midnight haze

ICI Paints Midnight Haze 90BG 08/112 / #364c58 Шестнадцатеричный Код Цветов

Шестнадцатеричный код цвета #364c58 является средне темный оттенком сине-голубой. В модели цвета RGB #364c58 составляет 21.18% красного, 29.8% зеленого и 34.51% синего. В цветовом пространстве HSL #364c58 имеет оттенок 201° (градусов), 24% насыщенность и 28% светлости. Этот цвет имеет приблизительную длину волны в 483 nm.

Стоковая фотография

Сэкономьте 10% на премиум-изображениях с кодом ISTOCK10.

Цветовые Схемы, краски, палитры, комбинации, градиенты и преобразования цветовых пространств для Шестнадцатеричного цветового кода #364c58.

Midnight Haze

Perfect for Burning the Midinght Oil!

  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Blueberry X Haze
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Sweet, Fruity, Potent
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Who Wouldn’t Want a Big Pile of Deep Blue Buds?

For maximum bag appeal, go with Midnight Haze Cannabis Seeds! This Sativa-dominant mix keeps Original Blueberry’s unmatched colour & flavour and adds a classic Haze head rush that’s beyond compare. The taste lingers, and so will Midnight Haze’s incredible high. Your mind will be in the clouds for hours before you land back on Planet Earth for phase 2, a deeply relaxing body stone that’s just as good as any classic Indica.

  • Sweet, Fruity Flavours
  • Both Head & Body Highs
  • Tons of Resin – Extract Friendly
  • Exceptional Quality – Very Uniform

Indoors, Midnight Haze Seeds stay short & stocky with massive yields of extra-large, resin-coated flowers after a mere 9-week finish, but they can get huge outside – more of a bush than a tree with the bulk to match. In either setting, don’t forget to give these Blueberry Haze beauties all the support they need. In this case, breakage would be a crime!

Order Midnight Haze Feminized Seeds Today & Enjoy a Mental Getaway!

Midnight Haze is a very pleasant Sativa-dominant genetic blend that’s got plenty of power for a strong mental high that’s uplifting but not overwhelming. After several hours, just when you think it’s all over, the euphoria settles into a calm, relaxing physical effect that’s sheer pleasure.

To create this brilliant new hybrid, Feminised Seeds crossed a luscious Blueberry with a super-potent Haze. As a result, Midnight Haze Cannabis Seeds offer top quality, mouth-watering flavours and unstoppable yields that can only be described a ginormous inside or out. Get yours while you can!

Midnight Haze is a Blueberry X Haze cross with immense yields, high THC & long-lasting highs. For a 9-week Sativa, buy your cannabis seeds today.