make money growing weed

How much money can you make growing weed?

Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative?

How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some UK police forces have pretty much claimed they are no longer pursuing small scale cannabis growers. There are even cannabis clubs operating with the agreement of progressive thinking local police.

A program on the BBC ‘hash in the attic‘ revealed all. This is quite an old program now so you can probably add a little to the projected income figures.

You could have 3 or 4 plants in a wardrobe, generating £2-300 every 3 or 4 months.

Using a spare room you can generate £10-15k ($16-24k) ever year.

You could generate 1 kilo every ten weeks, selling a little to friends (that’s what the program said!)

If you used a whole house you could have 5 crops per year at around £15k per crop – adding up to a pretty massive £70k ($116k) per year.

Industrial operations can easily make £400k ($663k) per year. That would be generating 30-50 kilos per crop. Each crop could be worth around £120k.

Another interesting fact the program brought up was that 1900 cannabis plants can make a huge £500k ($829k) every eight weeks!

Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative? How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some UK police forces have pretty much claimed they are no longer pursuing small […]

Make money growing weed.


I started this thread to talk about how to make money growing weed, hence the title. If your reading this right now it is because when you saw the title you thought one of two things: A) I wanna get rich growing weed! B) Its not that easy, Lets see what this dummy is gonna say.

Well, those of you whom fall under our first category are gonna be dissapointed! But if you wanna continue reading I will share with you how I live comfortably, Have a continually growing savings account and stock portfolio, all the free smoke my lungs can inhale and live debt free.

First of all I started a service based business a couple years ago with profits from growing. I dont make a whole lot of money. but I make more than wages from an hourly job would pay. After deducting all my living expenses i.e. mortgage, utilities, insurance, gas, groceries,ect. I only would have about $250 a month for extra money to buy things I want. That dont go far when the kiddos need a pair of shoes or the wife wants to go for a nice dinner. So I started a perpetual grow in the basement. I sectioned off a room in the laundry area and set up two tents. I run two 4’x4’x7′ tents. 8 plants per tent, and harvest every other month. I use hempy buckets with GH nutes and get around 3-4 oz per plant. These days its more towards the 4 mark. I run 2 600 watt lights on a single 1000watt ballast with a splitter.

So every 2 months Im bagging up 32oz. I cut them cheap to ONE person for $250 a oz. So Im getting $8000 every other month, or $4000 a month. The key thing is though that my day job covers all my living expenses, allowing me to save, invest or spend this money how I see fit. Ive been doing this for 3 years now and cant believe how fast you can really accumulate savings if your disiplined enough to not spend it all frivolously.

So the whole morel of this post is if your looking to make money or a living growing, think long term. Dont think you just need to go balls to the wall and put out 100 plants. The keys to long term success are:

* Maintain a day job. Even if its a little shitty job. By having a job your blending in with society. Your neighbors dont suspect anything b/c they see you leave for work, and the government dont suspect when your bank account starts to accumulate, as long as you let it happen over time.


* when getting rid of your product, dont nickel and dime it out. Get rid of it to one person or as few as possible to minimize your risks. Never tell the people you give it to you grew it, tell them your cousin has some crazy columbian cartel ties or something.


* Stay patient! think of it as a second job! Making small amounts of money over time is alot less risky than a huge grow op. You fly under the radar as long as your smart and careful. Plus I dont know who I could drop 20lbs on at once anyway!

I hope thins may inspire a few of you out there reading this to take a different perspective when considering growing for a profit to think long term as opposed to that one big score. Be smart and stick to whats comfortable to you and let discipline override your ambitions sometimes and you will be well off in the future. Remember, you cant make or spend money from a jail cell! Be smart and over time you will be rewarded as long as you dont blow all the money on hookers and booze! Set a certain number of how much you wanna put back each harvest and stick to it. Its hard sometimes but after a couple times and you see that acount growing it makes it a little easier!

Hope this helped someone! Anyone have any questions feel free to ask! Comments welcome as well!


Ya know, I thought of including “not being a smartass, just really wondering” in my post, but decided against it and the reason. nevermind. Don’t drop the soap.

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thats pretty much the only thing that stands in the way of a grower and success (in terms of being a “for profit” grower).

i remember when i was in high school i was buying a 1/4oz and parting it out to make a small profit. i always said, “if i grew i’d be rich” as my problem wasn’t selling it all. but having enough bud to sell to everyone.

then when you grow and harvest a few lb’s you realize its just as hard as starting off with a 1/4oz just the opposite problem.

Making a few good connections is very difficult as buyers aren’t as loyal as sellers. if you’re a grower and find someone to buy 10lbs off you (for example) then come next harvest you’ll hit them up first soon as the bud is dry. a buyer will go to whoever has the best buds/price so unless you’re really consistent in terms of quality/price and never run out then chances are the buyer will go elsewhere.

theres only 1 way to find a good consistent buyer(s). throw your hook in the water and wait for a fish to bite.

in other words there is some risk taking involved in the beginning. you cant get “crazy paid” by just dealing to your friends unless they are rich and have a huge mj habit.

places like budtrader and craigslist can be good if you can verify ahead of time. take proper precautions when meeting new people and (i know this isnt popular w/ mj smokers/growers but) OWN/CARRY A FIREARM!

Its a sad world and people WILL try and jack you. just check out the rippers section on bud trader. happens all the time.

