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Growers Choice Seeds Reviews – Should They Be Your First Choice?

Introduction to Growers Choice:

Grower’s Choice Seeds is a Barcelona-based cannabis seed company that prides themselves on customer satisfaction and great deals any time of the year. Self-proclamation, and many positive customer reviews label this seed bank as one that will add value to your cannabis consumption and help you out at every stage of the process, from buying the right seeds to helping them grow long after the initial transactions have taken place. In this Growers Choice Seeds review we’ll cover everything from history, seed quality, types of seeds offered, customer service, and much much more!

The seeds from Grower’s Choice are all feminized and are shipped in glass containers to ensure their safety. They include step-by-step germination guides, and if less than 90% of your seeds don’t germinate, they will rapidly replace the duds. Each strain on the site has full descriptions of everything you need to know about growing them, as well as everything about the effects of the strain so you don’t grow any surprises.

Prices are comparable, and their dedication to help beginners out is something that stands out the most against other seed banks. With locations in the U.S. and Canada, shipment times state-side are much quicker than with most overseas seed banks.

Growers Choice Seeds History:

Since starting their business in Spain more than 20 years ago, Grower’s Choice has grown pretty rapidly and now has branches in the U.S. and Canada. Many large-scale growers in the Western United States utilize Grower’s Choice, but that certainly isn’t to say they don’t cater to the little man, either. Since the company’s germination, they have prided themselves on the fact that pleasing their customers is the best way to retain a positive reputation and longevity, and most accounts online give them kudos for their products and support.

Growers Choice Reputation:

Their reputation for customer service is what they credit the business’ growth to, and based on personal experience, it certainly makes sense, however there are more negative reviews for this seed bank than with most online.

In the scam-laden world of internet purchasing, no parts of the Grower’s Choice ordering process seem to be shady or leave users wishing for more help, and with real-life human beings available to talk to about any issues regarding purchasing, shipping, growing, etc., it’s no surprise that many customers come back for more. However, judging by a fair amount of interned feedback, not everyone has been as successful at reaching the customer service department.

Here is a chart from review service It should be noted that most people are a lot quicker to post a review when they’re upset than when they are happy, but it should also be noted that most seed banks with similar offerings seem to have better overall feedback on Trustpilot.

Growers Choice Seeds does seem to respond professionally to complaints, and that certainly says something about them. The majority of recent negative reviews pertained to slow deliveries, and Grower’s Choice’s defense was regarding COVID-19, which seems pretty fair:

A reputation isn’t built in a few months, and as most negative accounts seem to be recent, their COVID defense is probably quite justified given the changes we’ve all had to face during this time.

Growers Choice Seed Selection (3.5/5.0):

Grower’s Choice does not have the lion’s share when it comes to seed selection, but it’s certainly big enough to get you something that meets your needs, and whether those needs are regarding growability or the affect of the final product, their descriptions are top-notch. Ultimately, they offer about 50 strains, and they do stock a lot of “favorites,” including Amnesia, Diesel, GSC, Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, Northern Lights, AK-47, and Acapulco Gold.

Speaking of Acapulco Gold, here is their brief but descriptive portrayal of the effect of the strain, as an example: A sativa-dominant strain that’s all about boosting mood and energy, Acapulco Gold leaves you feeling cheerful and euphoric, and it delivers these caffeine-like effects without those pesky jitters.

Effective and to the point, making for easy shopping if you visit the site without knowing exactly what you want to order.

All seeds are feminized, and their categories include regular, auto-flowering, and CBD and most can be purchased in bundles of 3, 5, 10, or 25 seeds, all which carry the “90%” guarantee.

Growers Choice Seed Quality (4.0/5.0):

Another “mixed bag” of reviews regarding seed quality most likely points to inconsistencies in quality control. Most customers seem happy with their purchases, but a few glaring reviews regarding male seeds coming from a company that promises that all of their seeds are feminized are certainly worth noting. Also worth noting, though, is that the company’s free, step-by-step germination guide probably isn’t followed by everyone who complains about bad seeds, and given Growers Choice’s germination guarantee, is there really all that much to complain about?

Some companies offer extra seeds as a way to ensure that a person who orders 10 seeds get at least 9 that germinate… but many of those companies charge more than Grower’s Choice, so are the seeds really extra? Grower’s Choice not only provides extra seeds, but also guarantees that at least 90 percent of the seeds received (not the amount purchased) will germinate, and that is quite a good, and confidence-boosting deal. I personally haven’t had to get additional seeds sent due to germination not happening, but I’m definitely impressed with their germination rate guarantee.

