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High Anxiety is the seventy-fourth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on February 13, 2000. The episode was written by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, and directed by Adam Kuhlman. This episode features the conclusion to the Debbie Grund murder case.


The storyline continues from “Hanky Panky” with Hank waiting in Debbie’s apartment for her to return, as Gayle putters around on eBay. When Gayle lights up a hand-rolled cigarette, Hank retrieves one of his own, attempting to light it with the monogrammed lighter Liz gave him; after it fails to spark, he asks for Gayle’s cigarette to light his own from the cherry. Noting the weak flame on Gayle’s cigarette, Hank takes a toke on it, only to realize that Gayle’s cigarette is actually a marijuana joint. Hank begins to panic, worsening when he mistakes his panicking for effects from the marijuana, and rushes to the bathroom to attempt to vomit (causing his lighter to fall out of his pocket).

Believing himself too high to drive, Hank attempts to walk home. passing Sugarfoot’s as he does, where Peggy loudly calls him over. Heimlich County Sheriff Mumford and his men have begun investigating, noting the discovery of a shotgun (with ‘Miz Liz’ engraved on it) in the dumpster next to Debbie’s body. Meanwhile, a Texas Ranger named Lester Payton arrives and begins a simultaneous investigation. Sheriff Mumford attempts to question Hank, who, not wishing to be found out for smoking marijuana, passes off his reluctance to talk as grief over the loss of a coworker, to Mumford’s suspicion.

Back at Strickland, Liz returns control of operations to Buck, who begins planting evidence in an attempt to frame Hank for Debbie’s murder. That evening, Sheriff Mumford shows up at Hank’s house to name Hank as a suspect in Debbie’s murder. Later that night, Hank proclaims his innocence to Peggy and reluctantly reveals that Liz had attempted to seduce him. When Hank learns of the evidence pointing to him (as planted by Buck), he begins to believe that he actually had killed Debbie, and that it is because of a marijuana-induced blackout that he does not remember the deed. The next day Sheriff Mumford returns with Hank’s lighter from Debbie’s apartment and a tape recording Buck had made of a conversation between himself and Hank, a snippet from which leads Peggy to believe that Hank had actually slept with Debbie as well as having killed her, and Hank’s continued reluctance to reveal his having smoked up gets in the way of him credibly denying the mounting accusations. Returning to Gayle, though, Hank realizes that the time of a specific eBay auction closure, whereupon Gayle had first lit up, was well after the time of Debbie’s death and so Hank could not have murdered her. Sheriff Mumford watches Hank leave the apartment, and shows up the next morning at the Hills’ house with Gayle’s story, marijuana and all, which Hank denies, still trying to hide his ‘drug use’ from his family. That night an arrest is finally made: Mumford has incorrectly pinned the crime on Gayle.

At a ‘case-closed’ dinner at Sugarfoot’s, Mumford gives a speech about solving the case; Hank’s unwillingness to let Gayle face unearned punishment finally overcomes his shame over the marijuana and he reveals that because the two of them had been smoking up in the apartment around the time of Debbie’s death, Gayle is innocent of her murder. Accusations begin to fly around the dining hall, but Lester Payton calls for everyone’s attention and recreates the actual story, much to Sheriff Mumford’s dismay, as Sheriff Mumford thinks Lester is making a fool out of him.

Here is the story: with the restaurant visible from her apartment, Debbie had seen the Stricklands arrive after calling Hank and, taking Buck’s shotgun (one of his hidden assets) in a fit of jealousy, had hidden in the dumpster waiting for them. She got hungry after a while, went to a nearby convenience store to purchase some snacks, and attempted to juggle the food and the gun while climbing back inside the dumpster; in the process, she tripped the shotgun’s hammer with her foot, thus setting off the shot that killed her.

The murder is solved, and Hank apologizes to Bobby for letting him down. Bobby accepts his apology, and points out that if he took drugs, Hank would punish him. Bobby suggests that he should be able to do the same. Hank jokingly agrees, and Bobby bans him from mowing the lawn, which is an activity that is a joy to Hank instead of a chore.

High Anxiety is the seventy-fourth episode of King of the Hill. It was first aired on February 13, 2000. The episode was written by Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, and directed by Adam Kuhlman. This episode features the conclusion to the Debbie Grund murder case. The storyline continues from…

King of the Hill (season 4)

King of the Hill (1997-2010) was an American animated sitcom that aired on Fox. The show centers around the Hill family, whose head is the ever-responsible, hard-working, loyal, disciplined, and honest Hank Hill.


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Part II:Peggy Hill: The Decline and Fall [4.1] [ edit ]

Didi is handed G.H., the baby to which she just finishing giving birth.

Bobby Hill: Push! Push! Doctor: It’s all right. The baby’s here. Didi Hill: What’s his name?

Cotton tries to find Didi. He ends up in the room where Peggy is in a body cast.

