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Top 5 best yielding outdoor feminised seeds

Many outdoor growers harvest an entire years worth of cannabis from just one or two heavy yielding outdoor cannabis plants. When you grow the best outdoor feminised seeds in good climates it’s not uncommon to see plants yield 1-2Kg (or more) of dry buds.

What do you need to do to take your own slice of this outdoor action? You need to start with the best outdoor feminised cannabis seeds. You will also need to identify a suitable grow location with plenty of direct sunlight and nutritious, moist soil. With a little bit of planning and preparation there is every chance that you too can enjoy bumper outdoor crops of top quality cannabis. Read on to find out more.

Best outdoor cannabis strains for yield and potency

The best outdoor cannabis seeds produce plants which are tough enough to cope with the climatic demands of growing outdoors. Dutch Passion’s outdoor cannabis seeds are all feminised and are all tough enough to cope with the (often) cool, short, grey summers found at Dutch latitudes.

Good quality outdoor strains are resistant to diseases such as mold and bud rot. They can grow well despite cool and damp conditions. These are important qualities of successful outdoor strains, which need to be tough and durable enough to cope with outdoor life.

All Dutch Passion’s best yielding outdoor feminised cannabis seeds have been selectively bred to ensure they perform as well as possible in outdoor conditions.

Top 5 best yielding indoor feminised seeds

Frisian Dew: proven feminised outdoor strain with beautiful looking buds

Frisian Dew has been a repeat best seller ever since she was introduced. The genetics come from hybridising Purple Star with Super Skunk. She was selectively bred outdoors during several summers in the northern Netherlands, in the Friesland (‘Frisian’) district. She is a cannabis cup winner, taking 1st Prize at the Highlife Cup.

With each generation during breeding, the earliest blooming plants with heaviest yields and best mold resistance were systematically selected for the next generation.

This process was repeated over several years until the Dutch Passion breeders had the toughest, most resilient outdoor cannabis strain they had ever seen.

Frisian Dew is ready for harvest around early October in the northern hemisphere (early April in southern hemisphere). She has been grown successfully at latitudes as far north as northern England. Plants are usually split between green and purple phenotypes.

Frisian Dew seeds grown in a Belgian greenhouse with huge yields
Frisian Dew grown outdoors in northern UK in a cold, grey summer
Frisian Dew large scale grow in an Australian heatwave under white canvas

Even in non-optimised outdoor conditions you can expect plants to reach 2m tall and yield a few hundred grams. In the best outdoor conditions Frisian Dew seeds can give rise to large plants, 3-4m tall and just as wide with yields of well over 1Kg of dry buds per plants.

Frisian Dew seeds also grow very well in a greenhouse (as do all outdoor seeds) since the plant is protected from the worst of the weather. A greenhouse also keeps the plants warmer in early/late season weather, this effectively extends the growing season, increasing the chances of a successful harvest.

Super Skunk x Purple Star
Dutch Outdoor
8 weeks

Passion #1: Outdoor Californian Indica with high THC levels

If you’re looking for feminised outdoor cannabis seeds which will deliver really potent crops with heavy yields then Passion #1 is just what you need. This is a green indica hybrid strain from California which has been near the top of Dutch Passion’s outdoor best seller list for many years.

Passion #1 seeds are especially popular with growers at central and southern European latitudes, where the mild climate and long summer are particularly suited. Yields are heavy. If anything you can expect slightly more potent buds than those from Frisian Dew. Passion #1 is a proud member of our ‘High-THC seed collection’. Expect top strength outdoor cannabis with a real kick.

Passion #1 feminised seeds typically reach around 2m tall, but she can reach 3-3.5m tall in optimised outdoor (or greenhouse) conditions. Passion #1 is perhaps slightly less suited to growing at extreme northern latitudes compared to e.g. Frisian Dew.

Passion #1 is ready to harvest around early October. The buds are powerful with a long lasting feel-good high. This really is an easy outdoor feminised seed variety which is tough enough to deliver heavy yields in the right conditions, with ample warm sunshine and good quality soil. One of the Dutch Passion outdoor strains with huge numbers of repeat buyers.

Californian Indica
Dutch Outdoor
6 weeks

Durban Poison: The South African Sativa which remains permanently popular with outdoor growers

As well as being a world famous indoor strain, Durban Poison is also hugely popular with serious outdoor growers. This high quality South African sativa delivers a tasty spicy/hazy taste with hints of aniseed, liquorice, lemon and cloves. With high THC levels this is a great anti-anxiety vape/smoke. Expect strong THC levels, this is another member of the Dutch Passion High THC-seed collection.

Durban Poison feminised seeds are easy to grow outdoors with little maintenance required. Just find her a sunny spot with good quality soil and let the high quality genetics do the work.