Though a few reviews did, indeed, mention male plants, exponentially more customers were happy with their purchases, and given the feminized seeds, the extra ones, and the guarantee, even if a batch of seeds is less than high-quality, you’re going to get a lot of good… and the vast majority of seeds are, indeed, high-quality.

Growers Choice Top Cannabis Seeds:

As mentioned above, Growers Choice Seeds has a decent selection of cannabis seeds, but these cannabis seeds are very high quality. So no matter if you’re looking for specific auto flowering cannabis seeds, high CBD strains, feminized seeds or anything else, this list of their best selling cannabis seeds is guaranteed to have something for you!

  • Diesel (Feminized)
  • Critical Purple Auto Flowering
  • Gorilla Glue Auto Flowering
  • Tangerine Dream Auto Flowering
  • White Widow (Feminized)
  • Northern Lights Auto Flowering
  • OG Kush (Feminized)
  • Cinderella 99 (Feminized)
  • Blueberry Auto Flowering

All of these seeds have great customer reviews, and I personally have tried most of the strains and had a great experience! I’d definitely recommend a high CBD strain if you haven’t tried one, because it definitely is a good blend of relaxation and healing. Or if you’re looking for high THC, then you can’t go wrong with Critical Purple.

Growers Choice Customer Service (4.5/5.0):

Customer service offerings are aplenty, and every corner of the website mentions a dedication to customer service and satisfaction. The aforementioned step-by-step germination guide should serve as proof that they want their customers to succeed in their given grow operations, even if those customers may be only buying 5 seeds compared to hundreds like some large-scale operations.

Their FAQ page is well thought out, and if your answers are not there, they offer chat support right from every page (not always live, but very noticeable, and certainly there to show they care… photo below), and also have a pretty darn easy to use phone service that puts you in contact with a real person. 855-811-GROW is the number, and ensuring their customers get all their growth needs from seeds to information is something that rings true in all of the positive reviews about Grower’s Choice.

During this review, I took a a few minutes to call Grower’s Choice’s customer service number just to test out their response time and overall see how helpful they were. I gave them a call and I was pleasantly surprised on how kind and helpful their team was. I also submitted an email via their contact form, and received a response within 24 hours. Overall I’m happy with their response time!

Growers Choice Seeds Shipping (4.0/5.0):

Though based in Spain, the fact that Grower’s Choice has branches in the U.S. and Canada increases delivery times and decrease potential hassles for those of you reading this in North America – especially those from the United States. Unlike many seed banks, Grower’s Choice doesn’t say how they complete they make their shipping discreet, but they do guarantee discretion, and that in and of itself seems to be extra-discreet from where I’m sitting. Sites that say how they hide things always made me wonder, “well now anyone reading this is going to know what to look for” so good on Grower’s Choice.

They do say that they are willing to ship anywhere in the world, but recommend determining the legalities beforehand as they “Cannot be held responsible for legal issues that may arise due to your order” and neither do any other seed banks.

In the wake of COVID-19, some shipping times have increased, but generally speaking U.S. residents can expect their orders in a week, and all sized U.S. orders have a $9.95 flat rate fee that includes the discreet packaging and a tracking number. Shipments to Canada carry a $15 shipping price tag, and Australia and Europe should be ready to fork out $30 per order. All orders to all countries include tracking numbers. Overall I was extremely pleased with the fast shipping and their overall shipping process. I was expecting delays due to COVID-19, but I received my seeds within a week, so definitely fast shipping!

Growers Choice Seeds Pricing (4.5/5.0):

Given the germination guarantee, the extra seeds offered, the ability to buy as few as 3 seeds, and the flat-rate shipping, all signs point to “great deal” when ordering any and all strains from Grower’s Choice. Toss in the fact that more than 20% of their inventory is on sale at a given time, and you can definitely chalk up GC as a place to grow on a budget.

Most regular seeds float around $35 for 3 seeds, and $100 for 10 seeds, but as previously mentioned, many strains are on sale at a given time, and most sale prices are below $30 for 3 and around $80 for 10. As well as this auto flowering strains are usually within the same price range which is nice. Overall these seeds Growers Choices are competitive compared to any other seeds review seed bank.

