their enthusiasm about marijuana, and thus, they rarely have the opportunity to smoke at home. Fear not, as there are still plenty of places to smoke weed in public.

Read on to find your perfect spot.

Where to Smoke Weed Outside?

Unless you’re lighting up in the middle of a crowded street, you can easily get away with smoking weed. In fact, the majority of people are either positive about marijuana, or they simply don’t give a damn if someone sparks a doobie. Given this, if you don’t indulge yourself in weed in an insolent way – and by insolent way I mean smoking near children – you’re going to be all good.

Nevertheless, there are some particularly good places to smoke weed outside, and below you’ll find the list of best spots to light up on-the-go.

Smoke In a Park

Simply take a walk in a park and find a low-profile spot to smoke your weed. Not only will it be a good way to start the day by having some physical activity, but you’ll hardly get noticed by anyone if you have the control over the surroundings. Besides, a joint tastes better when smoked in the bounty of nature, so why not give yourself some double green pleasure?

However, when you’re in a park with weed, don’t act as if you just carried a bag of coke, because it may raise suspicions. Just be yourself and when lighting up, take a look over the space around you. Got the green light? Smoke one, dispose of the roach, and return home – simple as that.

Go to a Concert

Although concerts and festivals are supposed to be cannabis-free, there’s no better place to smoke weed in public. If you have some pre-rolled stuff with you, conceal it in a place where the regular control at the gates won’t search for weed. That is, if you come to the concert alone. If on the other hand, you and your boo have a concert date, she can always hide the stash in her bra. Once you make it close to the stage, all you have to worry about is that someone didn’t ask you to share your blunt if they feel this seducing smell in the air.

Do It on the Countryside…

Ready for the ultimate serenity far away from the overwhelming noise and other people? Pack your bags, grab your best strains, and leave the town. Maybe there’s a nice holiday retreat not so far from the city, or you have your own summerhouse where you like to cherish the peace? Just go there!

Countrysides are far less crowded than larger agglomerations, so it goes without saying that it’s safer to smoke weed there. People believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but as far as I’m concerned, calm is the new beauty. Last but not least, you don’t need to have eyes all around your head when there are few if any people around – less stress, more joy, that’s how I like it.

… Or at the Beach

Beaches go by the same token as countrysides do. And while it may not be the smartest idea to light up in the middle of the summer when beaches are crowded with families, doing so in the evening might get you some of the best weed moments in your entire life. When the beach is not stuffed with people, take your cozy blanket, get yourself some warm clothes, and listen to the calming sound of the waving sea while puffing thick clouds of smoke. You’ll love it!

Apartment Rooftops? Count me in!

Now, if you’re living with your parents yet you can access the apartment rooftops, you may still consider yourself lucky. One of the greatest advantages of lighting up on a rooftop is that the smoke will go right up the sky, without passing through your neighbors’ windows. So even if they are against weed, you don’t need to go to a park each time you want to revel in your goodies. Better yet, should someone notice you from the street, you have enough time to destroy any evidence and leave the rooftop.

Weed Rallies and Events

Anytime you find yourself on a weed rally or marijuana-related event, feel free to smoke. Such events are usually held in weed-friendly countries where cannabis has been, at least, decriminalized, so no one will even think of searching your pockets for weed in such places.

Smoking blunts with other stoners on a large stoner party – a true stonerception.

Get High on a Boat

Looking for a good place to smoke weed outside? If you’re on holiday, chances are that there will be a boat rental somewhere around your place. A boat is one of the most epic places to smoke weed, so if you haven’t done it yet, it’s high time you grew a pair of green balls and do it. Smoking marijuana when a boat is floating on the water makes the whole experience even more soothing.

Best Places to Smoke Weed Legally

Planning a trip as a stoner entails crossing out all weed-hostile countries, unless you don’t mind taking a tolerance break for a week. When on your way to make vacation plans, include these destinations in your list if you want to spend an awesome cannabis week off.

USA: Colorado, California, And Washington

Believe it or not, but it’s been over 5 years since weed has been legal in Colorado. Yes, recreational use of merry jane has been a part of the social life in Colorado since 2012. It’s hands down one of the best and safest places to smoke weed. As long as you’re 21 years or older, you can fully participate in the US cannabis culture in the state. More interestingly, if you’re a Colorado resident, you can possess up to an ounce of weed.

As for California, let’s face it; this state has always been one of the largest weed capitals in the world. Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, and even the Beatles were smoking the herb in California. Now, after the weed is legal here, you can walk down the streets of LA with a blunt in your hand without worrying about getting caught by an officer who’s just had a bad day and spotted a serious drug offender with a plant.

