marijuana tables

Rolling Table Systems

Designed to grow and made to last.

Stainless-steel, bacteria-resistant trays
Unmatched weight capacity of 35lbs/ft 2
Structurally reinforced aluminum frame
Adjustable leg height
Table crank control – rolls up to 16-20″
Drain for easy water management

Maximize your canopy.
Minimize your costs.

Our rolling table systems with stainless-steel trays are designed to help you reduce your labour costs, grow without weight capacity concerns, and eliminate on-going plastic tray replacement costs.

100% Canadian-made and built with the highest quality standards in mind.
Clean faster.

Quality stainless steel materials mean way less labour hours dealing with sanitization.

Grow freely.

Built with more weight capacity and space-saving potential to help increase your output.

Be green.

No more plastic trays in the landfill. Our trays are better for your operations, and the earth.

Invest for the long-term
You’re in this for the long haul, so are we. Our system provides supreme durability compared to the competition. Within just four years, you’ll see major savings in your total ownership cost.

Rolling tables

Our superior grow tables with aluminum rollers let you move tables up to 16-20 inches without the need for fixed aisles.

Industry-leading weight capacity of over 35 lbs/ft 2

Customizable height for optimal working conditions

Adjustable support legs that can create a slope for desired drainage

Rolling Table Specs


  • Structurally reinforced for weight capacity of 35 lbs / ft 2
  • Table base reinforced every 4’ with engineered supporting legs
  • Robust ¼” Foot Plates (powder coated finish)
  • Circular, independently extendable base feet for superior support and the ability to adjust to any uneven flooring with ease
  • Manufactured using TRUMPF TruMatic 7000 punch laser for flawless and consistent construction, without risk of flaking material
  • Standard 4’x8’ and 5’x8’ sections. Custom widths and lengths available on request


  • Customizable working heights to optimize staff conditions. Standard 32” table height to 18” Low Profile Height
  • Adjustable supporting aluminum legs that allows for slope creation or compensates for uneven floors (up to 12″)
  • Easy to install 4.5’ trellis option with added crossbeam for stability and control
    • Crossbeam height adjustment every 2”

Roll System

  • Easy roll system, using 1.75″ diameter aluminum rollers, allowing 16″ of effortless table travel for 4′ tables (20″ for 5′ tables)
  • Free moving rolling handle for secured working space
  • Table crank implemented for easy and controlled table movement


  • Stainless-steel trays
    • Non-porous and bacteria resistant
    • Easy to sanitize for food grade
    • Evenly distributed channels for improved airflow and tray drainage
    • Formed with CNC accuracy
  • Drain features perforated grate and 2” bulkhead for plumbing

Sourcing & Shipping

  • Manufactured in British Columbia, Canada
  • Flat Pack design for shipping ease

The Trays

Our rolling table systems feature premium stainless-steel trays. These trays meet Health Canada food grade standards and offer plenty of benefits over traditional trays.

Stainless-steel material eliminates on-going plastic tray replacement costs

Superior drainage with perforated grate and bulkhead

Improved airflow with evenly distributed channels

Bacteria resistant, non-porous stainless-steel trays significantly reduce cleaning time

How our equipment can work for you.

Fill in a few details to see how Prism’s equipment could impact your daily operations.

Our durable rolling table systems with stainless-steel trays are designed to help you reduce costs and be eco-friendly while you grow. Made in Canada.


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Trays and growing tables in all sizes. We have all shapes and sizes in watertight trays to prevent water leakage.

Grow tables in several dimensions for watering your coco or rockwool slabs. They drain perfectly and channel water towards a drain. Here you can find trays in special sizes to cover those gaps that are sometimes left in your growing space.

Black Grow Trays, made of hard-wearing plastic, are the most resistant ones. These are the classic ones and have been with around since forever. They ensure water doesn’t leak onto the ground when draining the pots. They are also commonly used in urban gardens, by drilling drain holes in them and filling them up with substrate.

Our best-selling tray for indoor growing is the Grey Grow Table. Its features furrows to drive excess water towards the main drain hole, allowing water to go back to the tank located underneath. You shouldn’t have to worry about collecting water after watering since water will never stay stagnant in the tray. An additional benefit of this model is it comes in several sizes to suit your growing space. Besides, legs can be attached to it to work at a desired height.

The 1x1m Black Grow Tray-Table also channels water towards a drain but it’s softer than the Grey one. When you use 1mx1m grow tents there isn’t enough room to fit in a Grey one, since they are 1.10×1.06m. In these cases, Black ones will fit in perfectly. It is also possible to attach a stand to the tray which consists of special sized legs. In this way, the table can be placed inside the tent to work at a given height.

Drain filters can be used to cover the drain holes of black and grey tables to retain any leftover vegetal residues that might clog the system. Additionally, they let you place a pot on top of them so no space is wasted.

We also sell soft plastic trays which can be cut to create a custom-size tray and fill any gap. The Roll Tray will let you create a customized watertight tray of any size, from 1x1m to any desired length (width is always 1m as it comes in a roll). Roll Tray can be cut-out in both sides, then folded and attached with the included clips in order to create a watertight container. The length can go up to 100m.

Flexi Trays are made out of black hard rubber, which is similar to natural rubber. They can be folded and carried around very easily, and once on the floor, they will be as watertight as any other tray. Flexi Trays are 100% watertight and very resistant to abrasion. With proper maintenance your trays will last forever. They are very easy to clean and since they can be folded, you can even place them in the shower to wash them.

Black Plastic Trays are available in many new sizes. While in the past they used to be available only in 1x1m or 1.2×1.2m, nowadays it is possible to find trays for all types of grow tents, with dimensions such as 80x80cm or 60x60cm. It is possible to attach legs to all of them in order to work at a desired height comfortably.

Legs for Growing Tables will let you set your working space at will, at a specific height and tilt degree so water runs out properly towards the drain. Normal ones are meant for Gray Grow Tables whereas other ones, in special dimensions, can be attached to any model of tray. Also, there are kits of wheels that will facilitate access to your plants from the back, letting you move your tables easily and carry out proper maintenance work. Very resistant, each pack includes 4 wheels.

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