Durban Poison outdoor grow review

Just about the only thing you will need to do is to remember to water her in hot conditions, and perhaps apply a top dressing of bloom nutrients in mid summer. The buds are deliciously sticky and flavoursome. No wonder Durban Poison was used as a parent variety for the legendary Girl Scout Cookies!

Outdoor yields are really heavy from Durban Poison, in the northern hemisphere you can harvest around early October.

Durban X Unknown Indica
Dutch Outdoor
8 weeks

Hollands Hope: Selectively bred over several generations for reliable results and XL harvests

Hollands Hope is an original Dutch Passion outdoor feminised seed variety. She was selectively bred for several years in The Netherlands, making her perfectly acclimatised for the Dutch (and similar) climates. This outdoor indica yields very heavily, she thrives in good quality soil in a sunny location and is usually ready to harvest around late September or early October in the northern hemisphere.

Hollands Hope feminised seeds produce great tasting buds with hints of dark berries and spice. The plants reach up to 2m tall with broad, dark leaves and a rich scent. It’s a great stress-busting indica strain which will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and joyful.

Just a single Hollands Hope plant can easily yield well over 1Kg. This is a simple, fuss-free variety that requires no maintenance and delivers heavy yields of high strength outdoor cannabis.

Original Hollands Hope
Dutch Outdoor
8 weeks

Frisian Duck: Uniquely shaped webbed leaves make this the top outdoor strain for stealthy growing

Frisian Duck is based on genetics from our outdoor champion Frisian Dew, with one important difference. On Frisian Duck the leaves have a stabilised natural leaf deformity which causes the individual leaf fingers to merge/web together. The result is a unique cannabis leaf which looks like the shape of a ducks footprint. Hence the name, Frisian Duck.

Frisian Duck feminised outdoor seeds produce heavy yields. She grows easily outdoors reaching around 2m tall with long, heavy blooms. The real beauty of Frisian Duck is the appearance. You could walk straight past Frisian Duck and not realise it’s cannabis – especially before bloom has really taken off.

That’s because the iconically shaped marijuana leaf shape (which most people can instantly recognise) is simply not present with Frisian Duck. This makes it a perfect strain for those outdoor cannabis growers that want additional stealth features that will allow the cannabis plants to hide themselves naturally among the wild outdoor plants, shrubs, bushes and weeds.

Great Frisian Duck grow review in The Netherlands
Northern European Frisian Duck outdoor grow review
Various customer pictures of Frisian Duck and Auto Duck

Some people prefer to grow Frisian Duck where they feel additional stealth is required, for example urban greenhouses or back gardens. The aroma from this variety is also a little lighter and less penetrating which helps stealth growers.

THC levels on Frisian Duck are medium. She isn’t quite as strong as some of the other outdoor cannabis seed varieties mentioned. So whilst Frisian Duck may not be the most potent strain, she delivers a satisfying smoke and heavy harvests. Most Frisian Duck repeat growers love and cultivate Frisian Duck for the unique stealth growth characteristics which allow her to grow incognito in spots where traditional cannabis strains might be recognised and stolen.

Such has been the interest in Frisian Duck from outdoor cannabis growers that she was awarded the 2016 Plant Of The Year Award from the prestigious Soft Secrets magazine.

Frisian Dew X DucksFoot
Dutch Outdoor
8 weeks

High yield outdoor cannabis seeds

If you’re growing cannabis outdoors you need to consider a couple of options. Firstly, you need to know when the end of the growing season is in your location. This will determine the type of cannabis seeds you can grow. There is no point trying to grow a late-blooming Haze outdoors in Sweden, for example. But autoflower seeds may be a much more realistic alternative which will finish in time. Secondly, you need to consider the type of strength from your cannabis.

Will a medium-THC variety suffice, or would a high THC strain better suit you? Do your research carefully, choose proven outdoor seeds from a seedbank with a strong track record over a decade or two and choose your grow location wisely.

Expert tips when growing heavy yielding outdoor cannabis seeds

Growing high yielding outdoor cannabis seeds is easy when you have the right foundations in place. The following tips may help your outdoor grow get off to a better start.

Germinating your cannabis seeds easily

If possible, germinate your cannabis seeds indoors and in order to give your seedlings a head start, grow them under artificial light for several weeks before planting them outdoors when the weather has warmed up. Giving your seedlings an early indoor start allows them to grow faster and reach a larger size. By germinating your seeds indoors you protect your seedlings when they are young and at their most vulnerable. As the weather warms up, try acclimatising your seedlings to outdoor conditions by putting them outside for progressively longer periods until they are ready to be planted permanently outdoors when the last frost has passed.

