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Herb Grinder

Introduction: Herb Grinder

A far better Instructable will follow this was just our test run:

If youre looking for other projects you can visit our website at were in the process of moving to a new residence so we havent updated it yet and thats why it’s taken us a while to come up with a new ible or project in general. But as soon as we do, we’ll be back in business. Sorry for the low picture quality and the no Demonstration video but we dont have our camera right now (it’s at the other place) so we had to take pics with a low 3.0 camera 🙁

In this ible we show you how to make a small Herb Grinder that you can use at home. It’s very easy to make with household items. Keep in mind this is an Herb Grinder and nothing more dont go around using it for bad Herbs! just the good ones.

This was a request we had from Hechktr-g93 so we gave it a shot.

If you to have a request let us know at

Alright lets get started – Step 1!

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You need an Old Altoid Box
A small Electric motor
a small plastic container
a 9v battery

and thats it! were working a much more effective one and it will soon be up here for yall to see. It will incorporate several other materials and a flashlight! to much to describe i dont think we can give it justice to what were building 😛 see it soon!

Step 2: Cutting the Blade

Grab your altoid box and cut a small square from the bottom part of your Box. You will make the Blades from this square later. Make sure the square is about 1.5″ by 1.5″

Next turn the new square over and mark it with an X to find your center of the square. Youre going to drill a small hole into the center of this X so it can fit inside of your mottor axle.

You then need to put a small Cross down the center of your box the cross will be the blades to your grinder. so cut those off and you should have a small Cross set of blades (check teh picture)

Step 3: Folding the Blades

You can fold the blades into any type of configuration that you want to have. Try it out and find which configuration works best for your needs. we ended up having two blades flat and two of them Facing Up

(not the one on the picture we figured this out after we used it)

Step 4: Getting Our Container

We used a small BBQ Container for this project to make the holding cell for our Herbs. You can use anything similar to it just make sure you have a cap on the top for easy access. Or a cap with a sprinkle release if you want to sprinkle the herbs onto your food. Which ever works for you

once you find your Container cut about 1″ off from the bottom of the container. that is going to be the base of the container and now you need to drill a small hole onto the very bottom of the bottle. THis is where your motor will rest.

Step 5: Motor and Container Assembly W/ Blades

Once you have the base of your Container place that ontop of the motor assembly and test it out by placing the 9v battery to the leads of the motor. to make sure the motor spins freely, once it does. you can Hot Glue the motor to the container.

Then place a small bit of hot glue to the tip of the motor axle and place your blades down the axle to about half way then add additional glue to the blad/axle to make sure everything is holding together.

Step 6: Putting the Container Together

Cut small cuts onto the top of the container so it can fit into the base of the container. Once you cut several small cuts you will be able to keep everything in place. and thats, it all you need now is a 9v battery and place that on the leads of the motor and watch it grind!

A more suffisticated version of this grinder will come soon, just come back in about 1 week or so and we’ll show you what we made. IF youre looking for other crazy projects that we’ve made check us out online at

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Herb Grinder: A far better Instructable will follow this was just our test run: If youre looking for other projects you can visit our website at were in the process of moving to a new residence so we havent updated it yet and thats why it's t…

How to Make a Homemade Grinder for Weed

Owning a grinder is a necessity for a weed smoker. This is because weed grinders help mix, blend and save the weed (by resisting spill) it also saves you the trouble of having your fingers stained with it, or have your hands stink of it. However, grinders are small in size and very easy to lose. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have just misplaced your grinder and have to do some grinding, and can’t wait to get a new one, here are some tips on how to make a homemade grinder for weed that you can use. This grinder will enable you to achieve the same results, or almost the same result as using a real grinder until you are able to buy yourself a real weed grinder.

Quick tips on how to make a homemade grinder for weed

Using a Chew Can

Find a chew can, empty its contents, pierce little nails (flat thumbtacks) into the top and bottom side of the can. You have to figure out a way so the nails don’t jam each other inside the can. Put your weed into the can and twist from side to side. Open the can and enjoy rolling up your finely ground weed. Its effect is almost the same as a real weed grinder.

Using Scissors and a Shot Glass

Using a dry shot glass, throw your weed into it, use small nail scissors or any small scissors and cut away. Keep cutting until you are satisfied with the way it looks when you have finished, pour it on your rolling paper and roll it up. This technique is by far the simplest technique. It is easy to do, quick, and does not require materials. Once you have a shot glass and scissors, you are good to grind. This method is very easy and is also very effective.

Using a Black Pepper Grinder

Black pepper grinder (click to see the best price on Amazon) is one of the best alternatives. If you own one, fill up the pepper container with some of your weed, grind out the quantity you want to smoke and, leave the rest of it inside the grinder. Or grind out the quantity you want to use now and some for later then keep the pot empty. The grinder can be a special place to store the weed provided it’s kept away from the kitchen and the reach of children. You don’t want to make the mistake of using weed as black pepper in your cooking.

Using a Coffee Grinder

This technique is very popular among smokers. Try an electric coffee grinder (see the best price on Amazon) , its results are great. It grinds it nicely. But be careful how long you leave it grinding. It can easily turn your weed into dust. Throw all your dense buds into the coffee grinder and start grinding, but remember not to leave it on for too long or your weed can turn into powder.

Using a Pill Bottle and a Nickel

Put some weed into an empty plastic pill bottle, drop a nickel into the bottle, close it and shake vigorously. The weed will come out looking nicely ground. This technique sounds hard to believe and understand but it actually works. Try it and you will be amazed at the results.

Using a Knife and a Chopping Board

Bring out a chopping board, make sure its clean and dry. You can wipe it dry with a kitchen cloth or paper towel. place the weed on top of the board, get a sharp knife and start chopping. This method is very effective and your weed comes out well chopped.


The most recommended method without a doubt is to go and buy a real grinder. It does the grinding perfectly, holds it in and doesn’t over grind it. It always comes out finely ground. There are various types of grinders available in the stores, they made out of different materials like plastic, wood or metal, and also come at different prices depending on your budget. Some are transparent so you get to see how well it has grinded without opening it.

There are some weed grinders that come with a little magnet inside which keeps the grinder closed and helps it resist spill. These grinders are mostly manual. They don’t have switches that will grind them automatically so you have to twist them left and right by yourself. Learning how to make a homemade grinder for weed is easy and effective for emergency use because you can get most of their materials easily around the house. So if you are not in a position to buy one, make one and get similar results.

Learn how to make a grinder for weed! There are also guides on how to make a homemade grinder for weed with household items. Owning a grinder is a necessity for a we