og 10

Og 10

OG – профессиональная команда из Европы, созданная из бывшего состава (monkey) Business .


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  • 2018-03-18: Resolut1on покидает команду. [1]
  • 2018-05-28: Fly и s4 переходят в Evil Geniuses . [2]
  • 2018-08-26: Maylov и Dimario присоединяются к команде. 7ckngMad перешел из тренера в активный состав. n0tail стал игроком 5-ой позиции. [3]

    • 2017-08-17: ana покидает команду и берёт годичный перерыв от профессиональной карьеры игрока. [4]
    • 2017-09-01: Resolut1on присоединяется к команде. [5]

    • 2016-03-25: Xcalibur присоединяется как игрок замены.
    • 2016-08-24: MoonMeander, Miracle-, и Cr1t- покидают OG. [6]
    • 2016-08-31: JerAx, s4 и ana вступают в команду. [7]

      2015-10-31: OG основываются из бывшего состава (monkey) Business . [8]

    OG – профессиональная команда из Европы, созданная из бывшего состава (monkey) Business. 1 История 2 Состав 2.1 Активный 2.2 Бывшие игроки 3 Достижения 4 Галерея 5 Ссылки

    Wave Rider 10 OG

    13 years after its very first release, Mizuno is welcoming back a true and tested favourite in Wave Rider 10, and does so reprising the OG colours and composition of the shoe straight from the 2007 catalogue, and making it available as a worldwide Kazoku exclusive.

    Kazoku means “family” in Japanese, and it indicates the immediate components of a family unit, such as siblings and parents. Being part of Mizuno’s Kazoku symbolizes not only a tight-knight group of people with a deep-seeded passion and knowledge for sneakers, but especially a selected group of real Mizuno connoisseurs. In essentials, Kazoku has become a hand-picked group of cult-like sneaker stores that have supported the Mizuno Sportstyle collections since their inception, and have helped shape their path.

    The white upper with red accents is a definite call-back to the sneaker’s performance roots, a classic sport combination that is both pared-down and distinctive, while the blue lining offers a sophisticated touch. The original graphic printed logo gives a textured effect which brings together the entire colour palette.

    Japan is built on the constant juxtaposition between the respect for its past and its tradition, and the tireless yearning for technological advancement. Wave Rider 10 reflects this rare balance between embracing its heritage and striving towards a fresh perspective better than any other. The Japanese soul of this creation is reflected in the way the heritage of the brand is infused with a modern aesthetic. Wave rider 10 was first released, in fact, in 2007, 10 years after the technology first appeared on the market, and it improved on the original thanks to a compound of shock absorbers, which guaranteed smooth transition in movement

    The Wave Rider OG will be available from June 13th only in selected Kazoku stores: Sneakersnstuff, Titolo, Footpatrol, Patta, Woei, Wood Wood, Rezet , Overkill, Afew store, BSTN, Shinzo , Shoez Gallery, Hanon shop, Calico Jack, La Boite Collector.