They also offer wholesale pricing for any orders of 500 seeds, but potential customers in this realm are asked to contact their wholesale department at [email protected]

Growers Choice Promotions and Discounts (3.5/5):

The amount of different promotions this seed bank offers is pretty minimal, but the amount and frequency of sales on a lot of their seeds is a very, very good deal. It’s easy to navigate, as there is a big ol’ “Buy Seeds on Sale” button that will take you to a page that only lists the sale seeds.

Other than that, it didn’t seem like there were many deals nor packages as many seed banks offer. That being said, I did mention this to one of their customer service members and they did say they had some initiatives to try to improve their promotions and discounts in the near future. If you are looking for some deals and promotions then I’d suggest you take a quick look at ILoveGrowingMarijuana, because they are always offering deals on their high quality seeds. ILGM also is constantly offering free seeds when you buy some, so your money goes a long way!

Is Growers Choice Seeds Legit?

With hundreds of different seed banks available on the market, it can often be difficult to find out which seed bank might be legit, and I’m sure you’re wondering if Growers Choice Seeds is Legit?

Well thankfully, you have nothing to worry about! Growers Choice Seeds truly is a legit seed bank and cares about its customers and the quality of their seeds. Their customer service department is responsive and is there to help your order go smoothly! Furthermore, Growers Choice Seeds has a very helpful FAQ section which helps to outline any issues or questions you might have and provides solid answers to any questions you might have.

Furthermore, Growers Choice provides a live support chatline and phone number which allows you to talk to a live representative and get any questions or issues sorted out!

Growers Choice Seeds Germination Guarantee:

One of the worrying things about buying cannabis seeds online is if the seeds will actually germinate. There are many seed banks online that might look like they offer great seeds, but once you get them you find that the seeds are dead or simply won’t germinate. Thankfully Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds goes the extra mile and offers a germination guarantee. They offer a germination guarantee of at least 90% or you’ll get a free reorder of cannabis seeds shipped to you!

That being said, there are a few fine details you need to follow before you start claiming free seeds from their 90 Germination Guarantee program:

  • You must order more than two seeds for your order to be eligible.
  • You must follow their recommended germination method, which is as follows:
  1. Soak your cannabis seeds in pure water for 16 hours and putting no more than 5 cannabis seeds in each container.
  2. Once the cannabis seeds have soaked, pour them out onto a plate with a paper towel on it, be sure to give each seed enough space.
  3. Dab off excess water, and fold the paper towel over the seeds so they are covered. From there place the plate in a cool and dark location like a closet.
  4. Check the cannabis seeds every few hours to ensure the paper towel remains moist.
  5. Soon you’ll begin to notice the germination beginning, and the taproot will begin to growth from the cannabis seeds. Once the taproot is about half an inch long, the cannabis seeds are ready for use!

If you followed all the steps and your seeds still didn’t germinate, then you can feel confident that Growers Choice Seeds is going to take care of you! That being said, I would definitely recommend auto flowering seeds simply because they germinate easier to begin with.

Final Thoughts on Our Growers Choice Seeds Reviews

In comparison to a lot of seed banks, Grower’s Choice is kind of all across the map. As just mentioned, they don’t have many deals, but the one they do have takes their prices way below the industry average and that’s hard to find. Their shipping options are exactly one item long, but if you’re a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” person and you like a quick, flat-rate and shipping number, then look no further.

In the same vein, the seed selection isn’t huge, but what they do have are a lot of favorite strains and very quick-and-easy shopping, as all strains have brief descriptions regarding growability and effects, as well as in-depth descriptions for when you narrow your search. For the most part you won’t have any issues finding the strain you want from this seed bank unless you’re looking for a pretty obscure strain.

Ultimately, the best selling points are the germination guarantee, the North American locale, and the cheap prices that most likely stem from the North American Locale.

As far as recommendations, it’s difficult to make a general one, as there are so many places where they seem to exceed industry standards, and so many places where they fall a bit short. The best recommendation with that in mind, would be to shop small at first and see what you think. Overall I hope this Grower Choice Seeds review was helpful to you, and with their germination guarantee, you really can’t go wrong!

Growers Choice Seeds Reviews – Should They Be Your First Choice? Introduction to Growers Choice: Grower’s Choice Seeds is a Barcelona-based cannabis seed company that prides themselves on

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds Reviews

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Buyer’s Beware! Zero Star Company of Scam Artist Crooks!

