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6 Unconventional Items to Use as Cannabis Smoking Devices

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If you’ve ever gone to smoke some dry cannabis flower and realized you’re out of papers or your pipe needs to be boiled, it can be quite frustrating. Rather than panic, there are alternative options so that you can still use your cannabis effectively. We’ve compiled a list of 6 unconventional items you can use as cannabis smoking devices in case you ever get into a pinch.

Try These DIY Cannabis Smoking Devices

Things get lost. Favorite pieces get broken. A backup isn’t always available. Try these DIY cannabis smoking devices when you’re in a pinch and need to medicate.

Potato Chip Canister

You might scratch your head at this one – a potato chip canister? Yes, it does work because you are able to cut out a hole to place a bong stem in. You can also create a “bowl” out of aluminum foil and a straw. You’ll just have to duct tape the two together.

Start by using a smaller, snack size canister. Cut a small hole in the side, near the bottom. Place duct tape around the hole to reinforce it and then make a hole in the tape. Next, take your bong stem or handmade “bowl” and insert that into the hole. Secure with more duct tape if needed.

Note: If you’re making a homemade “bowl” make sure to test it first to make sure that you can pull air through it before attaching it to the canister.

Next, load the bowl portion with dry flower and enjoy. If the opening of the container is too big for you, use the lid and cut a small hole in it for you to inhale the cannabis smoke.

The Apple Hitter

How many cannabis smoking devices have you made from apples in your days of cannabis use?

Apples are sturdy but after you smoke, you can have it as a snack. For this method, you’ll need a firm apple like Granny Smith or Braeburn. A metal pen or bong stem is also needed.

Core out the apple half way down at an angle from the outside of the fruit. Use the metal pen to make a tunnel to the cored out portion. Remove the flesh from the pen stem and use that as a one-hitter or insert the bong stem. The bong stem should be inserted at an angle so it meets the tunnel but does not go past it.

The idea here is to give you room between your face and the bong stem, so you can also use a straw on the inhalation side to give you a little more room. Test the apple to make sure you are able to pull air from one side to the other. If all is well, load your pen or bong stem and enjoy. You can also make a “bowl” using the method mentioned above with a straw and aluminum foil.

What happens if you don’t have aluminum foil or a bong stem available. Don’t panic – there’s another option with the apple hitter.

Another option for this is simply coring out some of the top, making a tunnel and then making another tunnel on the side of the apple. This will work just fine. Just don’t grind up your dry flower, leave it in a larger piece so it doesn’t fall through the hole.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Taffy Candy Bowl

How about another bowl that you can eat when you’re done with it? You’ll need five to seven pieces of taffy candy squares. Stack two or three for the bowl portion and attach the others in a line to create your pipe. Use a hollow pen casing that is clean to make a hole to the bowl portion. Use that same pen casing to make a hole down to the main line. You may need to repeat these steps a couple of times in order to connect the two holes without cutting the other off.

Now, for the filling area, use that hollow pen or a spoon to widen out the hole. Grab a small piece of aluminum foil to keep the cannabis out of the candy. Use a pin to poke several holes in the bottom of the aluminum foil to allow the cannabis smoke to get through.

Keep in mind that the taffy candy will melt, so you want to use this as a temporary option and take small hits.

Once you are done using the candy piece, remove the aluminum foil and enjoy the candy.

The Soda Can Quickie

Soda cans are pretty easy to get your hands on in a pinch. You can use a tall or regular sized can for this quickie project. All you’ll need is a soda can and a pin. Make a dent in the soda can, but don’t completely crush it. Make one area semi-flat and poke holes with a pin. You’ll want the holes to be in a circle so that you can place your cannabis flower there.

Remove the tab from the can. Load your ground cannabis and inhale through the opening. The can will get hot fast, so go for smaller hits.

You could also save yourself some time and find a glass or ceramic soda can shaped pipe. These cannabis smoking devices stick out like a sore thumb and are pretty hard to misplace.

A Water Bottle Bong

Water bottles and soda bottles are easy to make into a quick water bong. You’ll need an extra cap. You’ll also need the shell of a pen, a bit of foil, a straw and either electrical or duct tape.

Make sure to rinse the bottle first. Cut a small hole in one side about 1/3 of the way down from the top of the bottle. Make sure you’re able to insert the straw at an angle as this will be your inhalation device. Tape the straw into place.

For the bowl and stem, use the pen stem as your stem. The first cap, cut a hole in it big enough for the pen shell to fit through. Use tape to secure if needed. Next, turn the other cap upside down and cut another hole so that the pen shell can just meet the hole. Tape it into place. Use aluminum foil on the exterior and interior of the cap. Cover the entire bottom and use a pin to poke a few holes for the cannabis smoke to go through. You’ll need the foil over the entire portion of the top cap since this will be where the heat will be applied.

Add water, load and hit. Remember not to screw on the cap, this is meant to be left untightened so that you can easily remove it to inhale the vapor.

Discreet Exhale Device

If you need to be discreet without much odor wafting through the house, we have an option for you. All you need is a water or soda bottle, a rubber band and about five dryer sheets. This is one of the easiest cannabis smoking devices to make. Simply cut the big end off of the water bottle and stuff it with four of the dryer sheets. Take the fifth dryer sheet and fold it in half. Then, use the rubber bands to fit it over the entire end of the bottle.

When you’re ready to exhale, do so into the bottle and all that will be smelled is fresh laundry.

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Closing Thoughts

There may come a time when you’re ready to medicate and your pipe is clogged, your bong is cracked or you just can’t find what you’re looking for. We’ve provided a few options for you to make temporary cannabis smoking devices. Some of these options can be used more than once and two can be eaten after use.

There may come a time when your trusty cannabis smoking device is lost, clogged or broken. Make temporary cannabis smoking devices from these items.