kratom weed

Kratom weed

Rich in the alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, kratom is best known for its opiate-like effects. Kratom, like cannabis, can be used to treat pain the natural way — without the risk of dependency, overdose, or other malicious side-effects that come with pharmaceutical opioids. Many people even use kratom to control opioid withdrawals, and the plant has become known as nature’s other painkiller. Consumption of the plant evolved from its traditional use for increasing productivity to its current recreational use in Western Culture. Consuming kratom isn’t risk-free, though, but it’s certainly less risky compared to prescription painkillers.

And while most would agree that kratom is safer than opioids, there’s contention about if users should mix it with pot. Some swear that kratom enhances the effects of cannabis, while others claim that kratom and cannabis compete for effects, and are best enjoyed separately. Since cannabis and kratom bind to different receptors in the brain — cannainoid receptors and opioid receptors — consuming each plant will trigger very different biochemical processes and effects. Should people combine their consumption of these organic plants? Or is the supposed synergy a bunch of BS that you’re better off avoiding?

Embrace KFC (Kratom, Food, Then Cannabis)

To start, the order of operations will influence your experience mixing the plants. According to online forums, the trick for combining kratom and cannabis involves some KFC (kratom, food, then cannabis). So first consume the kratom, then eat some food, and finally consume your weed. This will prevent users from feeling lightheaded or overwhelmed.

The same considerations should be observed when mixing cannabis with alcohol. “Beer before grass, you’re on your ass; grass before beer you’re in the clear,” people say. Similar logic applies to cannabis and kratom, though let’s be clear: mixing alcohol and marijuana involves greater risks, and we cannot recommend that particular combo.

Chase a beginner’s dose of kratom — which is subjective, but can be somewhere around one to two grams of kratom powder — with food, and you’re less likely to experience the substances competing with one another or magnifying one another.

Myths and Bad Consumption Practices

Interestingly, kratom users report that the plant can actually nullify the paranoia and anxiety that occurs when people consume too much THC. Others say this is not the case, and it’s better to consume a CBD-rich cannabis strain to help mitigate anxiety.

And while some people say smoking kratom is heresy and wastes the plant’s active ingredients, others say it’s a winning delivery method. I personally find the taste of kratom to be pleasant when smoked, but I don’t deny that the effects were less noticeable when consumed this way.

Kratom strains like red vein Bali are ideal for pain, although some prefer Borneo or Indo kratom strains. In theory, embracing two different pain management systems at once could more effective treat ailments, but there’s limited-to-no research supporting this claim with regards to cannabis and kratom.

Enjoy It While You Can

Kratom could soon be subject to federal rescheduling, though its future remains unclear. In August 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced its intent to classify kratom, alongside heroin and cannabis, as a Schedule I narcotic — a classification only given to substances with “no medical value.” There was blowback, however, and the DEA withdrew its plans.

Kratom and cannabis are two of nature’s finest organic medicines and intoxicants. But should they be enjoyed together, or will mixing them lead to bad news?

What are the Differences between Kratom and Marijuana?

The most common question that people ask about Kratom is whether Kratom and Marijuana are similar? And eventually they end up asking which one is better, Kratom or Marijuana? Well comparing Kratom and Marijuana will be like comparing apples with oranges. These two are entirely different drugs which is reflected by their different nature, compositions, consumptions, and legal status.

However, if you are as confused about the similarities and differences between cannabis and Kratom then read on to clear your confusion and make an informed decision in the future.

Kratom and Weed – the difference:

Kratom may be new for you but not for the masses as the plant strains have been in use for centuries. Found in the jungles of the SoutheastAsianCountries, Kratoms (plural for their variety of strains) are mostly used as sedatives and to relieve pain by the locals.

Now as the plant strain has made its way to different countries across the globe, they discovered other amazing health benefits of different strains of Kratom which include their mood-enhancing quality and their ability to augment overall cognitive functioning of the person. Kratoms, in their composition, have potent alkaloids like Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine therefore when taken in high doses, they will work as sedatives. However, unlike marijuana, the calming and sedating effects aren’t negative.

