marijuana names for cats

Cute & Funny Stoner Cat Names (For Boys & Girls!)

Naming your cat can be a quite difficult and daunting task. This is especially true if you’re someone who wants to make a lasting impression on your friends and family who meet your cat.

I find some pets are easier to name, especially if they have a specific colouration like a tortie or calico.

Even some species seem to be a lot easier to come up with quirky names for. For example, coming up with “punny” names for our betta fish (Blub & Flub) and hamster (Twitch) was extremely easy to do, but with cats, the array of names just expands!

With cats, you have to choose a name that rolls of the tongue. Something you can shout out quickly in case they are getting into your snack cupboard, or in our case… eating your bedsheets!

So, I thought I would challenge myself to come up and find some cute/funny names that have to do with cannabis/marijuana in celebration of Canada’s one-year anniversary of legalization (which is a month away).

As is with all my name lists, my favourites names will in bold!


The following are some quirky names that have to do with pot. Some of them are a bit more “stealth mode” than others, while some are fairly blatant in letting everyone know you’re an enthusiast!

Johnny is a twenty-something-year-old pet blogger and the proud pet parent of two cats and a chinchilla. He also writes music directly aimed to help keep cats chilled out and stress free .

Best Stoner Pet Names

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    Well, if one of them has a stubby tail, you could call him Bluntman, AKA The Blunt.

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    So, I'm moving to a new condo in San Diego and my roomie wants to get a couple cats.. Good stoner names for cats anyone? Right now we are juggling around…