My advice would be this (when meeting some new person assuming you’re doing this semi legal w/ a mmj business):

1) PRE-VERIFY in ALL situations no matter how much they want. That means get a copy of their rec/mmj card AND Driver’s License/State ID. make sure both are valid and current. no exceptions. thats the first step to not getting jacked. Make them email you a pic of both or a scanned copy of both.

2) get to your meet spot early and never say what you look like or what you’re driving. instead act like you’re still on your way or something and try to observe THEM arriving at the meet spot. are they alone? w/ a friend? w/ a car full of friends? do they look shady or a happy hippie?

chances are if they show up w/ a car full of people its time to GTFO as thats the first sign something is wrong. if they show up w/ another following close behind them = a good time to GTFO!

3) Once you meet them VERIFY them again by seeing their LICENSE and MMJ CARD BEFORE you do anything else. Don’t carry the tree w/ u. instead either A) leave it w/ a friend. or leave it in your car assuming they dont see which car you’re driving. its a good idea to leave it in your car and walk away before they show up so they don’t think thats your car, so meet in a busy parking lot as some people have lured the seller away from their car while a buddy smashes the window and steals it.

once you verify them again go on and take them to your car. unlock the door or trunk (wherever you keep it. i say the trunk is best as it can’t be seen by people walking by). another good reason to use the trunk is because you can unlock it. and back away. let the buyer go inbetween you and the trunk.

Now you can stand back and watch his body language. if he starts looking around a lot or making motions to his waistline you’ll be in a good position to counter the potential attack. if YOU go between the buyer and the trunk you’re at risk as you can’t see what he’s doing.

this way if he starts to do something fishy you can quietly put your hand on your piece in preparation of the attempting theft/robbery.

imo thats how you should conduct your business if you meet someone you don’t know.

it might not be the best way of doing things but at the least you can almost guarantee you wont get ripped.

btw: if you’re dealing (legally under MMJ or otherwise) and you DONT have a piece you’ll eventually get robbed or ripped off.

i dont advocate violence or gun violence but you have to stay safe. also: never shoot unless you have to. in most cases just the brandishing of a weapon is more than enough to deter the criminal. but not always so be prepared to shoot if they make a move for their waistline after you pull yours.

sorry i took over the thread but i just wanna make sure people stay safe.

if you have the means though deal with people you know well enough and feel comfortable with only.

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yeah. i agree if you’re doing it illegally. Granted under current MMJ laws no one is really safe but i’d say its the best of the two if you can remain anonymous (at least more anonymous than your avg joe in the biz.) you stand a decent chance. I wouldn’t say stay in it for the long haul though. You should do like this guy says and get your $ and use it for something else. My advice would be to turn that $ into more $ though a new business or investments.

Its really the best way to go. too many people get their $ and blow it on stupid things (clothes and cars, etc) just to “feel” rich. Its nice to have nice things but at the same time think of all the risk and effort you put in to get it. wouldn’t you want to put it towards something that can make you $ instead of just give you instant satisfaction for the short time being (clothes and cars get old and lose value instantly) thats a problem i see legally under mmj laws or otherwise.

People get caught up in the juice of making a few K just by vending at a dispensary or after a weekend of illegal sales (if you’re an illegal dealer/grower on the street)

I don’t claim to be a know it all because i just sold on the side in high school. Thats the extent of my 1st hand dealing experience. Ever since i learned to grow (after HS) I just said screw dealing and grew for myself. I then realized i sold more to get free smoke than i did for cash at first. Money only got interesting after I was starting to make more than I needed to re-up. When i learned to grow i just gave it up as i decided the extra $ i was making wasn’t enough to make me wanna risk my life or freedom.

Safety is almost ALWAYS the last thing on a dealers mind whos making a good amount of $. the more you make the more chances you naturally tend to take as you get comfortable.

Safety from LE and jackers/robbers. Its sad to hear about home invasions, robbery, theft, and murders all over some herb.

A 18 year old kid was shot and killed in a robbery gone bad in my area code of residence. MJ related. Apparently a guy got his number thru someone from somewhere (i dont remember how he got the number exactly) and called him up. Bought a small amount. deal went smoothly. guy bought an 8th or something. paid. left.

then he calls the guy later on (possibly another day) and wanted something much larger (oz). met him late at night. dealer lets him in the car. shows the bud. guy checks it. buyer pulls out a gun and tries to rob him. apparently the dealer fought back and was shot repeatedly and was killed. guy took the bud and left (dealer was smart and didnt carry cash)

buyer got caught because the stupid ass didnt think to block his number when he called the dealer. remember he called him from the SAME NUMBER the day before to buy from and didnt block his number then either.

cops put it together because i guess the were able to estimate the time of passing well and figured he passed around the time of the last phone call he received.

anyway..(sorry i got off track) but the point is that it doesnt pay to deal. No matter if you’re just supporting your own personal stash or making $100,000 a month. In the end (death, prison) doesn’t make it worth it. Especially these days where the jackers out there are so desperate for bud that they are acting like its crack.

However if you’re doing it under MMJ you’re much better off as you’re: LEGAL (state laws), helping out those who really need it instead of the jackers who are killing for an oz, and if you work strictly with dispensaries/delivery services/co-ops,etc. only then you stand a much better chance to see some longevity imo. especially if you can put someone between you and the dispensaries/delivery services/co-ops.

I started this thread to talk about how to make money growing weed, hence the title… If your reading this right now it is because when you saw the title…