Marijuana, when compared with Kratom, possesses the same sedating and relaxing effect and extends the sense of peace but the difference lies in the sense of clarity, which becomes highly impaired with high doses of marijuana, along with blurred focus. But high-quality Kratom, like Kratom Canada, work by improving the cognitive functioning of the person. Marijuana is mostly given to relieve chronic pain, such as the one in arthritis or multiple sclerosis.

Kratom and Weed – the effects:

Kratom and Cannabis differ in the way they affect the mind and body. Made up of potent alkaloids, Kratom effect directly the receptors in the brain; they bind with the opioid receptors in the brain and there they help in reducing the intensity of the pain by interfering with the brain signals.

Whereas, Marijuana eases chronic pain by dissociating mind and body; it creates an imbalance between body and mind along with interfering with the receptors, together this works in reducing pain symptoms.

Key alkaloids in Kratoms include Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine while the most powerful alkaloid in Marijuana is THC.

Key effects of Kratom:

If taken in sufficient dose, Kratom will produce the following effects:

Key effects of Marijuana:

When taken insufficient amount, doses of marijuana will produce the following effects:

· Sense of disassociation from the surroundings

· Reduction in pain

· Sense of relaxation of mind

· Decline in cognitive functioning

· Disorientation of time and space

The difference between Kratom and Marijuana also lies in the time they both take to produce some effect; with Kratom the onset of effects of the strains will start appearing after almost an hour of ingestion whereas with Marijuana the effect is super fast and the user will witness them within 5 minutes of taking cannabis.

Kratoms and Weed – the legal status:

When it comes to legal status then Kratom surely has an edge over Cannabis. Though Kratom has been scheduled in some countries as well as some states of the US generally they are legal to use across the globe. Whereas the case with cannabis is quite different as mostly it’s illegal to consume cannabis; though it’s legal in a few states nobody will generally approve smoking weed.

Kratoms are widely available, however, it’s always recommended to purchase high-quality Kratom like Kratom Canada that too from verified vendors as substandard drugs will do more harm than good. When it’s about mild pain reliever, then surely Kratom Win because of their availability and composition. Nevertheless, if you desire for pain relief or to enhance cognitive abilities or just want to relax and is confused between Cannabis and Kratom, it’s better to consult a medical practitioner to make an informed decision.

Kratom and Weed – which is most beneficial:

· For Pain Relief :

Though both Kratom and Cannabis work as pain relievers it’s already been discussed how they both differ in their effects.

Pain-relieving effects of Kratoms largely depend upon the strains of the Kratom and their dosage. Red Vein Bali is one of the most widely used Kratom strains for relieving pain and when taken in small doses this is highly effective in reducing all sorts of chronic pain without lowering the cognitive functioning of the person. But if the Kratom is taken in high doses though it will effectively diminish the pain along with that, it will bring dramatic effects such as loss of sharpness and focus.

Cannabis also is an effective pain reliever and with just one joint the pain will be completely gone but so as the cognitive functioning. Therefore if cognitive abilities are taken into account, then surely Kratom is a winner as it reduces the pain, even with mild doses, without impairing the cognitive functioning.

· For Anxiety and Well-being:

When it comes to easing anxiety and improving general well-being, both Kratom and Cannabis have proved to be competent in both. Effects of Kratoms largely depend upon their dosage; when taken in small amounts, Kratom will instantly provide the relief in pain and increase the focus thus making the person not dig deep in things which create anxiety.

Whereas Cannabis though also provides relief in chronic pain , but when it’s about releasing anxiety, it functions by dissociating mind and body thus won’t be able to focus on your anxiety.Cannabis, however, is notorious to create and enhance anxiety; this has also been proved scientifically as certain marijuana resins have found to cause anxiety and paranoia in users. Whereas there are no such severe side-effects associated with Kratom.

Bottom Line:

So, when we compare Kratom and Marijuana in terms of their effects and efficacy in relieving pain and anxiety, then surely Kratom have an edge because of their immense benefits and minimal side-effects contrary to cannabis. Moreover, marijuana holds a big illegal status unlike Kratom strains which are legal in most of the states; so with Kratom, there are fewer chances of landing in some legal trouble. Henceforth, if you want some drug for relieving pain or for relaxation then apparently Kratom is a better choice for you, but it’s always advised to take the final decision after consultation with a medical practitioner.

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The most common question that people ask about Kratom is whether Kratom and Marijuana are similar? And eventually they end up asking which one is better,