Cotton Hill: Hank, what did you do to your wife?! I didn’t teach you that! Cotton Hill: I’m callin’ him “Hank.” I’ve always wanted a boy named Hank. Hank Hill: Uh. Dad, Hank is my name. Cotton Hill: Not anymore, I’m takin’ it back! HE’S Hank! Hank Hill: You can’t take away a grown man’s name. Cotton Hill: All right, all right. I’m callin’ him “Good Hank.” Hank Hill: Dad, this isn’t right. If you call him Good Hank, it’s gonna make it sound like I’m Bad Hank. Cotton Hill: Well, you burnt my burgers, didn’t you, B.H. Cotton Hill: You wanna kill a Nazi? You wanna kill a Nazi? A Nazi-Squazzi?

Bills Are Made to Be Broken [4.3] [ edit ]

Little Horrors of Shop [4.4] [ edit ]

Aisle 8A [4.5] [ edit ]

Connie is trying to explain her problem to Hank

Connie: Well, um, you see, uhh. Hank: What?

Connie writes something on paper and hands it to Hank

Hank: (Reading the note) ‘Mr. Hill, I just got my first period.’ Bwaaaaah! Peggy: Hank do you want to be in Charge? Hank: No.

Hank’s Giving Episode [4.7] [ edit ]

Not In My Backhoe [4.8] [ edit ]

[After viewing Bill’s huge septic tank]

Hank: It’s a shame we have to put her in the ground. Dale: I am the hoe master! hear me hoe! [nearly runs over Hank and Bill and damages Bill’s wall]

[Dale and Bill are secretly following Hank and Hal to the sporting goods store.]

Dale: (Talking into tape recorder) 10:15. Hank picks up Hal. Bill: What?

[Dale rewinds tape recorder and plays it next to Bill’s ear.]

Dale: (On tape recorder) 10:15. Hank picks up Hal. Bill: (On tape recorder) What? Dale: I said, “10:15, Hank picks up Hal!”

To Kill A Ladybird [4.9] [ edit ]

[He jumps off and falls flat on his face.]

Dale: [while laying face down in the dirt] Hank, I can see your house from up here. Bobby: Well, I need a window seat because this flower is wiltin’. Hank: Oh, Lord. All right, everyone in the car now. Bobby: [dressed up as a hotel waiter] I do believe I’ll give room service a jangle and have them send up some etouffe. [stares at Hank]

Bobby: Noooooo. [Hank throws his clothes out the window.]

Hillenium [4.10] [ edit ]

Dale enters his basement and sees that his hamster has eaten all of his food stores.

Dale Gribble: How could you do this to me Puff-puff Dale Gribble: My gerbil screwed me! Chappy: I live in a shack, I poop in an outhouse, I eat what I kill. Hank Hill: There isn’t a Mrs. Chappy, is there Chappy?

Part I: Hanky Panky [4.13] [ edit ]

Part II: High Anxiety [4.14] [ edit ]

Naked Ambition [4.15] [ edit ]

Dale is talking to his pet turtle.

Dale Gribble: C’mon, I’m not leaving without my kiss. I can wait. I can destroy you.

(Reading math word problem)

Bobby: Mrs. Johnson’s bag has six puppies. Mr. Peterson’s bag has minus four puppies.

Joseph is crouched down, his face is pressed against the door handle.

Joseph: Why don’t your doors have keyholes? Bobby: You’re really starting to creep me out, now go home!

Bobby shoves Joseph, who hits the door and makes a noise and runs away. The door opens. Bobby gasps.

Luanne: Bobby, it’s perfectly natural to want to see a woman naked, but I am your cousin. Now, the first time was an accident, but if I catch you again, you are going to hell.

Bobby sees Joseph outside in the bushes.

Bobby: Are you crazy? We’re going to get caught. I could go to hell! Joseph: I can’t help myself. I’ve got a monkey on my back and it wants to see Luanne naked! Dale Gribble: Hey you, crazy guy. I’ll give you a smoke if you trade clothes with me. Dale Gribble: Infiltration of mental hospital complete. Proceed to phase two; exfiltration of mental hospital.

Dale tries to open a locked door.

Dale Gribble: Apparently this door has some kind of anti-opening device. Dale Gribble: . which is why so many people are suddenly allergic to peanuts. The peanuts are emitting toxins as an evolutionary defense mechanism. They’re tired of being eaten, and now they’re fighting back. Psychiatrist: I see. Dale Gribble: Anyhoo, I just stopped by to pick up my buddy Boomhauer. You see, we’re both in here by mistake. Now I can’t vouch for Boomhauer, but I am most definitely not crazy. Psychiatrist: Go on. Dale Gribble: Did you just say, “Go Mom”? Now who’s the crazy one? Bill: (In a self-help class in a mental hospital) It’s just that in the alley, no one cares what I have to say, but here, I feel heard and accepted and dare I say. loved? Dale: We gotta get out of here. The smoking breaks are too short, the food is good at best and the anti-depressants are making my mouth dry and happy.