Washington may not be the most popular destination for tourists, but it’s a completely safe place to smoke weed legally. According to the Initiative 502, all Americans (and tourists) are allowed to smoke marijuana in Washington. Plus, one of the largest cannabis parties in the USA, the Hemp Fest, takes place in Seattle


Netherlands is a role model for every country that tries to legalize cannabis. Also known as the green lungs of Western Europe, Amsterdam is one of the safest places in the world to smoke weed. If a police patrol drives by, all they’re going to do is smile at you and let you roll one in peace, as long as you don’t do it near schools or churches. Interestingly, although you’re not permitted to smoke weed in public, most people will tolerate it. Besides, you’ll find the top-notch quality weed in Netherlands, and the abundance of strains you can select from is truly outstanding.

Czech Republic

Since the decriminalization of weed in Czech Republic, its capital city, Prague, smells with the pungent aroma of cannabis. You can have up to 5 grams for possession and grow as much as 5 plants at home, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. In addition, Czech Republic offers some of the most wonderful surroundings in the south-eastern Europe, not to mention that some of the best cannabis and hemp fests on the continent take place in this country. Although selling weed is still illegal and you won’t find a single coffeeshop there, you may expect so-called mobile cannabis clubs which are low-profile and change their location quite often to avoid being caught red handed. These cannabis clubs offer good quality weed, contrary to street dealers who usually sell crap to tourists.


You wouldn’t normally expect a southern american country to be one of the first states jumping aboard the marijuana legalization ship, would you? Well, Uruguay is the second pioneer country to build a reasonable legal framework regarding hemp and cannabis. Since 2013, citizens of Uruguay, as well as visitors, can freely smoke the herb at an unbelievably low price, namely $2.50 a gram. Looking for an exotic holiday destination with beautiful and safe places to smoke weed? Uruguay is the answer.

How to Smoke Weed Without Getting Caught

As it is said, you’re better safe than sorry. With that in mind, I’ve gathered a couple smart tips for smoking weed in public places without getting caught:

Act naturally. Seriously, the more you try to hide, the less you succeed. That said, act all natural, as if you were smoking a cigarette. Just be sure not to blow smoke in people’s faces.

Smoke among cigarettes smokers. People who smoke cigarettes don’t care about smoke in general, so given that their sense of smell is less sensitive due to their ‘habits’, you’ll be safer lighting up among other smokers.

Don’t smoke in a car. This is the most dumb thing you can do to yourself. Cars have limited space and if you smoke inside your vehicle, it will be damn hard to get rid of the characteristic smell of your buds. On top of that, there’s nowhere to hide or throw away your stash, so if cops pull over for a check, you’re going to have a hard time explaining yourself.

Chew a gum. Not only are chewing gums lifesavers when it comes to dealing with cottonmouth, but they also reduce any after smell that can come out of your mouth when you talk to people.

Use a vaporizer. A portable vape pen is wonderful for outdoor weed sessions. These devices are stealthy and the aroma they produce doesn’t hit as hard as when smoking cannabis. The only problem is that you can’t dispose of a vaporizer if the situation gets dangerous. I mean, you can, but it will be your most expensive safe card ever.

Don’t smoke near schools, playgrounds, churches, or institutions of public trust. Such areas are usually navigated by police patrols, so there’s a higher risk you’ll get caught smoking weed. Believe me, it will be well worth walking a couple of steps away and not raise suspicions.

The Final Note

To conclude, let’s say that finding a good place to smoke weed when you live in a weed-hostile country doesn’t take much effort. First of all, you can smoke in the comfort of your home, as long as you don’t live with your parents or any roommates anymore. If privacy is the thing you can’t afford, there are plenty of places to smoke weed outside. It may be a park, a concert, a countryside, or an apartment rooftop. Simply look around your neighborhood and see if there are any low profile, weed-friendly spots nearby.

Wherever you choose to light up, always keep in mind that it’s best to act normally while taking all necessary safety measures so that you don’t get caught with your stash. Finally, the world is big enough for cannabis-friendly countries, too, so if you’re planning a trip abroad, consider the aforementioned countries in your list of places to visit – it will be a hell of weed holidays!

Do you have any favorite places where you can smoke weed without getting caught? Share your stories with me!

Where to Smoke Weed – The Best Places to Get Medicated If you live in a country that has strict cannabis laws, you become incredibly creative when it comes to finding best places to smoke weed