kosher kush review

Kosher kush review

Kosher Kush Strain

THC: 22% – 25%

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I am smoking 8 years kosher kush Take kosher sorbet 3 level better

This stuff is great for sleep and to relax. I fought in Afghanistan with the infantry and did not sleep much for ten years this and bakerstreet are great for sleep.

Very good for a indica, I am normally a Sativa guy. Very sedative strain, I have the wax version.

You can’t go wrong with a kush! Great sedative and pain relieving qualities. Flavors and aromas are nice but secondary to the array of reliefs.

Kosher Kush is a perfect blend of compliance and spiritual liberation. Mind and body all resonating in the spirit of JAH. One inhalation and I felt unshackled, free to wander the wilderness

The high content of thc for this strain is why consumers feel so relaxed. It could be used as sleeping aid I recken. 25% thc will do that.

The single best adjective I would use to describe this popular strain, is “heavy”. The aroma is strong and the smoke is expansive in the lungs. The sample I experienced totaled 26.74% THC, with 1.00% CBDA. Nowhere that I researched could give definitive information as to genetic ratios, but this is an Indica heavy hybrid by all accounts. Its effects are “hard to breathe” heavy (may induce anxiety), strong stone that eventually relaxes and makes you want to sleep. This one is good “medicine” when needed, but probably not for daily use due to its potency and lingering effects. If you like Indica strains, you will likely be happy with Kosher Kush, a quintessential breed. Dynamite reefer. 4.6/5.0

Kosher Kush is famous for its enticing flavor and high potency ingredients. But that's not the only thing that makes this strain famous; Kosher Kush is the only strain that has been blessed by a Rabbi! In addition, it has been awarded the High Times Indica Cup in the years 2010 and 2011. The stra…

Kosher Kush Strain Helps Battle Insomnia

The Kosher Kush strain of cannabis, although not actually blessed by a rabbi, provides us with an interesting backstory and memorable medicating experience time and time again.

What Are The Genetics For Kosher Kush

According to Reserva Privada, Kosher Kush began as a popular LA-based strain that was jokingly referred to as Jew’s Gold. Unsatisfied with the name but in love with the strain, Reserva Privada reached out and acquired a cut from the Jew’s Gold growers and started growing the strain themselves. The DNA crew was impressed by the quality of the strain but knew the name needed a name change if it was to become more popular. Not motivated by religion, Reserva Privada eventually renamed the strain Kosher Kush to honor the original grower’s humorist approach. They claim this name better refers to all of the people who feel blessed for having the chance to smoke it and experience its’ unique taste. I would have to agree.

This heavy-hitting Indica strain is top quality medicine in nearly all aspects and comes highly recommended for people who need to rest. Stemming from unknown genetics, this potent strain is known for continuously producing high cannabinoid content — specifically levels of THC.

“The previous batch of Kosher Kush was lab tested at an insanely high 29.6% THC .7% CBD, .3% CBN.”

Visually, our batches of Kosher Kush have typically been smothered in shiny white trichomes that lay on top of abundant orange hairs. These buds has large calyxes that are extremely delicate to the touch, not as dense or chunky as many OG Kush phenotypes usually are. The taste and aroma are very similar; Undertones that are very rich, earthy, and a little fruity even.

The Heavy Effects Of The Kosher Kush Strain

The high THC percentage will account for an increase in appetite as well as “stoney” effect that is followed by a heaviness that can be felt both physically and mentally. Highly recommended by patients who suffer from sleep apnea, insomnia, anxiety, or those looking for a powerful stress and natural pain reliever.

Like most heavy indica-dominant strains, Kosher Kush is known to make your eyelids heavy and produce uncontrollable yawns when medicating with large quantities — especially if you are already tired pre-medicating session. Being a heavy, full-bodied strain, Kosher Kush will produce a slight body melt followed by an cerebral effect that can be best described as spacey and/or zone-inducing.

Overall, this strains high THC content and great taste make its name fitting — it truly is top-shelf medication. Kosher Kush was good enough to make it to our list of the top 5 night-time strainsof 2012.

DNA Genetics was founded in Amsterdam in 2003. Two breeders from California – Don and Aaron – moved to Amsterdam to escape the hectic, unsafe California cannabis scene.Realizing premier cannabis was hard to come by, …

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The Kosher Kush strain of cannabis, although not actually blessed by a rabbi, provides us with an interesting backstory and memorable medicating experience time and time again.What Are The Genetics …