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Only the one seed actually got to final…

Only the one seed actually got to final product and am I pretty damn good grower and nobody’s gotten back to me on what can be done about this period a very disappointed

Fast delivery

Fast delivery, 100% germination so far!!

Good product and good prices.

I ordered one thing got another instead…

I ordered one thing got another instead ! My seeds were auto flowering .

Just a great place to do business.

A+ all around

Good products, fast shipping, and discreet packaging- got exactly what I ordered with no issues. Product is doing great.

Awesome service all around

Awesome service all around. I had no issues from start to finish. Thanks again.

Very disappointed in the quality of the…

Very disappointed in the quality of the seeds. I ordered 5 and only 2 were good. I started them all the same.

Great experience

Great experience. Good reliable product with quick to reasonable delivery time.

Borderlining false advertisement

I paid for express 5 day shipping and it took well over 5 days just for my order to go through. If that is going to be the case, you guys need to emphasize the fact that processing alone will take 5+ days. Otherwise a 5 day shipping promise is borderline false advertising and having people pay extra to get their items within a certain deadline just to find out it will be at least double the time advertised is capitalism at its finest. Telling the customer what sounds better rather than what’s true.

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Lowryder was a good choice for my first grow. The plants rebounded from my rookie mistakes to produce an average yield. Very resilient and took well to LST. I ended up w/ a lot of smaller, airy popcorn buds. I’m certain this is mainly due to blunders and also probably not using enough nutrients. Would like to try to grow this strain again and really dial everything in to see if I can achieve that dense nuggetry I’m looking for. Would recommend this strain for beginners.

Reports of Lowryder say the THC level is between 12-20%.

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