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Kahului, Maui

We hold clinics at our Maui office every month for new and renewing patients to obtain their medical marijuana & cannabis 329 card certifications.

Please contact us as to our current business location, thank you.

(808) 934-7566

$100 renew from any hawaii provider

$145 new

please add $20 for telehealth renewals, thank you

renewing patients might qualify for telehealth sessions, please ask for details

Please present your old card in order to get the renewal price, thanks. Renew price valid only for prior Hawaii state registry patients.

For full-service please add $72 (we collect the State fee $38.50 and pay it to the state for you, and we charge a Data Entry Fee $33.50, total of $72) for one-year renewals, and $130 for two-year renewals ($72 state fee plus $53 processing fee). bankcard processing fee also added if you use that to make payment.

1-year renewal full-service price is $192

2-year full service price is $330

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Local Maui Dispensaries

State-authorized dispensaries that are currently open on the island of Maui:

Maui Grown Therapies


About Maui

Maui, a name synonymous with tropical paradise, is one of Hawai’i’s most popular islands. If you’re feeling adventurous and slightly daring, drive the road to Hana, one of the most infamous roads west of the Mississippi; the waterfalls and luscious greenery astride some of the most gorgeous tropical beaches imaginable make the trip worth it. If hiking appeals to your sensibilities, get up early to catch the sunrise from Haleakala summit. The sands and water of Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina are a must-see for visitors to Maui, but so too is Napili Beach. It’s nearly impossible to go wrong on this island. Nearly every square inch is the stuff of national treasure!

We hold open clinics at our Maui office every month for new and renewing patients to obtain their medical cannabis 329 card certifications. Contact us today for an appointment!

New Patients – Join us!

First-time Patient Offer – Try a Product for $5 or $10

Choose 1 of the following to add to any regular purchase for only $5 or $10

$5 Options: Gram of Flower

$10 Options: Cartridge, RSO, 10-Count Capsule, Balm, Tincture

Final discount applied at register, while supplies last. Ends 11/30

It’s a New Day. It’s a New Way.

You Can Get Medical Cannabis While Vacationing in Hawaii

If you have a medical card in your home state, submit the Hawaii State Visitors application before you arrive.

Start Early! The application takes a few days to get approved by Hawaii State.

A Hawaii Medical Card is Required to Purchase from Hawaii Dispensaries

Patients can get certified by a Hawaii certifying provider to receive their Hawaii Medical Card.

If you do not have a certifying provider, please let us know and we will gladly help you find one that best suits your needs.

Order Online & Pick-Up In Store

We are excited to announce that we have launched online ordering through Weedmaps for Hawaii Medical Card patients!

Orders are reserved for same day pick-up in store.

Final discounts are applied at register.

Distillate Cartridges

Our distillate cartridges are made using an advanced two-step process that begins with an ice-water extraction, followed by short-path distillation.


Each cannabis flower has a unique therapeutic profile that works naturally with the body. The entourage of organic compounds arising from the cannabis plant work together to yield powerful results.

Check out all of our strains!

Topical Balms

Our Topicals are cannabis-infused balms that can be absorbed through the skin to help treat pain & fight inflammation. Topicals are non-psychoactive.

Our Hash is made solvent-free by compressing dry sift trichomes (Kief) under heat and pressure. With less plant material and a larger presence of trichomes, patients report full-bodied and longer lasting effects.

Tinctures and Capsules

These smoke-free options offer cardholders safe, alternative ways of administering medical cannabis.

Concentrates “dabs” are making big waves in the extract market. By applying controlled heat and pressure to cannabis trichomes, a condensed oil that’s rich in terpenes and cannabinoids is formed.

Safe & Legal

PONO strives for ZERO product contamination.

After testing for 56 pesticides and contaminants in all of our products, we consistently demonstrate ZERO product contamination. Going beyond safe and legal, PONO’s top quality strains are consistently pure and clean.

PONO LIFE MAUI is the leading state-licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Maui, Hawaii. We offer Flower, Tinctures, Capsules, and more to come! PONO LIFE MAUI strains are unique to PONO, lovingly cultivated by our growers with the utmost care and attention. Our resulting strains represent industry leading quality control standards. Simply put, PONO strains are pure and clean. ]]>