houseplant seeds for sale

Houseplant seeds for sale

Hypoestes ( Polka Dot ) plants make wonderful houseplants. Please check out our selections on the Hypoestes page.

Seeds need a cold, moist period followed by a warm, moist period, followed by a second cold, moist period. Seeds germinate after alternating cold moist, warm moist, cold moist stratification. Start by cold stratifying for 60-90 days, then storing seeds in a warm, moist area ( about 80 degrees ) for 30 days, followed by another 60 days of cold stratification. Another method is to sow seeds outdoors and allow 2 years for germination.

Wonderful, long-flowering choice for containers.
are eye-catching color, popsicle orange. It’s finally here! We have all waited too long for a Calibrachoa we could start from seed, instead of paying those high prices for plants (and being dependent on whatever colors and varieties happened to be available)! Now there is Kabloom, the first-ever series that grows from seed.
Crazy-floriferous, heat-resistant plants joyously cascade from containers or baskets. Long-flowering blooms on 12-14″ plants bring on a chromatic commotion in the sun-splashed border. Splendid in the company of other annuals in mixed combinations.

Multi-seed pellets, each pellet contains several seeds.

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