Bill raises his hand.

Bill: (shouting) Can I get some glitter please? Bill: Why don’t we just call Hank? Dale: No. Hank must never know we were in here. Our society stigmatizes the mentally ill. and rightfully so, these people are nuts! Hank: (Hank realizes he’s all alone and sighs. Then he sees Khan starting to build a fence.) Hey Khan. I thought I heard someone mixing concrete. Khan: Oh, that’s right. I’m building fence. Big fence. Eight feet tall between your house and my house. Hank: Eight feet huh? Yeah, you see Khan, in this neighborhood, side fences have to be 5’6 or under. It’s not in the code or anything, it’s just something I’m trying to enforce. Khan: You really want to help me, Hank Hill? You keep your dirty little boy’s hands off my innocent genius daughter! Hank: Now what’s that supposed to mean? Khan: Last night, I catch Bobby half-naked in Connie’s room! Hank: Bobby?! Khan: The truth about your little boy not so pretty after all, is it, Hank Hill?! He girl-crazy sex-fiend! Hank: Well, that boy’s gonna get a talking to, I tell ya what! (Hank walks away and secretly laughs) Whew. Luanne Platter: Aunt Peggy, Mister Kahn saw me naked! Joseph: (driving by on his bike) Oh man!

Movin On Up [4.16] [ edit ]

Bill of Sales [4.17] [ edit ]

Won’t You Pimai Neighbor? [4.18] [ edit ]

[Peggy and Hank are practicing how to like Kahn and Mihn]

Peggy: Let’s practice. I’ll be Kahn. [clears throat] You are a dumb redneck! Hank: That sounds more like Mihn. Peggy: [still imitating Kahn] Well, leave my wife out of this hillbilly! Hank: [chuckles] He, he. I wish they’d move. Hank: [seeing Bobby meditating like a sumo] No way. No got-dang way!

[Dale’s finger is stuck in Bill’s beer can]

Dale: Let go of my finger! Bill: You let go of my beer! Dale: So help me, Bill don’t mess with my trigger finger! Bill: Oh, what are you going to do, shoot me with my beer? I don’t think so!

Peggy sees a bumper sticker reading; ‘My child is an honor roll student.’

Peggy Hill: Oh yeah? Well my child is God to billions of Asians!

Hank’s Bad Hair Day [4.19] [ edit ]

Meet The Propaniacs [4.20] [ edit ]

Nancy’s Boys [4.21] [ edit ]

[Hank can’t take Dale, Bill, or Boomhauer to a restaurant because Peggy wants it to be only a couples night out. The single trio sigh, but Dale realizes he has a wife]

Dale: Wait a minute. I have a wife; We’re a couple! [starts doing a martial dance while singing] I get a free meal! I get a free meal! [to Hank] He, Ha.

Hank: Guess who’s joining us for dinner? Peggy: Dale and Nancy? Hank: She already told you? Peggy: [Surprised] Oh my god! Hank, I was joking! Dale Gribble: Wait a minute. Every time I leave, you call John Redcorn. I know what’s going on here. Your headaches are a desperate bid for my attention. But what do I do? I pawn you off on some Indian healer so I can have my Dale time at the gun club, or breeding show turtles, or on the Internet investigating unexplained phenomenonon. God, I am so selfish! Dale: [while forming a line while skating with Nancy] Love train! Woo, woo! Dale: Aw, I’ve been at John Redc- uh, the gun club . playing Russian Roulette. Nancy: Did you win? Dale: You’re not familiar with the game, are you? Nancy: No. Dale: Yeah, I won.

Flush With Power [4.22] [ edit ]

Hank installs a low-flow toilet and flushes twice

Hank’s lawn dies due to a drought and Bobby tries to help

Bobby Hill: Dad! I just took a thirty second shower and I’m gonna dry myself off on the lawn!

Kahn attempts to explain why his lawn is so green during a severe drought

Kahn Souphanousinphone: I use secret Asian watering technique! I could spit in a thimble and water Central Park.

Hank is offered low flow toilets from water meter reader guy

Hank Hill: Well, I don’t know. My toilets have given 15 years of dependable service. I’m not one of those guys who turns 40 and runs out and buys fancy new toilets. Hank Hill. But, unfortunately, in the real world, where things don’t flush like they do in the movies. Town Hall Hank: Where do I register to run for the zoning board? Bureaucrat: Fill out this form. Hank fills out form and submits it Hank: When will the election be? Bureaucrat: There is no election. There has been a vacancy on the zoning board for the past three years. The seat is yours. Bobby: We won! Hank: No Bobby, Arlen won.

King of the Hill (season 4) King of the Hill (1997-2010) was an American animated sitcom that aired on Fox. The show centers around the Hill family, whose head is the ever-responsible,