Joined the Grower’s Choice Seeds affiliate program and received nine free seeds, all of which were duds. Spent $100 for twelve more seeds and three sprouted, only grew half a foot tall after two months, then died. Bought thirty more seeds for $200+ and they were all duds; they were even shipped in plastic containers instead of glass vials and were tiny. Found three seeds in local dispensary buds and they grew very well in the same setup, which proved to me that Grower’s Choice Seeds are in fact only a novelty item due to extremely weak genetics. In the meantime I received over 250 GC affiliate link clicks and not a single one was a sale? so $0 commission plus a huge waste of time and money there. All in all I’d say buyer’s beware, save your capital for a genuine seedbank and advoid getting ripped off by these thieves. If I could give zero stars I would, because Grower’s Choice is robbing people by peddling bad seeds. By the way, their payment requirements are super shady and shipping takes forever because they want to make sure they’re the ones beating folks and not vice versa. Shame on Grower’s Choice Seeds; they will truly reap what they’ve sown, in a bad way, at least sevenfold more than they’ve stolen from each and every single one of their customers. Chances are the only good reviews they have are fake, probably from the same crooks that are pocketing our hard earned dollars by selling duds.

Turtle slow delivery but so far every…

Turtle slow delivery but so far every seed germinated only one mutant I culled early on. Excellent gelato and gsc. This time I put my order in 2 months before I needed them.

Be patient

I just like everyone else have been maybe a little impatient with growers choice seeds and how fast they ship their seeds! But I assure you they are legitimate! I purchased my seeds on the 14th and I just recieved a email last night saying my order was on its way. Its the 29th now.

When I initially bought my order i had to wait about 4 days before emailing growers choice about my order(i didnt get a confirmation email cause i bought my seeds on saturday). They did let me know that I made several previous orders trying to figure out the payment methods( a few options didnt work so i used bitcoin. For some reason when you buy the order it creates a order for the company to see even before purchase idk why)

I had explained to the lady that was helping me and she confirmed the order immediately!

I too was a little scetchy at all the reviews i read!! But we have to understand not everyone is going to be a satisfied customer!

Be patient folks! Growers choice will get you your beautiful beans! It might take a few extra days but their on their way! Make sure your not afraid to email them for assistance they were very helpful to me.

This is my 3rd year buying seeds from…

This is my 3rd year buying seeds from Growers Choice and let me tell you they are my Choice for buying seeds. If you have ANY PROBLEMS get in touch with customer service and they will help you (I know) I’ve had over 90% germination result . I just wish I could use my Debt Card without using a 3rd party !

It have now been over a week since I…

It have now been over a week since I have made my order and still waiting. I see more bad stars vs good ones and now I am nerves that these reviews are true. I have all my equipment ready but the seeds are the only thing I am waiting for, still. I will make another purchase from another vendor and if they send seeds faster than GC then it will be the first and last I use them. people have time schedules and time is not going to wait on GC.

Its doesn’t take 2 weeks to ship seeds…

Its doesn’t take 2 weeks to ship seeds lol

Depending on the payment method chosen, it can take up to 2 weeks or more; for example, payment by mail doesn’t get processed until we receive payment and it can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks for us to receive mail by post. Typically paying by Zelle, MESH, or Bitcoin are the fastest ways to get your order processed. And it takes us about a week on our end to hand-package and ship out orders 🙂

Growers Choice Team

Very slow to get order out

They just take way too long to get your order out. Several weeks for a package of 3 seeds is unacceptable. I would find another vendor.

It typically takes us between 1-2 weeks for us to ship your product to you. If you haven’t received your product in a timely manner, we’re more than happy to look into this for you. Please reach out to one of our chat agents or via email ([email protected]) so that we can help you.

Growers Choice Team

i liked my first grow in my greenhouse…

i liked my first grow in my greenhouse did crital purple had a good harvest now im doing gorilla glue hopefully even better! growing out of the bay area ! if you dont know about fertilization ph and humidity just watch youtube videos its not growers choices fault you cant grow properly

Thanks for your review! Hopefully that gorilla glue comes in real nicely 🙂

Please feel free to use code THANKYOU15 on your next order as a thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.

