m39 seeds

M39 seeds

The offspring of Northern Lights #5 and Skunk #1, M-39 is a difficult crop to grow properly. However, when grown correctly, the M-39 marijuana strain has a fruity and lemon taste with many trichomes and very visible crystals. The buds are very compact, heavy, and dense. Flowering time is about 45 days, with the strain’s THC content measuring up to 16.5%.

We have been working from a m39 mother plant that is from 1987. This is absolutely the most powerful strain I have ever come across. I have purchased & grown many of the newer bragged on strains and still am looking for something that will even come close to this strain. I’m not saying that this variety is the most potent, just that in my over 15 yr. search this is what I’ve found to be the strongest so far. – Clone

M39 by SSSC was “Basic#5″/Sk#1, but I BELIEVE “Basic#5” was actually NL#5, but SSSC weren’t allowed to say so. You’re actually looking for NL#5/Sk#1 which is available from Sensi Seed Bank, they call it “ShivaSkunk. -MrSoul

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M39 is a Mostly Indica cannabis seeds. Learn more about M39 and where to buy M39 cannabis seeds. Review about M39 and leave a comments. Compare prices on M39 cannabis seeds in different shops

White Widow and M39 x GDP

Сладость. развеяла Энфорсера, может быть одним из добрых, потому что ты больше не можешь купить семена, потому что одно семя, которое у меня не было! Я постараюсь и наслаждаюсь им еще примерно через 5 дней. Белая widow плюнул еще один банан. облом. На хорошей ноте, возможно, получить несколько клонов от друга и новые семена WW и Diesel только что выходят из земли! Все происходит по какой-то причине, всегда держать глаза и ум на future, но теперь с опытом!

"White Widow and M39 x GDP" cannabis grow journal. Strains: Quebec Cannabis Seeds (QCS) – M39 x GDP, White Widow by Thundrfuk. Grow room В помещении, growing in Почва. Harvest yield, seeds review, grow details.