Best ways to germinate cannabis seeds

Choosing and preparing an outdoor grow spot for your high yielding outdoor cannabis seeds

Selecting and preparing an outdoor grow site for your cannabis seedlings is key to a successful grow.

The best outdoor cannabis growers often have several grow locations, just in case one is compromised. Often the best outdoor spots are hidden behind bushes, away from dog walkers etc. Some growers deliberately plant thorny brambles around their grow location to keep it secret.

If the soil is poor quality, supplement it with some supermarket soil, well rotted manure or organic fertilisers. Google Earth is a handy tool for spotting possible grow locations.

How to grow cannabis seeds outdoors easily

Protecting the grow location of your high yielding outdoor cannabis seeds

As well as planting bushes, nettles, brambles etc to stop others discovering your grow location you can also protect the plants inside it from animals and pests. Some growers use ‘chicken wire’ garden fencing to keep rabbits etc away from their plants. Use of slug/snail pellets is considered essential by many outdoor cannabis growers.

Enjoy growing your heavy yielding outdoor cannabis seeds!

You won’t need to spend money on electricity or indoor grow essentials (lights, fans, extraction, tents etc) when growing outdoors. If you can find a good grow location then your only real expense is a pack of feminised outdoor seeds. With the right planning you can expect heavy harvests from just a few plants. Good luck and enjoy outdoor growing!

Looking to grow some outdoor cannabis seeds? The Dutch Passion list of the 5 best yielding outdoor feminised seeds is essential reading!

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How is your climatic region?

Different areas of the globe experience different weather patterns and climatic conditions. You should nonetheless, never worry about weather patterns in your region, thanks to the plentitude of outdoor seeds in this category. Most of these seeds give rise to strains that are adaptive to conditions like cold and wet, or even cool and dry areas. How is the weather in your space? We undoubtedly have something in store for you. Grow our outdoor seeds everywhere regardless of how the weather is like.

Select the outdoor seeds of choice with some guidance

You don’t have to crack your head in the quest to find the best outdoor marijuana seeds today. With our customer care representatives, we can advise you on the premium outdoor seeds to try out in your region. Be sure to contact us for help should you face any concerns.

If you are knowledgeable about seeds selection, then we have an updated grow guide to help you in realizing the most yields and ease in cultivation. Planting outdoor seeds shouldn’t be complicated now that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has your back anyway, and anyhow.

Unparalleled quality at affordable prices

It may be easy for you to jump into the conclusion that our outdoor seeds cost an arm and leg now that we give excellent support and handy tips to necessitate the outdoor pot cultivation. However, that shouldn’t be the case. In fact, you will be surprised to find that in this same Outdoor Seeds category, we have a line of cheap seeds and combination packages to help you save to the maximum.

Our goal is seeing you exploring different experiences in the cannabis cultivation space while also seeing to it that you will save some bucks. That is not to say that our discounted seeds or those that are termed as cheap have an inferior quality – nope. It has never happened and never will. Our outdoor seeds have a guarantee that they will pop fast and give rise to sturdy strains, and especially if you follow our tips at the bottommost part of our site.

Big names for big buds and yields

You undoubtedly are knowledgeable about a few names of cannabis strains that give rise to big buds, while also guaranteeing high returns at the end of the harvesting season. Some of the names that you would most likely meet include, but are not limited to:

Bob Marley

You are a legend now that you are here. That said, you deserve to be associated with a legendary marijuana strain. And that is Bob Marley sativa-dominant outdoor seeds. When planted outdoors, you can expect your eyes to meet with this resin of beauty packed with massive buds and yields that go a high as 425 grams per square meter.

The Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels are such high that you will feel the high that gets felt when one takes a legendary strain. 20-30% of THC levels aren’t ideal for beginners, though. If you are a complete beginner, see the strain below for a perfect match.


Ever heard about Cannabidiol (CBD)? If yes, then this strain that does well outdoors could be what should be fitting your inflammation maladies or medical problems. The strain does well outdoors and gives high amounts of CBD, which typically means it’s a good deal for neutralizing high quantities of THC. An ideal deal for a beginner and veteran stoner indeed. Be sure to take your CBD and THC from the ultimate source – strains grown form the CBDOC outdoor seeds from Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds.

What is your most favorite payment option?

We know you are hyped about ordering the outdoor seeds asap. But wait. Did you know that you can buy outdoor marijuana seeds with Bitcoin ? The best item of news about buying your outdoor marijuana seeds from AMS using Bitcoin? There is guaranteed anonymity. What else? You save a whopping 10% when you purchase your seeds using Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, that is not to say that we support Bitcoins as the only payment option, but we would be gladder if you save with us. We also support payments done using other options as incorporated here .

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