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What does low THC seeds refer to?

Cannabis is a generic name. Under it, there are three species, namely, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. Across all these species of cannabis, each contains natural, chemical compounds, scientifically called phytocannabinoids.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most abundant phytocannabinoid while CBD follows suit. Depending on the cannabis species, some strains can have low THC and high CBD. However, getting such a combination is rare…And that’s where Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS) comes in. We breed selected strains to make sure our customers get high-in-CBD seeds while keeping the THC amounts at the bare minimum.

THC in this context refers to the phytocannabinoid of cannabis that gets the users high, and it is the exact opposite of CBD, that according to the World Health Organization, is a safe chemical compound of cannabis.

Solve your pain points hassle-freely

While it is against some marijuana regulatory bodies like the FDA to make medical claims about cannabis derivatives like CBD, the body approves the consumption of CBD for treating two rare types of epilepsy. That is Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. The journey to treating these severe epileptic conditions begins from the cultivation of CBD- rich strains from low THC seeds.

Secondly, many Internet users unanimously agree that cultivating CBD-rich strains from our carefully-bred seeds gives them products that can relieve instances of pain, skin conditions, cancerous tumors, super dog treats, and more! Mention about high-quality CBD, low THC pot seeds, and any cannabis enthusiast would jump into the conclusion that you are talking about Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

With that said, if you aren’t interested in taking a cannabis product for recreational purposes, but for medical reasons, we are ready to hold your hand in making your dream a reality. We have a handy grow guide , a blog for educating you, and our customer service representatives ready to clear the air about any of our superb-quality seeds, merchandise, and products overall.

The best CBD seeds on sale

We understand that your goal is seeing your own CBD-rich strains flourishing. That is why we are here offering nothing but the best quality to ensure that your natural therapeutic journey gets ultimately necessitated. Our endless efforts see to it that we provide:

AMS Carmagnola CBD Genetics

Is your state in the European Union, US, or any other region where CBD is legal? There is no cause for alarm when ordering our Carmagnola CBD Genetics seeds.

With trace amounts of THC (0.2%), these CBD seeds can get delivered to any country where the cultivation of CBD seeds is legal.

What’s even more thrilling is that the grow difficulty is easy, and thus, helping beginner and veteran in the cultivation field convenience in the growth.

AMS Connoisseur Mix CBD Genetics

If you are looking to get value while purchasing CBD-rich seeds, then this should be your go-to package. As of the moment, 50 seeds go for $25. This is a fantastic offer (-400%) that sees to it that you save the most cash while also investing in quality seeds to take care of your health after harvest.

The highest THC percentage you can expect in these seeds is 0.2%.

AMS CS CBD Genetics

As the name suggests, these grass seeds harbor CBD genetics. We pack them at a low price. That is $25 for a 50-seeds pack. The exact definition of more for cheap.

The amounts of CBD are high, while the THC amounts are at most 0.2%. In essence, taking any product from such a strain can’t induce any high.

AMS Fedora 17 CBD Genetics

Does your weather support sowing between April and May? If yes, then these low-THC seeds could be what you are looking for. The THC amounts do not go past 0.2%. In the best way, someone who goes for frequent drug tests doesn’t need to worry much after taking products from these ganja seeds.

AMS Felina 32 CBD Genetics

With a flowering time of between 8 and 9 weeks, this low-THC seeds package is something adorable. The pack comprises 50 quality CBD seeds at the most affordable price. If you are a beginner in CBD seeds’ cultivation, then we would recommend to try out these high CBD, less than 0.2% THC seeds.

AMS Futura 75 CBD Genetics

The THC: CBD ratio in these seeds is 1:7. In fact, the package is among our best-selling in this category. That’s typically because the CBD amounts gotten after the maturity of those strains makes the extraction of Cannabidiol fast.

Order and sit back

We offer a plentitude of payment options to help you in making the ordering of your favorite CBD seeds, low THC easy. Those who have adopted the BlockChain technology , we also have promotions for you like first processing times. What else can offer such anonymity in making CBD seeds payments, other than Bitcoins, anyway?

