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How to Market Marijuana to Millennials

When we hear about the millennial generation, it is often in the form of a complaint. Over the past decade or so, millennials have been blamed for “killing” everything from fast-casual restaurant chains to the diamond industry. When it comes to weed.

Top 6 Sativa Strains to Try Right Now

With so many cannabis strains on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one to buy at the dispensary. We love a good sativa strain to help energize us when we want to hit the trail or have a productive day. We’re going to give you the best 6.

Cannabis Promotions: How to Successfully Discount Your Product

No matter what state a cannabis dispensary operates in, competition is growing faster than the buds on the plants themselves. Whether you operate in California, Oklahoma, Colorado or any other legal weed state, it can be hard to make a cannabis shop .

Cannabis Labels 101: How to Read What’s in Your Weed

Whether you live in California or Connecticut, cannabis sellers have been using strain names to describe their bud for decades. Now, as America continues to dive headfirst into cannabis legalization, those strain names have taken on a new life in bol.

indio Dispensary Reviews

Your melbox is full Tranna order

Thanks guys for making my vacation a one stop shop! You guys are AWESOME! Whoo Hoo!

Josh could not have been more helpful, and everyone was very courteous. This is the future of retail cannabis. Clean, well kept, and a FULL inventory. Have hopefully found my last weed store! Thank you, Guys!!

Such awesome vibes with even awesomer meds

Friendly, knowledgeable people. Love the selection and I’ve never had to wait to be helped. They get you in and get you out super fast

Friendly, safe and a chill atmosphere. My bud tender was a great help. I am a recreational user, so I can’t comment on the med quality. Good deals on bud. Plus, coffee!

This is the best dispensary in the area! Quality top shelf product, friendly staff, and a great location!

What’s not to like? Great selection, wonderful service, clean and spacious, AND A DRIVE-THROUGH!! Quality top to bottom.

I’m from Seattle and know quality and good service when I see it. I was pleasantly surprised to find PRC! Highly recommended!

This place is insanely fast. 25 minutes and I got some high quality meds for a lot cheaper than my last spot. A+

Oasis In The Desert This is my favorite place in the desert by far. Picked up some of the Kens Grandaddy Purple today and this stuff is just right on. it smells great looks great and works like a champ. Picked up some strawberry ice cream that is really good as well. I have to say Desert organic is the most professionally run place I have been to out here in the desert and they have the best buds around. If you haven’t been there yet I suggest checking them out.

Find indio, CA dispensaries, marijuana delivery services, and mmj doctors to get your medical card and buy cannabis legally .

West Coast Cannabis Club– A Cannabis Dispensary Covering Indio California

At West Coast Cannabis Club (WCCC), we pride ourselves in offering our customers high quality marijuana products at prices that add up. As a licensed pot delivery service, you are just a telephone call away from having a WCCC friendly staff member at your service in the Indio and surrounding Palm Springs desert areas!

Informed Staff

Our crew will help you with an in depth product knowledge combined with above board industry compliance. We don’t just offer you marijuana, we make certain that what you choose fits your needs and your lifestyle.

Organic & Pesticide Free Pot

All of our growers are knowledgeable farmers– many with degrees in agricultural sciences from some of America’s top colleges. Applying best practices, our farming standards and all natural nutrients set us apart from most localized dispensaries.

The point is, when you get your Marijuana products from WCCC, you’re buying the best.

West Coast Cannabis Club– A Cannabis Dispensary Covering Indio California At West Coast Cannabis Club (WCCC), we pride ourselves in offering our customers high quality marijuana products at