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Prairie Ag Supply is a dealer for Kussmaul Seeds. Kussmaul Seeds roots go back 81 years to 1934, when Rud Kussmaul planted one acre of seed corn to sell to a few neighbors for extra spending money. This Wisconsin based company is still family owned to this day!

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Prairie Ag Supply is a dealer for Kussmaul Seeds

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Genetic Diversity for Protection and Security

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Genetic Diversity for Protection and Security

Best Genetics Available at Kussmaul Seeds

For more than 80 years, Kussmaul Seed Company has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds with the convenience of purchasing from one company, Kussmaul Seeds. As an independent company, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies. We produce and provide the best hybrids for our marketing areas.

After all the big mergers in the seed industry in the last few years, there are fewer seed companies offering unique genetics. It is only the remaining independent seed companies who have the flexibility to access all the major genetic providers as well as inbreds obtained through private breeders and universities. As an independent seed company, Kussmaul Seeds offers the most unique, highest yielding, best quality hybrids in our market area.

New Corn Hybrids – we have several unique inbreds in the pipe line that have been planted in Chile this winter and will be ready for crossing in 2021.

Conventional Corn Hybrids -Kussmaul Seed Company has a large selection of unique conventional corn hybrids that can’t be found at the major seed companies.

An independent company, Kussmaul Seed Company has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds for over 80 years.