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Organic Glycerin Is The Secret For Colder-Than-Ice Hits

Commonly found in food and sweeteners, glycerin is a non-toxic fatty gel that freezes quicker than water and stays frozen longer. Glycerin doesn’t expand and contract like water does so there’s no added pressure on the glass.

The Problem With Putting Ice In Your Bong

Death, taxes, and ice cubes melting in your bong will screw up how it functions. Whether this was Benjamin Franklin’s exact quote has yet to be confirmed. But what has been confirmed is melting ice cubes raises water levels in the bong’s base. This increase in water ruins the performance of the piece, making it harder to hit and overall causing a huge pain in the ass.

A Couple Ice Cubes Just Doesn’t Cut It

Only a small percentage of your smoke physically interacts with ice cubes. And the bigger issue is how short this interaction really is, which is about as long as it takes you to inhale.

Our glycerin chambers are designed to improve how much and how long your smoke is chilled for. Upon entering an icy glycerin chamber smoke is run through a series of loops which extends the amount of time it’s chilled for. This prolonged journey is so effective it reduces the smoke’s temperature by 300 degrees!

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