Growers Choice Team


I ordered 10 seeds via check on their web site and waited 30 days before the check cleared. Finally got the seeds and they never opened. I have been growing for several decades in THE EMERAL TRIANGLE. According to their website they will honor refunds if seeds fail to germinate. Lois promised to send a money order refunding my money. I did not receive it and after contacting Lois, there has been no response. I’m really annoyed and want growers to buy from another company and save yourself the hassle of working with these creeps.
Alice Carroll

I checked our emails, and there was a response to you from one of our agents on Nov 18 stating your refund was shipped out to you days ago with the address you provided.

Growers Choice Team

When ordering 5 blueberry kush seeds…

When ordering 5 blueberry kush seeds, pack only had 3 seeds in it. When Grower choice seeds found out they sent me the 2 missing seeds.

We are very sorry to hear that – orders are hand-packaged and mistakes can happen. We will send out a new package for you right away. Your order was changed back to “Processing” for our shipping department and you will receive an automated email with a new tracking number once the order has been completed.

Thank you for your patience in this matter!
Growers Choice Team

Unparalleled customer service

My review is solely based on my customer service experience.

After I unsuccessfully attempted to germinate two seeds directly in a grow medium, I contacted GCS and Lois kindly offered to replace the seeds I improperly germinated.

To me, this says that this company cares about customer service, and will stand by its product, which is not incredibly common, and I think they should be rewarded for their efforts.

Additionally, payment and shipping were incredibly easy and painless, which is also a huge plus.

Hoping that the seeds I germinated will grow into beautiful Autos.

Thanks so much for your kind review! And for letting other customers know we have a germination policy 🙂

Feel free to use code THANKYOU15 on your next order as a thank you for taking the time out to leave a review.

Growers Choice Team

I will give an extra star because the…

I will give an extra star because the customer service is actually great. So to begin, I ordered 3 Chemdog#4 beans. All duds. They where great about the guarantee and they gave me credit. I needed to show proof with pictures of the germination process which I had. I also ordered 3 Zkittlez beans. One of the beans looked completely different in its clam container and I also took a picture of it. All 3 beans popped, but the odd bean turned out to be an auto flower. The other two beans where males. I just emailed GCS earlier today about the incident and will see how they respond. It has been very frustrating and time consuming because of the improper seeds. I used my first Chemdog credit for some Grape Ape but I am honestly afraid to even try to use them. As far as the Zkittlez, that was another dollar wasted. But I can say customer service had been great, hence the extra star.

Sorry to hear about your issues! We typically respond to emails within 24-48 hours, so someone will be with you shortly to help you regarding this problem. We’ll speak to you soon!

Growers Choice Team

I have made 2 orders with GC.

I have made 2 orders with GC.
I made my first order in April 2020 in covid!
Businesses was slowing down all over.
I ordered several hundred dollars worth of seeds several different varieties .
They arrived within three weeks of them receiving payment .
I dropped 12 seeds In room temp water
Within 48 hours 10 of the seeds were split and small tales we’re coming out .
I used 2-1000 W high-pressure sodium Lights. My yield was 2.5 lbs
The skittles turned out just super!! Great taste good average yield beautiful smell huge full tri clones really frosty just yummy!
I also bought pineapple express auto flower I started 2 seeds vegetated them 25 days put them under a 1000 W HPS got excellent yields on both plants average yield for both plants 320g ea
I have recently made another order and the seeds arrived within 14 days of receiving my cashiers check And this is also during Covid
I have had zero problems not all the seeds have sprouted
but enough of mine have
that I do not need to complain!

Thanks so much for your review! If you have less than 90% germination, we’d be more than happy to include replacements with your next order– just reach out to our [email protected]

Please feel free to use code THANKYOU15 for a discount off your next order!

Growers Choice Team

I ordered Ak 47/Tangerine Dream Autos…

I ordered Ak 47/Tangerine Dream Autos and received a week later. Growers Choice will definitely be my number one seed supplier of 2021!

Thanks so much for your review; I’m so glad you had no issues with receiving your package and it came to you in a timely manner. Please feel free to use code THANKYOU15 on your next purchase as our appreciation for you taking the time out to leave us a review.

Growers Choice Team

This company gave me free seeds

This company gave me some free seed because my order took a while and they all made it through harvest I got about 3oz thanks GCS!

