indoor light reflectors


Air-Cooled Reflectors

By having an intake and exhaust port on each end for easy airflow access, Air Cooled reflectors actively dissipate heat out and away from the bulb and your enclosed grow area. Chose from 6″ or 8″ ductwork sizes.

Non-Cooled Reflectors

Non-Cooled Reflectors let any heat created by the bulb radiate out passively into the surrounding area, possibly raising the temperature of your grow area. Best used with grow rooms that are temperature controlled, not air cooled.

Built-in Ballast Reflectors

Some light reflectors have the built in ballast included right in the hood for an all-in-one package so you can get started quickly and consolidated. Best used in well-cooled grow areas as these units tend to get very warm.

Double-Ended Lamp Reflectors

Designed for double ended bulbs, a Double-Ended Lamp Reflector will provide your longer lasting DE HPS bulbs with plenty of reflectivity. These come in many variations from open wing designs to air-cooled and built-in ballast models as well.

Wing Reflectors

Wing reflectors are adjustable open designed wings that help you conform the light’s footprint to the grow area size desired.

Parabolic Reflectors

These parabolic reflectors are round or conical reflectors that are shaped to provide a uniform circular footprint. Great for small to modest sized grow areas that can optimize the space better.

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Reflectors for Grow Lights; Indoor Cannabis

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The search for reflectors for grow lights can be confusing as there are many different kinds and sizes; some are refrigerated, large, small, with wings etc. In this article we’re going to explain the advantages and disadvantages of using reflectors in your indoor cannabis grow, some of the most famous reflectors on the market, to help you make a choice on which one suits your grow the best.

Reflector with light socket:

This is the standard reflector that comes with any grow kit. Honestly, this is a really decent starter reflector and many people keep it and still use it. You can use this for a 1m x 1m grow area and a 600W bulb. The inconvenient part about this reflector is that it reflects light in the same shape that it’s in, in a sort of arch. This means that your plants get differing amounts of light from different directions. The plants in the middle will be much shorter, whereas the plants around the edge will be taller, making for an unbalanced crop.

Cooltube reflector:

These kinds of reflectors are simple and practical. They’re basically a glass tube that you need to place around the bulb, which is where the extraction air passes through and removes any excess heat being thrown out by the bulb. This reflector is perfect if you can’t afford a higher reflection capacity but you still need to cool down your grow room or grow tent. It comes installed in a stucco or smooth reflector of your choice. When using refrigerated reflectors, you’ll need to use a good metallic adhesive tape so that it doesn’t come undone every now and then due to the heat which could end up in the smell getting out, or the refrigeration system failing. You can also get some couplers that are used to attach it to the adjust-a-wings.

Azerwings reflector:

This reflector is brought to us by Prima Klima, and it is amazing at spreading the light around your grow. They have large wings that open or close more depending on the wattage of the bulb you’re using. They’re reinforced at the top so that they can keep their perfect shape and so that the light socket doesn’t end up inclining the bulb due to its weight. It reflects around 86% of the light, making the absolute most of it.

Adjust-A-Wings reflector:

This is probably the most used reflector among experienced growers. It’s shaped like a pair of wings and has a couple of sensors that open the wings or close them depending on the wattage of your bulb. With a 400W bulb, you’ll need to close it for it to reach 1x1m properly, and with a 600W system it’ll need to be open so it can reach a 1.2×1.2m space. Thanks to the shape of the reflector, the light is constantly pointing downwards so your plants should all get the same amount of light, making for a much more balanced grow.

Professional Adjust-A-Wings:

This reflector has the same characteristics as the previous one, although it has been treated so that it reflects up to 95% of the light that reaches it, making it much more efficient than many reflectors. You’ll be able to get the most out of your light and power, as well as a perfectly balanced grow. It’s also available in two sizes, the medium size which is the same as the normal adjust-a-wings, and a large one which you can attach two 600W lightbulbs to, easily covering a 1.5×1.5m grow tent. It will spread the most light possible and make sure that your plants give you the biggest yield possible in a small space. This reflector is top quality and one of the best reflectors on the market. It comes with a spread, an aluminum strip that is designed to absorb the heat that the bulb or bulbs let off, allowing you to move the reflector a bit closer to your plants, making for a larger yield.

Spudnik Reflector:

These reflectors are refrigerated by using air, and they are ideal for grow rooms with a lot of grow lights that let off a lot of heat. Spudnik reflectors work rather easily; connect your air extraction system to your reflector by using tubes and the air that passes through the extraction will get rid of most of the heat that the bulb is emitting. They’re easy to line up and connect, meaning you can have 4 or 5 in a row without any issues. You’ll manage to lower the temperature in your grow room with these kinds of reflectors. They’re not the same as cooltubes, however, as the Spudnik has a layer of aluminum on the inside that reflects light straight down, similar to the winged reflectors, so apart from keeping your tent cool, the light is reflected almost perfectly towards your plants. It also has an air chamber between the external part and the reflective part, making it so that the outside of it can’t heat up and therefore heat your grow up even more. Available in various sizes to adapt to your grow’s extraction method.

OG Kush Reflector:

This reflector is refrigerated in the same way as the previous one, although the bulb in this reflector goes in a vertical position. The inside of it has a kind of diamond shape, which concentrates the light downwards, shining on up to 1x1m with the maximum concentration of light possible and hardly any heat. There are different sized holes through which you can connect your extraction pipe, 150mm and 200mm. Its shape makes for a nice air flow inside the reflector that gets rid of the heat. It’s easy to clean, no need to take it apart as it can open from the bottom through a series of clips which makes it easy to give the glass a wipe every now and then.

Hopefully this information has made it easier for your to pick which reflector suits your grow perfectly. Happy growing!

Author: Javier Chinesta
Translation: Ciara Murphy

Find the perfect reflectors for grow lights; indoor cannabis grows need specific parameters in as far as light and heat. Read on to find out more!