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Hindu Kush


Grow or smoke Hindu Kush and you’re participating in a piece of cannabis heritage since this weed is based on the strains smoked since pre-history. A western spur of the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush is the range of mountains that runs through central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. This Indica strain forms part of the genetic package of many modern award-winning skunk-style weeds.

Hindu Kush has an almost hashlike smell and taste when you smoke it, hardly surprising since Afghani hash is extracted from this plant. The flavor also has earthy, sweet tones with a hint of spice. The high is mentally relaxing with a fairly heavy body stone. It’s a great evening smoke if you want to chill out, listen to music or watch a movie. In medical use, it can help with stress, muscular pain and insomnia.

Hindu Kush seeds produce bushy plants of shortish height, about 100 to 120 centimetres, with dark green, palmate leaves on thick stems. The buds are on the large side and become sticky with resin as they develop. THC content ranges from 15 to a powerful 20 percent.

Indoors, Hindu Kush weed grows well with the SOG method and you can expect yields of up to 400 grams per square metre. Flowering time is seven to nine weeks.

With its mountain origin, the plants are quite robust so you can grow it outdoors. As with all marijuana plants, the more sunshine it gets, the better it will do. Harvest time after a late spring planting is around the end of September.

Hindu Kush is a good all-rounder that you can grow indoors or outdoors. Its typically Indica hit is ideal for relaxing and if you like smoking hash, you’ll enjoy the taste of this weed.

Hindu Kush is a big part of marijuana history. As part of the genetics of many award winners, pick Hindu Kush seeds for a potent and hardy Indica strain.

Hindu Kush


Introduction: Hindu Kush Feminized is a short and stacked full blooded indica that is extremely potent, and not for the light hearted. A very easy to grow strain with THC levels reaching upto 20%. She has bold, earthy musky flavors with a serious pungency flowering in just 9 weeks making her a fast flowering cultivar.

Genetics: After backcrossing the original landrace seeds that were brought back from the Hindu Kush mountains to Holland, we created a lineage that expresses the best of this heavyweight indica landrace. A super sturdy and reliable strain that performs incredible well in all climates.

Strain Characteristics: She likes to stay low with short internodal spacing, with thick branching and dark green, waxy fan leaves. Hindu Kush Feminized will grow one main central cola, surrounded by short side branches that become full with fat dense buds. Thanks to her uniform and homogeneous nature, she is incredibly well suited for Sea of Green, where she is capable of yielding 400 -450 g/m² of rock hard buds in 9 weeks.

When flowering begins, this girl won’t grow much taller and will finish at a medium height, showcasing a stocky and compact profile. She is very easy to grow, requiring little maintenance making her a great choice for those new to growing Cannabis. Her aroma is a classic pungent, musky Kush that is highly aromatic with a mild spice. THC levels can hit the 20% level, making Hindu Kush Feminized best suited for those with a high tolerance to knock out indica effects.

Experiencing this strain: If you enjoy strains that lay you out in no time, then look no further than Hindu Kush Feminized. It will not take long before this full blooded indica has her grip on you, making her a favourite amongst medical patients looking for therapeutic relief. Her effects are powerful and will cause a heaviness to run through your entire body, slowly depleting you of any motivation and zapping your energy. Best suited for night times, or professional smokers only.

Her flavours can be described as musty, dank, earthy and sweet hash. A very refined taste that coats the mouth and will have you licking your lips after every pull of a joint. Medical patients may find this strain useful for treating muscle spasms, back pain, joint pain, inflammation, reducing anxiety levels, treating insomnia and any other therapeutic use.

What makes this strain so great: Experience this high vibration land race from the Himalayas, and let her take you over with her extreme potency. Ideal for small spaces, Sea of Green and medical patients across the world.

Hindu Kush Описание Introduction: Hindu Kush Feminized is a short and stacked full blooded indica that is extremely potent, and not for the light hearted. A very easy to grow strain with THC