Thanks for the awesome review, and glad to hear you got a good harvest from our seeds! Feel free to use code THANKYOU15 for a discount off your next order as a thank you for taking the time out to write a review.

Growers Choice Team

If I could give this company a zero and…

If I could give this company a zero and warn buyers of their financial practices, shipping and customer service. Terrible. I bought my first three seeds, in may 2020
Fast forward I place another order for seeds in sept 20. According to gcs my first batch of seeds were never paid for as my bank rejected the payment in may after they sent the seeds. my second order was awaiting ach clearance, it cleared, gcs stated that, my ach was regected and that I had an outstanding balance of 35.95 for the first set of seeds. Yet on my end I can see the payments. To prove I had paid for my may order I was asked to submit proof of the withdrawl from my bank. I was ask to email a screen shot of date and amount with drawn. That did not sufice they asked for more proof. I sent screen shot of transaction verification, that did not suffice. Now they wanted a copy of cancelled ach checks, sent image that and request a tefund. Get this once they verify the payments on their end they will send me a money order, because ach banking is too much trouble, how do I track a money order, how can I trust it will eben be sent?
you have the copies of the cancelled checks and you still need to verify payments really, what my credit union forged the checks for me really. All I am saying is buyer beware.
Oh and the original 3 seeds duds.
This is my response growers choice reply: I have verified the address with Lois along with which form of payment I will accept. I just can’t accept a money order for the refund.
I would have no way to track it, thus giving me no proof it was ever sent.
A money order does not give me the same transparancy and accountability of payment, as was requested of me. and my experience has not left me with to much trust in your word, when every request of proof needed to be verified including the cancelled check images from my bank as requested.

I’m sorry to hear that you have been having such a difficult time with making a payment. To be completely transparent, as of late summer, we’ve really been running into issues with the ACH payment portal, and as a result we have ended up pulling that payment portal. I checked the most recent communication with you, and it looks like we’re working to send you the funds back, so please make sure to respond with a valid shipping address for the refund.

Growers Choice Team


Where do I begin? I purchased some great looking seeds. Awesome. I go to pay, and the options are by mail, zelle, or bitcoin. They use a specific app for the bitcoin called coinbase. I tried zelle at first, but zelle doesn’t support my bank, and Growers Choice for some reason won’t accept zelle if you use a debit card. So I did the chat option with GC customer service and “Joyce” tells me to download the coinbase app. She cancelled my zelle order and I reordered, choosing coinbase as she said. I purchased $135 worth of bitcoin, then attempted to send money to GC per the instructions. It didn’t work. Through a chat with Coinbase customer service, I am told that they have a ONE WEEK HOLD on sending money! AFTER the chat rep for GC had me download it and purchase $135 worth of bitcoin! So no I am out $6.27 in fees and depreciation, and I am out $135 (my bitcoin somehow went down in value in 5 minutes) until who knows when it is back in my account. When I explained this all to “Joyce” from GC customer service, all she said was they aren’t responsible. Wow. Worst online buying experience in my 37 years on this earth. I’m pretty appalled.

We understand BTC can be volatile and it doesn’t always hold a steady rate. Not to worry– if your payment ends up falling short of the order total due to the fluctuation in BTC’s value, we’ll still honor it and mark the order as paid. Please feel free to check in regarding your order at any time to ensure the payment is received.

Growers Choice Team

Growers Choice is helping me out. I was so upset about my bad seeds, that I was being pretty rude. However, they were professional the entire time and my new seeds should be in the mail really soon.

Growers Choice is helping me out. I was so upset about my bad Critical Purple seeds, that I was being pretty rude. However, they were professional the entire time, and my new seeds should be in the mail really soon. Every other seed I have ever received from them was great. I would recommend this company. In fact, I do all the time. Thanks Growers Choice. Thank you

We’re currently speaking with you via email to replace the critical purple seeds, and the warranty is for orders RECEIVED in the past 60 days. So technically you’re still within the warranty period. Looking forward to your response.

Growers Choice Team

Hoping they come thru

Check, double check and then pay attention to the shipping address in your conformation e-mail
After some confusion as to where my stuff was sent
they agreed to re-sent my shipment.

Sorry to hear about this issue; if we made the mistake of shipping to the wrong address, we will gladly reship without having you pay for S&H. Only if the customer makes the mistake of writing the wrong address on their end would we ever ask for S&H to reship the product. Hope you get your product soon!

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