We ship and deliver our high CBD, low THC seeds to the USA, UK, and many more countries, provided they support the importation of marijuana-related products.

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Low THC Seeds

With percentages under 14% these are our mildest strains

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Blueberry CBD Feminized Seeds (C)
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White Widow CBD Feminized Buy Marijuana Seeds

About Low THC Marijuana

Marijuana contains many beneficial cannabinoids, THC is one of the most popular. However, everyone isn’t a fan of this psychoactive compound. If you prefer marijuana with little to no THC, here are some high CBD low THC cannabis seeds to consider:

Why Do We Have Low THC Weed?

Worldwide, medical researchers are revealing the benefits of cannabis cannabinoids such as CBD. These compounds have therapeutic use for several medical conditions. As a result, many companies are rushing to create new health and wellness products that include them.

However, growing research suggests that cannabis compounds work best when they exist together. That means consuming THC and CBD is more beneficial than consuming CBD on its own. Also, many people that prefer the therapeutic benefits of marijuana also prefer to skip the euphoric high. That’s why we sell low THC weed seeds.

Our lower THC marijuana seeds offer moderate to high amounts of CBD and small amounts of THC. Some strains have less than 1% THC and are technically hemp strains. These strains grow like typical marijuana seeds but provide a less psychedelic experience.

Buy Seeds for Low THC Strains Online

THC is a popular cannabinoid; however, for some, it causes undesirable effects. These effects can include anxiety, paranoia, and memory loss. Low THC auto strains minimize this risk while maintaining the beneficial qualities of marijuana.

THC is also prohibited in many areas, making cannabis seeds with little to no THC ideal in some cases. Many low THC content strains are non-psychoactive and suitable to enjoy throughout the day.

Low THC cannabis seeds combine the benefits of CBD and THC for a full entourage effect. This increases the therapeutic impact of marijuana on the body. High CBD weed seeds make it easy for anyone to grow either non-psychoactive or moderately psychoactive marijuana strains at home.

3 of the Best High CBD Low THC Seeds for Home Growing

Growing your own high CBD weed from cannabis seeds is the best way to have a reliable source of therapeutic medical cannabis on hand. Here are three of the best high CBD low THC seeds for sale in our store.

Blueberry CBD combines the flavor and effects of one of the tastiest Indica-dominant cannabis varieties around, with up to 16% CBD. These cannabis seeds are great for growing indoors. They also produce a plant with less than 1% THC content.

Blueberry CBD is easy to grow for experienced growers.

The flowering time for this cannabis strain is 9 weeks.

Critical Mass CBD is an easy-to-grow low THC hybrid with balanced levels of THC and CBD. These high CBD cannabis seeds grow into an average height cannabis plant with up to 9% THC. It’s also high yielding with harvests between 14 and 17 ounces.

Critical Mass CBD cannabis offers a subtle high and is best grown indoors.

The flowering time for these marijuana seeds is 8 weeks.

For a gentle, uplifting experience with limited THC content, Harlequin delivers. These sativa-dominant seeds are best suited for experienced growers. Harlequin is a large plant with CBD levels that can reach 10%. The THC level is low and will not pass 7%.

Harlequin is a high CBD plant that can yield up to 17 ounces of cannabis.

The flowering time for this lower THC weed strain is 8-9 weeks.

Where to Buy Low THC Seeds Online

I Love Growing Marijuana offers a varied selection of high CBD low THC strains for growers of all levels. We sell only the best quality seeds, and back every order with top-notch support. We want you to succeed as a marijuana grower and get the most from your plants, whether it is THC or CBD. That’s why our lower THC seeds are guaranteed to arrive and sprout. We also offer growing support for your seeds and plants through our online forum.

Low THC seeds for sale for a gentle high. These strains are for growers who prefer the benefits of marijuana without a heavy high. Discreet shipping and guaranteed arrival